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  1. Used your pic, where arrow is pointing too is airbox and yes this looks like blow off valve to me
  2. New exhaust for new brackets don't seem right unless your exhaust been trailing across the floor n worn away. take it to another garage ask them to check the parts you have just said don't mention other garage told you that n see what they come up with. may come up with it been correct but you may get cheaper price
  3. Remove n clean the egr valve also replace the pcv valve. i would of first said piston rings but you said it runs fine it would be losing power if was the rings. another check you air filter isn't covered in oil there's a breather pipe located on the air box check it's not clogged up
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    Bike race
  5. Adams focus build thread

    Nice work pal looks good
  6. Adams story game

    alcohol and had party
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    Sale man
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    Results day
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    Months end (as in end month deadlines)
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    Body warmer
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    You only wanna do youself n pay the price coz you will scuff them in the 5min drive away from garage 😂😂😂😂 nah a would go with gizza pay the price for good job done pal worth it in long run
  12. Things I Do Like

    😂😂😂 and tbh mate don't matter what damage is asking as people ok cars can replace,
  13. Things I Do Like

    Ohhh one of those dodgy people glad you ok mate hope not much damage to car
  14. Things I Do Like

    Glad all ok n yeh they do pay off mate, wtf they reversing into you at high speed for?
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    Block paving