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  1. In my experience the Mk2/Mk2.5 is much more susceptible to road noise, and also wind noise, then the Mk1/Mk1.5 and the Mk3 so unless you throw a lot of time and money on soundproofing you'll probably have to learn to live with it. I find it quite difficult to have a conversation in our Mk2.5 whereas that wasn't a problem with our old Mk1.5 and isn't in our new Mk3.
  2. Was yours often rubber side up? . . . . .
  3. . . . . . but probably the best thing that could happen to one of those engines.
  4. Job done. The old plugs came out in perfect condition, all the same colour and the gaps still exactly 1.3mm. As far as I know they were the originals and have covered about 30,000 miles. They look like they could easily have done another 38,000.
  5. Thanks for that Stef.
  6. I was going to fit new plugs to our Mk2.5 1.8HE only to find the useless Haynes doesn't give a torque setting for them. It only gives one for the coil retaining bolts. So can anyone tell me what torque I should use for the plugs?
  7. Bought our old 1.8TDCi in 2008 with 47K on & traded in at 115K in 2015. The EGR was never touched.
  8. At first sight that sounds a good solution as I find that after rain, or a wash, water always sits behind the rear plate, held by surface tension, and it's a pain to remove. What happens when you want to 'freshen up' the plates in the future though?
  9. You might have a radio that automatically increases the volume as the speed rises. If so the lack of a speed signal would cause it to drop.
  10. I used to do that with our old Mk1.5 1.8TDCi to offset the reduction in sulphur in modern bio-diesel.
  11. You put petrol in your diesel???
  12. Have you tried latching the belt buckles into their stalks (the way MOT testers commonly leave them)?. This will put the reels under tension and also prevent the buckles from rattling against the plastic wheelarch trim.
  13. That more or less sums up what I said. One further point, in relation to 5 above, is that over time the blade rubbers develop a "set" at the angle they rest when parked. In that case adjusting the arm is not appropriate and the blade should be renewed. I find the best way to adjust the twist of the arm is to use an adjustable spanner with the jaws suitably padded.
  14. In my experience this judder tends to happen when the blade rubbers don't flip over when the sweep reverses. This can be because the rubber has hardened but can also be due to the arm being at the wrong angle with respect to the glass. In the past I've cured this by giving the arm a slight twist.
  15. Hi Ian, welcome to the Forum. When looking for a replacement for our old Mk1.5 estate I decided to keep looking until I found a 125PS version as the estate is heavier than the hatch anyway. I'd recommend the 125, you may be disappointed with the 99 after your Fiesta. Also it's interesting to note that the 125 can be remapped to a higher output than a remapped 99.