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  1. I had an incidence of a sudden drop in mpg on our old Mk1.5 1.8TDCi. It turned out to be a sticking front brake caliper piston. It was not noticeable on the steering or braking but was causing enough drag to seriously hit the mpg. Yours is probably not that but worth checking.
  2. I agree. Our 125ps Ecoboost doesn't behave like that. Don't forget to take the Bluefin off, though, as it might void the warranty.
  3. Sorry, my comments have taken the thread off-topic. Suffice to say the time is past when I would feel able to contemplate such a job. Surely the pump will need configuring in the ECU anyway?
  4. All well and good but my understanding is that's just to prevent the turbo overheating and what about the thousands of older cars, including mine, that are running without that upgrade?
  5. No, indeed, and the people who frequent the discussion groups are generally those who've had problems. However, the comments about the engine being designed to run at a higher temperature and the possible long-term effects of that could be a cause for concern. To run at a higher temperature requires a higher coolant pressure and we already know that has caused problems with cracking of the reservoir and that the ECU can't detect overheating quickly enough to avoid engine damage in the event of coolant loss. It ought to have been fitted with a CHT sensor.
  6. Useful bit of info Ian. For a moment I was tempted to try it as my stop/start doesn't work because the battery is now a few years old. On reflection, though, I prefer not to have it working. Much kinder on battery and starter and I do hardly any town driving so not worried about emissions.
  7. As someone with a 1.0L 125ps Ecoboost that makes quite worrying reading.
  8. Virtually nobody in my experience. They just sit blinding me with their high-level brake light at night. The introduction of hill-start assist makes matters worse by encouraging people to sit holding the car on the footbrake.
  9. I think that's the key to your problem. Lots of low-gear start-stop driving will seriously hit your mpg.
  10. Injectors do indeed fire at a specific time so you can't swap the leads. With the wasted-spark ignition system you can, in principle, swap the HT leads of a coil pack. As an interesting aside, the Bosch D-Jetronic system fitted to VW 411's had pairs of injectors that fired simultaneously with the fuel from one injector having to 'wait around' in the manifold for that cylinder's induction cycle.
  11. In my experience the Mk2/Mk2.5 is much more susceptible to road noise, and also wind noise, then the Mk1/Mk1.5 and the Mk3 so unless you throw a lot of time and money on soundproofing you'll probably have to learn to live with it. I find it quite difficult to have a conversation in our Mk2.5 whereas that wasn't a problem with our old Mk1.5 and isn't in our new Mk3.
  12. Was yours often rubber side up? . . . . .
  13. . . . . . but probably the best thing that could happen to one of those engines.
  14. Job done. The old plugs came out in perfect condition, all the same colour and the gaps still exactly 1.3mm. As far as I know they were the originals and have covered about 30,000 miles. They look like they could easily have done another 38,000.
  15. Thanks for that Stef.