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  1. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    This sounds like a failure of the boot release button in the tailgate. It might be water ingress into the button, which I think is a known issue in these models, or a fracture in the wiring between tailgate and body. There's obviously nothing wrong with the boot latch or remote since two presses unlock it ok.
  2. The Awkward Moment When...

    Sounds like a possible broken earth.
  3. To return to the original topic this article makes interesting reading and shows the arguments between petrol and diesel are far from clear-cut. Nevertheless I would still maintain that removing emission control systems from vehicles just because of their cost cannot be justified.
  4. The Awkward Moment When...

    How can a 21W/5W bulb be single filament?
  5. Focus ecoboost update

    That engine bay looks immaculate. Did you clean it all up while you had the engine out?
  6. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Finally got around to taking the glovebox out and in the process proved that there is an alternate Universe As I pulled it out one of the plastic captive nuts dropped off the dash flange. When I tried to put it back I found it was loose so tried to pinch it together and in the process it winked out of existence! I was kneeling leaning into the passenger footwell when it slipped out of my fingers and vanished from this world. You'd think a piece of white plastic would stand out like a sore thumb against a black interior but it was nowhere to be seen. My local Ford parts dept. didn't stock them so has had to order them in, consequently I'm now running around with no glovebox. The main problem I encountered removing the glovebox this time was that I couldn't get the connector to disengage from the courtesy light switch so I had to pop the switch out and use a cable tie to hold the plunger in as the bulb seems difficult to pull out especially when it's hot! Even now that I've got decent access to it I still can't see how the connector latch releases. Of course Haynes just blithely tells you to disconnect the wiring with no information on how to actually do it!! I recently took out the glovebox of the wife's Mk2.5 and that was a total breeze compared with this.
  7. Dash Clock

    This issue is covered in this thread
  8. I think it's still the case, though, that running on electricity is cheaper per mile than fossil fuels. However once the changeover really takes off and the government starts to lose the tax receipts from fossil they'll no doubt find a way to tax electric vehicles.
  9. If you're going to make Hydrogen widely available then fuel cells would be the best technology for using it. However one point to bear in mind is that because Hydrogen is a very small molecule it's very difficult to stop it escaping when in it's gaseous form and because it's so much lighter than air any that does escape will simply disappear into space and be lost forever. If hundreds of millions of vehicles worldwide are using it the cumulative loss during refuelling could be huge.
  10. The real answer is fusion power, trouble is they keep saying it's 30 years away.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41761864
  12. Not exactly. For a given downward force on the piston it's proportional to the crank throw. It's just that a longer crank throw requires longer con-rods. In simple terms Torque = Force x Distance where, in this case, distance is the radius described by the crankpin. It follows that you can get more torque by increasing the force for a given radius. The extra force is provided by the turbocharging.
  13. Mk3 glovebox removal

    You have my deepest commiserations.
  14. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Thanks Dan. The video shows that I'd actually taken out the wrong screw behind the end panel Doh! It's useful to know there are also spring clips holding it, that guy was having a bit of a struggle. I'll have to psych myself up for another go. I really think the guys who design these cars should be forced to spend at least a year working on them.
  15. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Well, that was a frustrating half-hour! I totally failed to get the glovebox out. I removed the screw from the console end panel (Torx T20) and the two upper and two lower mounting screws (Torx T25) but the glovebox downright refused to budge. I struggled and pulled in various places but it felt as if something was still holding it in. In the end I had to give up and put all the screws back.