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  1. We had a few Rovers prior to the Fords. Started with a 600 which was basically a re-badged Honda with a SOHC 2 litre engine. It was a very good car, the best we'd had up to then although the doors sounded a bit tinny to close. Also had a 200, a 25 and a 75. The 75 was potentially a very nice stylish motor - I had the 2Litre V6 - but was let down by rather poor build quality. The four-cylinder K-series engines in all models were a bit prone to head gasket failure at around 50,000 miles due to the design and had rather narrow water passages which made them sensitive to overheating unless kept very well maintained. Rover tried different gasket designs to improve reliability but I don't know if they ever really got on top of the problem. It would be interesting to know if the Chinese cars are using the same series engines and whether they've managed to sort the problems.
  2. But be prepared for it to be a lot noisier.
  3. While you've got them out check the inner face of the discs. Corrosion can migrate outwards from the centre. This seems to be more prevalent on the inside face for some reason and reduces the effective area in which case they should be replaced.
  4. One point to bear in mind is that, due to the slow warm-up, diesels take a proportionately bigger mpg hit than petrol on short journeys.
  5. The short answer is yes. I think the interior lighting might not be monitored on the CAN bus - maybe someone else may be able to confirm that - but all the exterior road-legal lighting will be. If you've read other threads on this subject you may already be aware that a CAN-bus friendly LED lamp has to have a parallel resistor that makes it draw a similar current to the filament lamps and is therefore no more efficient. The only advantage is its higher colour temperature and potentially longer life, although the heat generated by the resistor can seriously shorten the life of some types.
  6. You never use your rear-view mirror then . . . . . .
  7. Could be collecting on the undertray . . . . . .
  8. Actually lambada is an energetic Latin-American dance.
  9. The pump is fitted in the reservoir which is located behind the nearside wheel arch liner. From what you've said I woudn't suspect the pump or filter. There is only one pump that supplies both front and rear washers so if the rear works the pump is likely to be ok (it switches between front and rear by reversing the direction of the pump motor).
  10. Ah, my mistake. I was looking at the car in his profile & didn't notice he'd specified an older one in his original post.
  11. As far as I know on recent cars the code is programmed into the ECU so you don't have to re-enter it after disconnecting the battery. That's definitely the case with our 2013 Titanium.
  12. I beg to differ there. This sounds to me like the classic Focus cluster issue.
  13. They also have a timer to limit the time they are powered up.