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  2. As you've said, just disconnect the battery for half an hour.
  3. If it really needed 2 litres it was seriously low on oil as the capacity for the 1.8 petrol is 4.3 litres. I have read in other posts on this forum that the 1.8 does tend to use a bit of oil so it's important to check and top up regularly. Also, when checking, dip the oil twice and use the second reading because the first may appear to be off the bottom of the dipstick. According to the Haynes the 1.8 has solid, not hydraulic, tappets.
  4. When checking the oil level you need to dip twice. You will find the level is always higher on the second dip. I have a theory about this. When the engine is running the sump level drops as the oil is distributed around. When stopped the sump refills but the level in the dipstick tube doesn't rise because an air lock is created by the 'o'-ring seal on the dipstick. When you take the dipstick out the airlock is broken and the oil rises in the tube.
  5. Not if you end up paying a "toxin tax".
  6. Not the same as sidelights. Fogs are there to light up the road immediately ahead without causing a lot of reflected glare from the fog. That's why they're fitted low down. Because their beam is nearly horizontal there are strict regulations regarding their use to prevent dazzling oncoming drivers although many seem unaware of this and regard it as "cool" to drive with them on at all times. Sidelights are, as Matt says, intended to make your car visible and are really only intended for parking. They're not bright enough to be visible for any distance so if the visibility is poor you should be using dipped headlights.
  7. And there was me thinking that foglights were for seeing the road with
  8. To me this sounds like the extra load of the rear speakers is overloading the head unit. I'd do as Jon suggests and try disconnecting them. You may need speakers with a higher impedance to reduce the current draw.
  9. Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that sounds like a bad case of clutch slip. Is the car a 1.6TDCi as in your message or a 1.8TDCi, as in your profile and what is the mileage? The clutch could be worn out due to abuse from a previous owner or it could be a leak of fluid from the slave cylinder. Either way it's a gearbox-off job.
  10. On my Mk3 without DRLs the sidelight bulbs are at the top rear of the lamp, as arrowed in the photo. It may be that on vehicles with DRL's separate sidelight bulbs are not required. Hopefully one of the gurus can confirm this.
  11. Ah yes, the old 'tick-tick' electric lift-pumps. The Mini's was underneath the boot floor and you had to lie on the ground and kick it
  12. What model/year is it? On models where the switch is part of the tailgate lock mechanism it might be a problem with the wiring in the rubber boot between tailgate and body, as Matt said above, but I'd have thought that would also have exhibited other issues, such as problems with locking the car. Things were much simpler in the past, with just a basic press switch in the body for things like interior and boot lights. There's a lot of totally unnecessary complexity in modern cars IMHO.
  13. Maybe I'm misunderstanding about CANbus but I'd have thought a non-CANbus bulb would bring up an error indication but should still work.
  14. That sounds rather like a DMF issue. I have to admit I don't know the exact construction of the DMF but I wonder if something's broken and/or moved out of position and upset the balance.
  15. Wouldn't that throw up an EML and a DTC?