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  1. Mk3 glovebox removal

    You have my deepest commiserations.
  2. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Thanks Dan. The video shows that I'd actually taken out the wrong screw behind the end panel Doh! It's useful to know there are also spring clips holding it, that guy was having a bit of a struggle. I'll have to psych myself up for another go. I really think the guys who design these cars should be forced to spend at least a year working on them.
  3. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Well, that was a frustrating half-hour! I totally failed to get the glovebox out. I removed the screw from the console end panel (Torx T20) and the two upper and two lower mounting screws (Torx T25) but the glovebox downright refused to budge. I struggled and pulled in various places but it felt as if something was still holding it in. In the end I had to give up and put all the screws back.
  4. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Brilliant. Thanks very much Ian.
  5. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Thanks for taking the trouble to do that Ian, that's a great photo. Haynes should commission you to take theirs . Do you know roughly where I need to look for the bottom bolts?
  6. Mk3 glovebox removal

    I need to remove the glovebox on our Mk3. Haynes says prise off the console end panel as one of the bolts is behind it. I've had a try with a wide flat-bladed screwdriver but it seem as though it's going to need a fair bit of force and I'm nervous about breaking something. Haynes' photo doesn't give enough detail to see exactly how it clips in (nothing new there!). Has anyone done this successfully? Haynes also says the two lower bolts are difficult to locate. How difficult? I'm 6' 2" and at my age not very flexible so lying underneath or even kneeling and peering under isn't an option. I'd be most grateful for any info and tips.
  7. 2008 1.8TDCI Engine Malfunction

    I think this could be significant. If you have CANbus connection problems it can throw up all kinds of spurious errors. From what I've read on this forum, mainly from TDCi-Peter, this is usually a problem with the connector to the IC although as you've had that repaired it may be elsewhere.
  8. 1.0 ecoboost flywheel locking tool

    That puzzled me too. Surely he'll need it for reassembly?
  9. Engine Vibrations - Gearbox Mount?

    I assume you mean 33 on the gauge for 30 on the satnav? That's fairly typical as speedos normally over-read by a few mph to allow for variations in roadwheed radius with tyre wear and pressure and ensure you don't inadvertently exceed the speed limits. Our 1.8HE petrol will run comfortably at 30 in top gear (5th) and pull away cleanly. With the Ecoboost I have to drop from 6th to 5th at anything much below 40. 20mph limits are a real fuel waster!
  10. Focus mk2 2009 bulbs

    This subject has been covered exhaustively in recent threads. Suffice to say that in order to get the look you desire the glass needs to filter out a lot of the yellow colours which form a major part of the light output. You will get a poorer light - fewer Lumens - and at a wavelength to which your eyes are less sensitive. If you're prepared to sacrifice the extra visibility for the sake of a preferred "look" that's your choice of course.
  11. https://www.obd-codes.com/p0489 Looks like the EGR valve is failing. Inserting or removing the blanking plate won't help since the PCM is actually just detecting the failure of the EGR valve to open & close correctly in response to commands.
  12. 1.0 ecoboost cylinder head bolts question

    Why don't you just buy a Haynes manual? They're not perfect by a long way but should answer most of your questions and list the torque settings you'll need for reassembly, assuming the engine's repairable.
  13. Anyone know what this is?

    Ah. Makes perfect sense now. I wish they'd make the door mirrors dip as well. You can get dazzled by glare from them nearly as much.