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  1. Focus Mk3 (2011) Dipped Beam Issue

    Cross checking the wiring diagrams downloaded from here with those in the Haynes manual there doesn't appear to be a fuse (or relay) for the dipped beams. The wiring goes straight into the Body Control Module circuit board. That seems very odd to me but I can only assume there must be some form of protection built into the PCB.
  2. Interior light issue (Doesn't go off)

    In the passenger footwell behind the glovebox. It's part of the passenger fuseboard.
  3. Whistle Whistle!

    Which engine do you have? I can't really help with specifics as our Mk2.5 probably has a different engine but I meant a leak in the inlet tract between throttle body and manifold, including any vacuum pipes that connect in that area, might make a noise under high vacuum. It's just a wild guess though, it might be something completely different.
  4. Whistle Whistle!

    When you take your foot off the throttle and the butterfly closes there's an increase in vacuum in the inlet tract. Maybe it's sprung a leak somewhere downstream from the throttle body.
  5. Interior light issue (Doesn't go off)

    I was going by the diagram in the Haynes manual so maybe one has to treat that with a bit of circumspection. It shows one ground, which goes to all three switches, and two feeds from the GEM. One of these appears to come from the battery saver relay which is what powers all the ancillaries up and times out some time after the ignition is switched off. This will be a constant 12V and goes to all three bulbs. The other GEM feed goes to the 'Auto' position of the courtesy light switch. This will be ground when the GEM switches the bulb on but when it switches it off it will either be open-circuit, in which case you'll read 12V via the bulb, or it might go to 12V if there's a pull-up in the GEM. I hope that makes sense.
  6. MK3 Focus Ecoboost - No stop start

    I don't think it's primarily a fuel saving measure, although it might save a bit in heavy traffic. I think it's really intended to reduce pollution in city centres.
  7. Interior light issue (Doesn't go off)

    It's not controlled by a relay because it normally dims out rather than abruptly switching off. This means it'll be controlled by a semiconductor, probably pulse-width modulated, in the GEM. As you've already discovered all the interior lights are supplied with a constant 12V and are switched on by grounding the other side of the bulbs. For the map lights this is done directly by their switches but the courtesy light goes back to the GEM via the auto position of its switch. A short to ground anywhere along this path would keep the light on. The fact it started working for a while after you'd been messing with the light units suggests an intermittent short somewhere around one of the light units is the most likely cause. Note that the GEM path goes in parallel to both front and rear units so the short could be around either.
  8. DASHCam

    Time for a new card, I suspect. I think the cards have a lifetime defined by the number of write cycles so it's probably life-expired.
  9. There's no connection between the EGR and the fuel system. Fitting the plate can't have changed the fuel pressure. Anyway there's no pressure to speak of on the leak-off side, the fuel is just returned to the tank. If it is a leak from the leak-off pipe then unless you accidentally disturbed it while you were fitting the plate it's just a coincidence.
  10. Blower settings

    . . . . . so you have to be very careful when soldering them. You should use a heat shunt - gripping the wire with pointed nose pliers would probably be sufficient - to prevent the heat of soldering conducting back into the fuse.
  11. Focus mk2 boot staying locked

    This sounds like a failure of the boot release button in the tailgate. It might be water ingress into the button, which I think is a known issue in these models, or a fracture in the wiring between tailgate and body. There's obviously nothing wrong with the boot latch or remote since two presses unlock it ok.
  12. The Awkward Moment When...

    Sounds like a possible broken earth.
  13. To return to the original topic this article makes interesting reading and shows the arguments between petrol and diesel are far from clear-cut. Nevertheless I would still maintain that removing emission control systems from vehicles just because of their cost cannot be justified.
  14. The Awkward Moment When...

    How can a 21W/5W bulb be single filament?
  15. Focus ecoboost update

    That engine bay looks immaculate. Did you clean it all up while you had the engine out?