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  1. Real bad vibration

    Are you sure it's not just misfiring?
  2. Focus Starting issue

    I'd get the glowplugs checked. On the 1.8TDCi they're reasonably accessible so the leads can be disconnected and a resistance check done. I had cold-starting problems on ours and decided to change them. When I tested the old ones three were open-circuit and the fourth was high-resistance. The car had done 90,000 miles. I also discovered that the glow plug indicator doesn't actually show when power is on to the plugs. Monitoring with a bulb connected across them I found that although the indicator went out in less than a second the power stayed on for 5 seconds.
  3. Focus Hesitiation and Accelerator

    Sounds a bit like a TPS problem. You might need to get it checked for fault codes.
  4. Heated Seat Switches

    Heated seat switches - are they for cold fingers? Seriously, though, I wish I could have a heated steering wheel. That'd be a lot more useful than heated seats IMO.
  5. Pressure In Coolant System

    It makes sense to try the easier options first as long as they're not too expensive so I hope your new housing fixes the problem. I'm still bothered by the residual pressure though. In spite of all that's been said I don't think there should be any when the engine has fully cooled down. I can't see how your description of coolant flooding back into the header tank when you release the pressure cap squares with a leaking thermostat housing.
  6. focus 1.6 tdci issues

    Agreed, they did at least get that right. It's easy even compared to the Mk1 where there was a lower bolt behind the wheelarch liner. There was a time when you could get to the back of the headlamp to change a bulb without having to take it off but I suppose it's easy to forget even longer ago when you had to take off a chrome surround then undo several screws to remove it to change a bulb (or the complete unit if it was a sealed-beam). That always disturbed the alignment so you then had to find a wall or garage door to set it up again. I'm showing my age now!
  7. focus 1.6 tdci issues

    Even silly things like the clutch/brake reservoir hidden under the scuttle panel and having to take out the headlamp to check the power steering reservoir. It's bonkers!
  8. Pressure In Coolant System

    The trend seems to be towards throw-away engines. When I read through the Haynes for our new 1.0Litre EcoBoost I was quite shocked to discover how little can be done. The top-end can still be worked on but the block and bottom-end are manufactured as a piece and if split can't be successfully reassembled. The old 1.8TDCi, fortunately, doesn't fall into this class.
  9. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    The photos in the Haynes for the 2001-2004 1.8TDCi show normal hex-head flywheel bolts. It states that new ones must be used with thread-locking compound and tightened in two stages, first to a torque of 35Nm and then by an angle of a further 45 degrees. It's worth getting the manual if only for the torque figures for all the other bolts and nuts that you'll be removing.
  10. Re map

    I agree. I looked into what improvement was possible with a re-map of my normally-aspirated 1.8 petrol and to be honest the gains were so small as to be not worth the cost. Turbo engines give much greater scope for improvement.
  11. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    It's academic now as I've replaced it myself. Just for interest here's a couple more shots of the damage. I really can't work out how this has been caused, it looks almost as if something hit downwards on the bottom of the surround :-  
  12. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    I'd go with Alex on this one.
  13. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    Not once I've got the bit between my teeth. Never thought of looking on You Tube and yes I do find the Haynes are pretty vague these days. More so than in the past I think. Not enough of the exploded diagrams that you used to find in the older ones and the quality of the photos leaves a lot to be desired. I generally buy them to get an idea of the construction and the torque wrench figures and the circuit diagrams are quite useful.
  14. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    I did actually use epoxy to repair it temporarily but the whole of the housing was too badly smashed up to easily repair. I've since bought a new housing and cap, transferred the indicator repeater, puddle lamp and glass and fitted it today. It looks like I'm going to have to get a new repeater lens, though, as I found that's also broken but it's holding in for the moment. The repair broke apart while I was working on it so it probably wouldn't have lasted long. The Haynes manual I bought wasn't much help in taking the old one off, apart from showing where the fixing screws were. Phrases like "release the clip" don't help much if you don't know what it looks like or where it is.
  15. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    Yes I just got a quote from my friendly? Ford spares dept. The main unit with motors but less indicator, puddle lamp, glass and cap is £116. A cap, that comes pre-painted, is an additional £55. I think the original indicator and puddle lamp are ok although I haven't examined them closely and the glass is undamaged so hopefully I should be able to re-use all of those.