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  1. Andrea, just a suggestion, and to anyone else who takes a photo that's rotated, you can correct it before sending by viewing it in Windows Photo Viewer. Rotate it to the correct orientation. When you exit the viewer it will save it in that state. On an Android phone you can rotate it in the Gallery.
  2. Unfortunately I can also feel it through my double-glazing as you go past. I just wish that people who insist on playing that kind of material in their cars would have a bit of consideration for the effect it has on those outside the car. I don't believe in imposing my musical, or other, tastes on my fellow man but no doubt you'll just say I'm a stupid old idiot (which I probably am). I now await the flames . . . . . .
  3. That's my problem too .
  4. I suspect with the more widespread use of mobile apps to post on forums that's become a very common problem. As I notice my faculties declining I have to carefully read through what I've typed on my old-fashioned PC keyboard before clicking submit. Even then I often have to go back and edit it. Yes, it's now clear that Tommy is concened with particulate emissions rather than NOX and the lower Danish limits are making it difficult for him. Let's hope what he's done to his DPF helps.
  5. The screw most likely goes into a plastic bush and has been over-tightened at some time. The proper procedure would be to replace the bush. If you use an over-size screw to bite into the metal that will obviously become a source of corrosion.
  6. Simon, NOX, Nitrous Oxide, is a gas, i.e. molecules. Particles, or particulates, are different, generally extremely fine grains of carbon small enough to pass through biological membranes (in the lungs) and get into the bloodstream.
  7. Best choice. As I've said before diesel is becoming politically unpopular due to NOX and particulate issues. I'm very glad I moved back to petrol even though the Ecoboost can't match the diesel for mpg. In the longer term I think diesel is going to become much more expensive to run.
  8. Having bought one earlier this year that's comforting to know .
  9. I'm sure it uses this latter method. If the injectors have been calibrated to the vehicle it will know to a reasonable degree of accuracy the rate of fuel flow through each injector, so using the timings it can get a good estimate of the fuel delivered. It probably also factors in the fuel temperature since that affects its density. As I posted in another thread I recently carried out a brim-to-brim test on my 1.0 Ecoboost over 300-odd miles and got a result of 44.98 mpg. The ECU is currently reporting 44.8 mpg so it looks as if the technology can be surprisingly accurate.
  10. Hmmm. . . . . I suspected as much. I'm not impressed with that. I suppose the idea is they produce such a wide spray pattern that it's not necessary but mine definitely only wet the screen half-way up and the wipers kick in too quickly for the airflow to take the water up the screen.
  11. The mist jets on my Mk3 are pointing a bit low. I can only see a slot in the plastic, is there a jet concealed inside that I can adjust? I don't want to go poking about with a needle unless I can be sure there is.
  12. Agreed. Not everyone wants a stealth vehicle.
  13. Good for you Tom!
  14. Mine on the 1.0 Ecoboost with 20K miles on it has only worked sporadically since I bought it in January. No rhyme or reason, even after an 80-mile dual-carriageway cruise in the latest hot weather it hasn't worked even without the A/C on. I'm really not bothered though, at least it's saving wear and tear on the battery and starter.
  15. I might be completely wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but I was under the impression that the codes were hard-wired into the chips and the pairing was done by setting up the ECU to recognise a new code.