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  1. Good question. I found the User Manual very vague on the operation of the CC on my Mk3 and eventually had to work it out by trial and error. It's quite simple once you understand it.
  2. I think the U1900 code is the significant factor. It sounds like the instrument cluster problem that Tdci-Peter has described a number of times.
  3. You wash and hoover your good lady??
  4. I don't think there's an overflow. It's probably a leak where the filler tube fits into the reservoir so it will stop once the level gets below the bottom of the tube.
  5. Those would cause the problem wherever the car was. As it only seems to happen close to home it can't be anything inside the car.
  6. I don't know the frequencies used in the keyless system but it sounds as if something like a wireless router signal might be jamming it. If you have a router you could try turning it off at the mains as a test. (If it's a neighbour's that might be more difficult ).
  7. I used to think they were best on the front but I've been convinced the ones with the best tread depth are better on the rear
  8. I don't know where the sump plug is positioned on the 1.6TDCi but I just meant to make sure that the tap handle can be turned without hitting on any surrounding structures.
  9. Yep! The Mk3 (& Mk3.5, presumably) is fitted with a conventional bonnet release with a lever in the passenger footwell.
  10. Before shelling out good cash on something like that, though, it would be worth making sure there is room to turn it.
  11. That means the battery is seriously discharged. As Kevin & Darren said above if the battery is low on charge it can still activate the dash lights but the votage will collapse when the load of the starter is put on it. I'd try putting it on charge, for 24 hours if possible. While the car has beein sitting unused there will still be a small current drain from the battery powering the alarm and keeping the radio and ECU learned settings etc. That should not affect a healthy battery over a four-day period. There have been instances where the dash power has stayed on. It should power down after a set time after the ignition is switched off but some owners have reported failure to do this. Once you're up and running that is something to check. The capacity of batteries can be seriously weakened if they are heavily discharged. They don't fully recover, although some chargers claim to be able to recondition a badly-discharged battery.
  13. As you've said, just disconnect the battery for half an hour.
  14. If it really needed 2 litres it was seriously low on oil as the capacity for the 1.8 petrol is 4.3 litres. I have read in other posts on this forum that the 1.8 does tend to use a bit of oil so it's important to check and top up regularly. Also, when checking, dip the oil twice and use the second reading because the first may appear to be off the bottom of the dipstick. According to the Haynes the 1.8 has solid, not hydraulic, tappets.
  15. When checking the oil level you need to dip twice. You will find the level is always higher on the second dip. I have a theory about this. When the engine is running the sump level drops as the oil is distributed around. When stopped the sump refills but the level in the dipstick tube doesn't rise because an air lock is created by the 'o'-ring seal on the dipstick. When you take the dipstick out the airlock is broken and the oil rises in the tube.