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  1. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    It's academic now as I've replaced it myself. Just for interest here's a couple more shots of the damage. I really can't work out how this has been caused, it looks almost as if something hit downwards on the bottom of the surround :-  
  2. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    I'd go with Alex on this one.
  3. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    Not once I've got the bit between my teeth. Never thought of looking on You Tube and yes I do find the Haynes are pretty vague these days. More so than in the past I think. Not enough of the exploded diagrams that you used to find in the older ones and the quality of the photos leaves a lot to be desired. I generally buy them to get an idea of the construction and the torque wrench figures and the circuit diagrams are quite useful.
  4. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    I did actually use epoxy to repair it temporarily but the whole of the housing was too badly smashed up to easily repair. I've since bought a new housing and cap, transferred the indicator repeater, puddle lamp and glass and fitted it today. It looks like I'm going to have to get a new repeater lens, though, as I found that's also broken but it's holding in for the moment. The repair broke apart while I was working on it so it probably wouldn't have lasted long. The Haynes manual I bought wasn't much help in taking the old one off, apart from showing where the fixing screws were. Phrases like "release the clip" don't help much if you don't know what it looks like or where it is.
  5. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    Yes I just got a quote from my friendly? Ford spares dept. The main unit with motors but less indicator, puddle lamp, glass and cap is £116. A cap, that comes pre-painted, is an additional £55. I think the original indicator and puddle lamp are ok although I haven't examined them closely and the glass is undamaged so hopefully I should be able to re-use all of those.
  6. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    Yes I did mention that earlier. I was hoping to re-use it but although there are no external marks some of the retaining clips are broken and it's only holding on by the skin of it's teeth.
  7. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    Well, I don't think I need to worry about it causing issues for the staff because as I probably wouldn't buy from them again I wouldn't really have anything to lose and to be honest they probabably don't deserve my consideration. Tom, it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new one and have it painted so it is likely to be pretty expensive. The only breaker who came back with a quote for a used OEM one turned out not to have a powerfold version when I phoned back. The others were all offering aftermarket new ones which would need painting anyway. I'd rather replace with a genuine one and as I said earlier I don't fancy trying to paint it with spray cans so looks like I'll have to grit my teeth and put it down to experience.
  8. Have to agree with Arthur. It sounds like it was never fitted correctly or they used the wrong clutch kit.
  9. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    No, it wasn't Marshalls, but I think they're all pretty much the same. Screw you for the maximum amount of money whilst doing the least they can get away with. They've often been called the modern equivalent of the old horse traders. A pretty accurate description I'd say.
  10. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    It was an internal invoice from the Service Department I think. It's not exactly minor damage - the frame is broken in several places, the indicator is threatening to fall out and it's a miracle the cover hasn't fallen off and blown away. However I suspect you're right and I've already put out a request for quotes from the Automend Parts Gateway and have some likely candidates. If I can get a used one with the correct colour cover it won't break the bank but some are after-market parts with a cover in primer and I don't think I can get an acceptable finish if I try to do it myself with spray cans.
  11. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    I thought you must have missed it. I think the salesman I was dealing with slipped up. I emailed him to query the fact the service book showed the last service was in 2014 and he emailed it to me to prove it had been serviced by them when they took it in. I'd looked in the service book and at first glance it showed a service about September 2015 but after I got it home I realised this was the date for the next service. Mind you from what I could see the "service" only amounted to an oil and filter change, a check of the tyre tread depths, new batteries in the remotes and new number plates. Still it's only done 15K so there shouldn't be anything desperately necessary yet.
  12. Damaged mirror - how do I stand?

    As I said, they did know about it as I have a copy of an internal document that shows it was discovered during inspection after they bought it in. In fact it was that document that drew my attention to it.
  13. I discovered the passenger door mirror housing on my recently-purchased used Titanium estate is quite badly damaged. I didn't notice anything when I viewed the car as the damage is mostly to the internal structure and although the body-coloured cover has some broken clips once it's in position the damage isn't obvious. The sales document has a disclaimer that they won't fix anything that isn't brought to their attention before the sale but I've since acquired proof via an internal document that it was picked up when the vehicle was inspected. Needless to say they're now refusing to do anything about it and I just wondered if I'd be able to get them under the 'not fit for purpose' part of the Sale of Goods Act. Does anyone have any experience in this area and is able to offer an opinion on my chances?  
  14. AC button lighting up on its own

    If you leave the control set to screen+face vents it should stay off.
  15. Guide to do Snorkel Delete

    Manufacturers tend not to waste money on things that are not necessary. In this case it's probably there to prevent the engine drawing in hot air from around itself.