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  1. Focus Mk2.5

    Can't agree with that. Our Mk2.5 is by far the worst car for wind and road noise that we've owned in recent times.
  2. Focus Reverse Parallel Parking Help.

    That's just a Fresnel wide-angle lens.
  3. Air Conditioning Blew Up!

    I stand to be corrected but I think it is an offence to deliberately discharge refrigerant to the atmosphere so if you want to disconnect the pipe you should take it to a garage or AC specialist and have the gas removed first.
  4. Speedo

    I'd add to that the ones who do 40 on an unrestricted road then continue at that speed when they enter a 30 limit.
  5. Speedo

    The most obvious reason is the the route is not dead straight (on average, that is, with an equal number of right-hand and left-hand bends). That would mean that on the outward leg you're on the inside of a bend more often than on the outside and vice versa in the other direction.
  6. Speedo

    I very much doubt the difference between the two speedos would be enough to account for the feeling of sluggishness. All speedos are calibrated to over-read by a few mph to make sure you can't accidentally exceed speed limits so the difference between cars is unlikely to amount to more than about 2mph.
  7. That looks a really tidy job, Ted. Nice to see a job done properly.
  8. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    . . . . . and more importantly knows how to use it properly. I had mine done on one but it wasn't done properly and I had to have it done again at a different garage.
  9. Unless the air filter was really badly clogged up I can't see that having any effect. I don't see how oil and filter could affect it at all.
  10. How Low can you go

    That comment is starting to get rather personal. As Damian says you asked for people's opinions and should be ready to accept that others won't agree with you.
  11. First Focus...

    Certainly is. Unless I've made a total mess of my calculations that equates to around 88mpg. Even for a diesel that seems rather optimistic.
  12. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    Looks like it. I'm afraid I don't have any other ideas at the moment.
  13. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    I just checked on our Mk2.5. The switch is integrated into the latch.You can test by opening the bonnet then turning on the ignition. The display should show "Bonnet Open". If it doesn't you can try pulling out the connector under the latch and then try again. If it then does this will confirm a switch fault. I don't know if it's possible to dismantle the latch. Hopefully someone else will know.
  14. Focus MK2.5 alarm stopped working?

    The most likely cause would seem to be that the bonnet switch is stuck down.
  15. First Focus...

    That'll get you into orbit!