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  1. I have a 13 plate Mondeo Business Edition (1.6 TDCI) and I find the sat nav refuses to accept some post codes. I always carry a Tom Tom as back up if the on board Sat Nav decides to be awkward. I dont know if there is cure for this problem but it is certainly very frustrating.Since getting the car I have concluded that built in Sat Navs are not all they are cracked up to be: sometimes they wont accept post codes and they cant be updated the way a portable one can. Next car I get I wont be bothered if it has a built in Sat Nav or not.
  2. Dual Mass Flywheel

    All good news. I'm pleased for you. I wish I had my Mondy RAC inspected when I bought it!
  3. Dual Mass Flywheel

    Can you be sure it has only done 89K? Some dealers are more honest than others.
  4. Removing scratches

    Nail polish? With all due respect to the local trannies I have never heard of that idea.
  5. Removing scratches

    As long as the scratch is in top coat only it should be possible to remove it without resorting to paint.I have had decent results with Tee Cut Metallic on my Moondust Silver Mondeo. Sometimes you may have to wet sand with 3000 grit followed by 5000 followed by Tee Cut and then wax. Check out You Tube which has a number of videos on this subject.
  6. So someone pulled out of a roundabout...

    I am convinced the standard of driving is deteriorating, certainly in the South East where I am. I suspect a lot of people are either driving with no licence or lerned to drive in some far flung over seas country. How to negotiate roundabouts seems beyond the understanding of a some drivers.
  7. Genuine question please.....

    A cosmetic mod. Is that a bloke in a Parka wearing makeup?
  8. Thanks for the link Mike. As far as I can make out (though not that clear) the part I am looking for seems part of the inner rear lighting assembly. Looks like I'll have to start exploring some scrap yards.It is only little bit of plastic and does not affect the function of the car its just annoying it is missing.
  9. Anyone recognize this plastic trim from my 2013 Mondeo boot opening? The one in the picture is on the nearside but the offside is missing from my car. Ford parts reckon that the trim comes with the rear light cluster. Can anyone confirm this or better still supply a part number for the offside? Second pic shows the offside boot corner with missing trim.
  10. Is mpg corrrect

    You said in your orignal post you were going to go crazy next year when I am guessing you wont have the black box. Sounded to me like you ar planning to do speeds well in excess of 85. Like I say, I hope no one in my family is anywhere near you.
  11. Is mpg corrrect

    I just hope you are not on the same stretch of road as any of my family when you decide the time is right to "go crazy".
  12. Diesels much better for higher mileage trips. Petrol best for your use, yabby.
  13. Opinions?

    I've seen worse.
  14. At the very least send contact the company and send them the video footage.