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  1. H11 bulbs

    Cheers mate I'll have a look.
  2. H11 bulbs

    Same here lol Which LED's do you use?
  3. Phil's Build Thread

    Yeah for the drl's thank you. Does it need to be mini blade or standard?
  4. Phil's Build Thread

    Just had a look though and wander to use the fuse tap but not sure what amp fuse to use, can you advise please mate?
  5. H11 bulbs

    Well fitted the osram night breaker and I have to say I'm disappointed with the colour of them, still very yellow compared to the headlights, really should have gone for the cool blue and think I still might after the cuts in my hands have healed from being at angles they should be, God that was tight lol
  6. H11 bulbs

    Thanks, I didn't notice that
  7. H11 bulbs

    Can anyone advise please as I'll be getting/ordering tomorrow?
  8. Focus mk3 stop start not working

    Working for me after months of not. Thanks Ian
  9. Fitting Daytime lights

    Got mine coming tomorrow
  10. H11 bulbs

    Hi Which would be best to have in my fogs? Or Thanks in advance
  11. Couple of questions

    Great thanks. Your thread is very long lol
  12. Couple of questions

    Brilliant thanks. Whereabouts is this panel?
  13. Couple of questions

    Hi mate. Thanks for your reply. The vibration on mine is definitely the doors and no matter how much I try I cannot ignore it lol As for the bulbs, thank you but how crazy is it to change them! Why they make changing bulbs so difficult nowadays is beyond me lol
  14. Couple of questions

    Hi all. I have 2 questions I hope you can help with. I have a titanium x with Sony system and although the sound is great it vibrates quite a bit when I have it a little loud. What's the best way to sound proof the door panels etc Also I have the auto adjusting hid headlights which give a white light but the fogs are yellowish, what bulbs do I need to get to make them whiter and are they easy to change/get to etc? Thanks. Chris.
  15. Fitting Daytime lights

    Thanks you. Would you mind posting a pic after they're fitted and if they're easy to fit etc please?