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  1. Boot Badge replacement

    I just cleaned my old one and stuck a new one straight over the top
  2. Service light

    Thanks for the reply. Yes it's very strange and it's only 1 hill in one place
  3. Service light

    Can any one advise? Taking it to ford in Thursday, worried they'll rip me off
  4. Service light

    Right so had it all plugged in by a mate who is a mechanic. Code coming up is p0234, he has checked the turbo and all the valves etc are working as they should do and no play on the turbine the fault is still intermittent and only in one place in a 20 mile journey. He has recommended taking it to ford and getting them to do a software update before we go any further. After a bit of time in various forums and Google kinda suggest wastegate valve. Has anyone changed it before?
  5. Service light

    Can't see "helpful links" though
  6. Service light

    I have the switched on just never got round to using it. Bought it to turn on auto locking on my mk3 focus but worried I'll bugger something up lol
  7. Service light

    Thanks for your reply. I have a obd reader that plugs in to pc. Do you know what program I need?
  8. Service light

    Hi My wife has a 2014 1.0 ecoboost and when accelerating up a hill, not that steep, the service light comes on. When turning off ignition (when stationary) and then on again the light is no longer showing. Has anyone got advice as to what I might be? Just a simple service?
  9. Arm rest MK7 facelift

    Thanks for your advise guys.
  10. Arm rest MK7 facelift

    Hi Has anyone bought an arm rest that fits in to the cup holders in the middle of the front seats? There's plenty on ebay but I don't want to get a bad quality one. Tia
  11. H11 bulbs

    Cheers mate I'll have a look.
  12. H11 bulbs

    Same here lol Which LED's do you use?
  13. Phil's Build Thread

    Yeah for the drl's thank you. Does it need to be mini blade or standard?
  14. Phil's Build Thread

    Just had a look though and wander to use the fuse tap but not sure what amp fuse to use, can you advise please mate?
  15. H11 bulbs

    Well fitted the osram night breaker and I have to say I'm disappointed with the colour of them, still very yellow compared to the headlights, really should have gone for the cool blue and think I still might after the cuts in my hands have healed from being at angles they should be, God that was tight lol