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  1. mck 2 mondeo - v reg
  2. Thanks for that - any idea which one it is as don't have manual
  3. Hi, Bit new to this site so go easy! The problem I have is that my nearside tail-ligts and nearside side lights are not working - it is not the bulb. As far as I was aware, they are not on the same circuit? The tail fog-lights come on on the nearside. Is it a fuse? Thanks
  4. Hello all, Just joined the site after finding it through Google while trying to sort a problem I have. We have an X reg Galaxy & a V reg Mondeo so no doubt there will be plenty of questions asked !! Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm new to this site and have aproblem with the aircon on my x reg ford galaxy. I took it to a Kwik Fit for a re-gas which, according to the print out, was fine, no leaks etc. The air-con was still not blowing cold air and the mechanic suggested it may be a fuse that needed replacing as the compressor was not clicking and rev counter not moving. Is this likely? Unfortunaltey, the fuse box cover is missing and I'm unsure which fuses to check Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance !