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  1. focus brake caliper spring

    I've never come across the caliper spring causing the squeaking issue tbh even when it's popping out of one of the holes slightly and tbh the spring is their to reduce unwanted up n down movement of the caliper and shouldn't really affect the pads that much but it is worth reshaping the spring so it fits better although I doubt it will get rid of the unwanted squeak . As Jonathan has quite rightly said about cheap pads being noisy due to the harder compound as they tend to have less grip so allow the discs to continue rotating a lot more causing more friction and heat hence the tendency to squeak because it's struggles to grip ..
  2. focus brake caliper spring

    No the spring isn't the issue as the noise itself is usual down to the brake pad backplate rubbing against the surface of the caliper piston and to stop this you usually put a thin smear of copper grease on the brake pad backplate although I usually clean and copper grease the caliper runners where the pads slide too so their will be little chance of the pads sticking and twisting causing uneven contact with the brake disc ..
  3. Speedo

    Well it certainly feels like it so maybe it's just down to the weight difference as my previous car did feel a lot nippier even though it had 10bhp less and the torque was down by around 15lb-ft any way what ever the reason all speedo's are calibrated to over read upto a maximum of 10% hence why the law allows you 10% over the 30 on the car your driving when checking your speed which is 3mph over the legal limit and not all speedos are calibrated exactly the same from what i've read ...
  4. 125PS on German Autobahn

    Ha ha ! , my youngest lad got the 140 STline a few weeks ago which he took me out for a quick spin in and I just found the high revs made for quicker and smoother gear changes and just add more excitement on a spirited drive 8) so tbh I think you need a test drive then decide as you'll see for yourself the Eco boost is a totally different beast to drive compared to a standard model and even just being a passenger I found the drive really enjoyable even just when pootling down the road .
  5. Speedo

    Funny how I found myself back on the forum after looking on the tinternet for an answer to why my Focus felt slower than my old Accent I previously had which was less powerful so it's now obvious after me driving my Focus in test mode that it's down to the speedo calibration being 4mph down and the speedo in my old Hyundai mustn't have been calibrated down that much hence why it felt quicker at 30mph . And yes I know it's an old thread but thought i'd give it a bump since I've found it as i'm sure theirs other members who've wondered why their cars have felt sluggish at 30 even though their cars a well looked after ..
  6. Learner Drivers On Motorways

    It's kinda funny this subject being brought up because when I passed my driving test back in 93 I was pretty nervous just thinking about going on the motorway and I reckon if it had been a compulsory part of the learning to drive I do believe I would of gained extra confidence in my driving on the normal a and b roads sooner as I discovered one sunday morning some time after passing my test when i decided to try out motorway driving about 6 am as the roads seemed pretty quite and I found myself really enjoying it and never looked back since .
  7. Learner Drivers On Motorways

    Me neither even though i'm 3 years older it's still before my time ha ha ! but any way as proven you don't have to be as old as time to know certain things just curious enough to read about it and remember ;) ..
  8. Your Insurance Annual?

    50 year old . Mk1 1.6 Focus Ghia 10 years NCD £420 fully comp with courtesy car , legal cover and windscreen cover plus screen cover and no excess fee with Hastings direct . As for admiral I've never heard any one recommend them and my last quote off them fully comp 2 years ago for a 2001 1.5 12 valve Hyundai accent was £7000 and fully enough I got insured with Hastings for £380 all in .
  9. Thumping noise from tyres

    I've never had this issue myself when rotating the tyres although I did have a similar noise issue on an old Rover many years ago but that was due to it being sat on the drive for a few months with a flat rear tyre due to a slow leaking valve but as in your case i'd just try swapping the front wheels over with each other to see if that makes any improvement ,,
  10. Well tbh i'd be taking it back and asking for a refund as that's poor workmanship by any standards and Ford don't seem bothered by the lack of quality otherwise you wouldn't of found that this time round ..
  11. new-ish member

    Your welcome Nath and yes the old Fords do have some great character hence why I love em and plan on going to Ford Fair again next year as I love seeing the old Escorts , Cortina's and Granada's .
  12. exhaust bracket..

    The main width of the pipe is about two and half inch's I think so that looks way to big however you'll find not much difference in the cost of the fittings at Halfords although I've got a temporary support made up out of 4 lengths of garden wire that I've twisted together to make a 10mm thick support which got my Focus through it's recent MOT ..
  13. new-ish member

    Sorry to see the Escort wrote off mate but at least you came out of the incident in one piece and nice to see you've got a decent little motor and welcome aboard mate :) ..
  14. Well looking at the back box i'd say theirs a good chance the baffles inside have collapsed causing a partial blockage preventing the engine from releasing the exhaust gases properly but shouldn't affect it enough to cause a limp home mode scenario unless like Dezwez says the issue is down to a partial blockage on the cat as that usually affects the signal from the o2 sensors to the ecu ..
  15. Things I Don't Like

    I hate it when your trying to get some body work repairs done that require dry weather and the weather won't oblige .