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  1. So yesterday I installed the Pierce Motorsports front upper strut bar, and Mountune primary and secondary induction hoses. A minor mod needed to the bar, as there is a threaded attachment point on the ASEAN spec cars that isn't in pics of US or UK Spec cars but otherwise an easy install. First time I'd taken the windscreen valance panels off, so gave the beast a good clean under there. The throttle response on my Bluefin tuned 125PS seems more immediate now, so maybe she was a bit "breathless".
  2. A lot depends on the offset / ET of the original and replacement wheels. An alloy with markedly different offset may causing rubbing Your speedo is likely to be out also. There are calculators online that will calculate for you how much the difference +/- is.
  3. I haven't updated for a while, and am yet to fill in the intervening period, however on Saturday I fitted my Pierce Motorsports rear (trunk) strut brace. Great finish on this piece, but I did have to do a minute amount of filing to get it to fit my ASEAN spec car.
  4. Let me know how your car goes with the Bluefin and the larger intercooler. I'm yet to fit mine, as I was waiting on getting a dyno run with the Bluefin and just induction hoses and filter. But I'm getting impatient 😉
  5. Depends how you drive, I guess. There's little to no scope of increasing the water cooling on the 1.0 (unlike the ST where larger radiators are available). So deleting the water to oil cooler and replacing it with an air to oil cooler should aid in keeping the entire package within design limits when running hard at high temperatures. The Fiesta struggles here, with not much needed to push it to the limits.
  6. Hi, has anyone installed an air to fluid oil cooler in their 1.0 Ecoboost? I'm thinking to add one to increase cooling as it's always very hot here in Thailand. Pics are examples of what I've seen available, without spending a fortune like the Mishimoto one.
  7. Just remember; the cars behind you are mostly going through that sequence also. So you're not slowing them up. Many Fiestas also have hill assist brake, so you don't need to apply the handbrake if you've got that.
  8. No offence taken. Unfortunately for us it is in the fine print, so we don't have legal rights to anything more. Warranties on products other than cars generally work the same way. What we can do, and some have done successfully, is mount a successful argument with your local service manager, take part in an individual or class action against the manufacturer, or generate so much social media upset that the manufacturer changes their conditions. That is precisely what got the extended warranty granted on the TCM module fleet wide (as I understand it).
  9. The standard Ford splash protectors don't fit the Zetec S due to the spats and side skirts. Your only real option is fitted brand name (M Sport, RokBlokz, RallyFkapZ, etc) or generic rally flaps that you fit yourself. All available on eBay - try search "Fiesta rally flaps"
  10. I didn't notice any power increase. I expect this modification is to deal with the decrease in power that the car may suffer from heat soak and possibly (certainly in the case of the ST) insufficient intake volume through the snorkel. You can get a "free" increase in volume/decrease in warm air by cutting a snorkel sized hole in the plastic valance that covers the top of the radiator; not the one you can see when you lift the bonnet but the one under that. I think there is a segment on a video on the Steeda website.
  11. The ST200 Mountune designed airbox is also plastic. With that in mind (i.e. The pressure drop isn't box related) I drilled a 2" hole in the bottom side of the standard airbox, facing the fog light area. I installed a simple pipe flange and enough 2" pipe to run to the same area behind the fog light that the Mountune hose goes to. I couldn't find the same type of porous hose as Mountune uses so simply used flexible reinforced hose and put a flymesh screen over the end. According to my diagnostics it has decreased stationary intake temperatures buy up to 20 degrees, noting that I do live in a very hot climate. Total cost about £20 and 90 minutes or so. Stupidly I didn't take photos but I will next time I have it apart.
  12. Most manufacturers only offer warranty to the end of the original vehicle warranty on parts replaced under warranty, unless there is a fleet wide recall issue.
  13. I think the sets are locked to the VIN
  14. I'd be keen to know the black vent part numbers too. I bought black gel stickers from DMB but they seem a bit small.
  15. Plenty of rust on those which would affect the integrity of the discs. If you're going to be doing the same amount of driving/parking it would be worth hitting the edges and centres of the new discs with heat resistant paint before you fit them to hold off the rust, if they don't already come that way.