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  1. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I haven't got any (yet) but am going to clean and paint with high temp paint any way. Better to be safe.
  2. Fiesta Ecoboost 125hp P006A

    I'd go for an alloy one. It's a high pressure area and the alloy ones apparently have less pressure drop (and won't spilt like yours has). Mountune version is warranty friendly.
  3. Hi, is it possible to change the rubber blades on the Fiesta or does the whole "Aero" piece need to be changed? I couldn't work out how to get the end caps off to slide in a new rubber blade.
  4. ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    The base slots in and there's 4 discreet screws to secure it. It's reasonably stable once fitted but you couldn't put your whole body weight on it. It sits higher than the ST one though, so it's at a good position (for me) when driving (I'm 6").
  5. Exhaust help Fiesta ZS MK7.5

    There are clamp on versions also
  6. ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    The link is dead for the one I purchased. It's the same as this 272771328750 on eBay.
  7. Exhaust help Fiesta ZS MK7.5

    There are tips designed for angled exhausts. Look on eBay.
  8. There was a change in Sync module some time in 2014 that permitted this option. You can update your Sync module with one from a newer module. There's a couple of threads on how to do that on here
  9. Help please, car doing a funny thing

    Sounds like your handbrake is sticking either the cable or brake shoes in the drums. It's not unusual, but it is unusual in a 2017 car. Take it in to Ford for warranty action.
  10. ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    ST wheel with cruise control installed today. Removing the airbag is a PITA. Also spruced up my intercooler. Blue Mountune logo to match my theme, some foam strips to help force the air through rather than around, and reinstalled the intercooler fan as static temps were very high.
  11. *** Fiesta 3 years warranty query

    The warranty is for any parts that are defective and the labour to replace those parts. Not the labour to replace serviceable replacement items that are changed during a service. The terms are in the document. You can have warranty work done at any time - not just during routine servicing.
  12. Coolant bottle

    Sounds like your pressure cap has separated. It's a common problem. You should get it replaced under warranty.
  13. Windscreen wiper problems

    Have you used any Rain Off type liquid treatment on your screen? This can causing juddering on some brands. If not, clean both the windscreen and wiper blades with white vinegar and see how they work.
  14. Fiesta Ecoboost '13 floor mat wet...

    There's a couple of grommets under the dash that are known to leak. The water runs down ancable that passes through the grommet. Get under with a flashlight and you should be able to spot it. Some silicone sealant would fix it or replace the grommet.
  15. Ford recommends steering rack limiters 17" to prevent rubbing. You can change your wheel/tyre size using Forscan to ensure your speedo is accurate, but a major change in rolling circumference would affect gearing. There's always cheap OEM Ford 17" wheels on eBay and the FB groups which might mean cheaper insurance. Bear in mind that larger wheels means less tyre sidewall so a harsher though more responsive ride.