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  1. Make sure you let us know how this goes 👍
  2. I've got Bluefin. No complaints after 5 or so months. If I had to go again though I'd probably go with Revo. They have an install tool similar to Bluefin so you can revert to stock if necessary, they also have 2 fuel options. Most importantly though, they have a Stage 2 option for when you get bored, which Bluefin doesn't offer for the 1.0T.
  3. It's more powerful and I think cheaper to Bluefin the 125 than go the MP135 route. It can also be removed for resale or servicing purposes.
  4. Mountune told me "no" which is why I went with Bluefin. I believe the Revo tool can roll back also.
  5. Mines a 5 door so I guess they're made for that.
  6. Do you mean a Mountune type mod to the standard air box?
  7. I have these in my 2014 Mk7.5. They fit fine. The blue is not as dark as in the images. Cheaper on eBay or AliExpress.
  8. There are several cheap premade relays on eBay that just require an ignition live, headlight and earth connection to fit your DRLs. This would be the easiest way to fit DRLs legally. Check item 281677042030 and 141970876177 for some options.
  9. It has definitely reduced the understeer but I feel it could be a touch more. I had a similar idea to you, also based on be ST200. The roads here are terrible so I really don't want to go lower/firmer if u can help it. I was looking at poly bushing the front anti-roll/sway bar to see if that would tighten up the front a little. I've also added front and rear bracing, so the suspension rather than the frame is working. Yet to confirm with any track time though.
  10. Question not for me but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents: I've recently fitted the primary and secondary induction hose. A slight increase in sound through the K&N panel filter (which I already had fitted when I tuned with Bluefin some monks back) but a noticeable increase in throttle response. I'm yet to fit the boost pipes.
  11. Be keen to know how you go with this. I fitted the smaller Corksport bar (sold for Mazda 2s which use the Fiesta rear axle) as I read the bars designed for the ST didn't fit the holes in the non-ST twist beam axle. The Corksport bar is an improvement over stock, but could do to be a bit stiffer, which will require a longer bar.
  12. Sounds like it could be the thrust bearing
  13. There's also a Facebook page here in Thailand (unfortunately in Thai) about this and the transmission issue. The water pump gasket failure at about the 3 year mark seems to be common also. While the Fiestas are assembled here most of the 1.0 Ecoboost engines seem to be from the Spanish plant.