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  1. Mine does (Mk 7.5). Think it's set on mileage
  2. I've got the Bluefin map. It's good but I'd also look at Revo. Both removable by the user which is a bonus.
  3. Quick Armrest install. Cheap one from AliExpress. Does the trick and no visible damage from fitting.
  4. Zetec S springs are 10mm lower than standard. I think they'd be expensive from Ford, but could be wrong. A wreckers might be cheaper if you can find a newish car. If they are expensive you might be better if jumping straight to the Eibachs which also have a higher spring rate. Not sure if the dampers are any different from standard.
  5. Search eBay or AliExpress for Ford Fiesta Armrest. That's what I did. Try ebay 191833571690
  6. It was this one, but cheaper at the time on AliExpress the link I bought it from is now finished.
  7. I got one from AliExpress that fits very well with the screw holes well hidden. Colour is a bit off but not really noticeable.
  8. I found that the Mountune primary and secondary induction hoses increased throttle response. Unlikely to be any hp increases but more likely that the little beast won't suffer flat spots from air starvation if you install a better filter/induction. Mountune found the OEM equipment to be breathless at certain rev/throttle levels.
  9. If you want a full replica ST then you need a full ST bumper, grill, fog inserts etc. they are totally different shapes from the non-ST. There is no commonality. If you're just looking for ST inspired then the Zetec S or Chinese copy are your main options. How far you lower it (30, 35, 50, 60 mm springs or coilovers) and the roads you drive on will depend on whether the side splitters (which need to be added to the side skirts which you don't yet have in your pic) will be damaged. There's no set answer. It depends on the look you're going for, your driving style and the local roads. I have a build thread here
  10. Or there is a Chinese made imitation ST grill for non STs on eBay or AliExpress.
  11. 1. Mk 7.5 Zetec/Zetec S are trim levels. Yours looks like a Zetec 2. Induction kit may or may not help depending on the tune. Ask your tuner. 3. Are you aware the whole ST front bumper is different. Not just the grill. And th rear diffuser and rear spoiler 4. Splitters make the car appear lower but do not lower the car. 5. You can fit 16 or 17" wheels. As long as the rolling circumference is roughly the same as your current then the speedo will remain roughly accurate. You do this by fitting lower profile tyres. Most dealers will have an online calculator to determine the best fit.
  12. The new Fiesta is supposed to have a 6 speed mated to the 1.0T. Might be easier with that, given it will be some years.
  13. I asked they seller if I needed to use a silicone sealant. They said surprisingly that no-one had ever asked and they'd sold 100s. They said it couldn't hurt. Best to use it, as well as a very small drill to ensure the screw thread is biting into the plastic.
  14. This is the one I got off eBay. It seemed better to be checking the level in the overflow tank, and easier to adjust than top radiator hose alarms. Yet to install it though.
  15. I've purchased a replacement overflow reservoir, a cylinder head temp sensor and a low coolant level alarm, all of which I intend installing once my Fiesta 1.0 is back from it's current temp/coolant related problems at Ford.