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  1. My ghetto Mountune/ST200 intake mod
  2. So Ford had my car for a day to investigate an overheating problem and yesterday I find it's now leaking oil. I'm guessing they ragged it to try to get the temps up, as it was fine when I dropped it off. Many ideas where the leak might be?
  3. It will be the switch. Fiddly as hell to get right once it's been out. Mine is still playing up.
  4. I've read that others have got new vents from Ford that were for the pre-facelift Metal edition that came piano black from the factory
  5. AN interesting read. Do you know if the anti corrosion zinc plates mentioned are available for or fit the Mk7/Mk7.5?
  6. Are you sure it stays live all the time? My owners manual says it stays live for 30 minutes. Mine actually seems to stay live for a bit less. If it is live all the time then the easiest fix is to buy a dash cam power loom off eBay. Mine was about £6 and I wired it to the rear window wiper. It's now only on when the car ignition is on and the wiring is completely hidden under the headlining and A piller plastic.
  7. This looks like just the thing. I've resisted installing the setup I have as I'm not keen to cut into the coolant tank. Can I ask you which sensor you chose? I have only been able to find those that trigger on full rather than empty.
  8. Looks like a RS style bumper. Try the Maxton or TRC websites. You'd have to get it painted
  9. There was a service notice for TCMs to be changed on older models. I had mine changed at about 8500kms and has been fine since. Think it's relevant to pre-2015 build transmissions
  10. These fit well. Where did you get them from? I got some from DMB but they seem too small (unless ASEAN spec cars have bigger rings?)
  11. I haven't had it on a dyno but Bluefin quote about 154
  12. You could fit the ST springs to all 4 wheels but not just to the rear as the car would then have a rearwards rake. You might need to replace your dampers though as the ST springs are about 20-25mm shorter than the Style so the dampers might be too compressed at rest.
  13. I've had Bluefin on mine for about 9 months. No problems.
  14. I've had Bluefin on my 125PS Powershift model for about 9 months. No problems so far.
  15. I would think the difference is due to the increase weight of the car. Might be worth checking the safe weight of the jack you've purchased to be on the safe side.