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  1. I like the tape. I'm thinking of doing this with Matt black tape
  2. That's just from the Revo stage 1 and premium fuel? Might have to trade in my Bluefin 🤔
  3. 76.1 will be the width of the hole for the hub in mm. You should get some spigot rings to ensure they centre correctly. Aluminium is better than plastic but some sizes are harder to get than others.
  4. Yes it's exceptionally bright. I have to remember not to lean in too far or it dazzles the eyes. It was a DRL LED strip that I bought to fit but didn't like the look of on the car when it was turned off (too yellow).
  5. Hi, was that from dyno runs or Bluefin information?. If the former, what fuel were you using? I have a 125 with Bluefin but haven't had a chance to dyno it yet. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, only this dodgy shot. I need to remember to take installation type photos.
  7. I used a cheap stick-on LED strip from eBay and positioned it under the hatch lock facing into the boot and wired into the exisiting light (which I also replaced with a LED globe). Works a treat with all the wires easily hidden under the plastic trim.
  8. If you have the Zetec S suspension you won't need new struts for 25-35mm lowering springs. If lower then take the advice of the spring manufacturer. You will need an alignment once the springs have settled.
  9. Make sure you let us know how this goes 👍
  10. I've got Bluefin. No complaints after 5 or so months. If I had to go again though I'd probably go with Revo. They have an install tool similar to Bluefin so you can revert to stock if necessary, they also have 2 fuel options. Most importantly though, they have a Stage 2 option for when you get bored, which Bluefin doesn't offer for the 1.0T.
  11. It's more powerful and I think cheaper to Bluefin the 125 than go the MP135 route. It can also be removed for resale or servicing purposes.
  12. Mountune told me "no" which is why I went with Bluefin. I believe the Revo tool can roll back also.
  13. Mines a 5 door so I guess they're made for that.
  14. Do you mean a Mountune type mod to the standard air box?