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  1. I have to agree. I wax monthly to keep the protection up. It is needed to ensure the best paint quality. As for "correction" if you need to do this more than once a year, I would suggest you re-think your washing technique as once a year is sometimes overkill. Just to clarify, correction is using a mechine polisher, that's rotary or da. Take a look at for more info. Most detailers are on their. Nick
  2. Lack of interior! lol
  3. Not a bad car at all. And have to say. Love White!
  4. Hi guys, Not been on in a while. so iv poped back on to say hello! Here is how the focus is looking at the moment: Also, you have more than likely spotted that i have started another new business. So, am not going to blabble, just saying that we are the Uk's Cheapest online car care supplyer. Simples...... lol Comments welcome! Nick
  5. Hope this helps. Our site put this together for anyone who is not sure. Any questions, please just ask!
  6. Hope this helps!
  7. Some times, its just what the glass cleaner leaves befind. After i have cleaned the glass, i would suggest using a clean & Dry Microfibre cloth and go over it again. This then polish's and removes anything left over. All the best Nick
  8. Hate to say it, But yes. i think its a waste of money. There is no real product out there that you can leave on for years without taking care off. Most dealers dont prep the car before sealing the finish in, so your left with a not so good, but reasonably protected finish. Customers come to me for the same sort of treatment. Infact, sytner & Stratstone group send people to me when they know they are picky, or just an enthusiast. What should happen is: The car should be washed, Then clayed, Then washed, Then Fully corrected, Leaving the paint even better than when it comes off the product line. Then you should seal it, and wax it once a month. Best thing is, This service is cheaper than what more dealers charge just for the diomandbrite. If you want any more info, just ask, am more than happy to help. To see some cars, which have had this done, here is the link
  9. Hi guys. There are quite a few products out there that do the job. But it really depends on the finish you want. Autoglym rubber & vynal cleaner is perfect for the out of showroom look. With out the gloss look. Then there is Autoglym Bumper Care. More of a glossy finish product. Then, your better but more expensive products are DoDo Juice, Poorboys to name but a few. If you have a look on our site, everything you will need is there. All though, not all the dodo products are listed yet, as we are waiting for a delivery. Hope that helps. All the best Nick
  10. Hi mate, They would have wet flatted it with a 3000grade paper, then buffed it out. The scratch "should" not come back out, unless it was not done fully. All the best Nick
  11. Not even one hello?
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