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  1. Radio

    Hi All You all might already know this but i will continue any ways, on my MK6 escort i had to disconnect the battery, and has it had the stock radio in it I had to enter the code which I had didn't have. changed radio for new one and when I took out the ashtray to fit the new radio, the ashtray came apart the inner bit which comes out to clean had the radio code printed on the back. Just thought i would share that Thanks
  2. Wheel size

    Hi All First post to the forum I have a L/H/D MK6 escort 1.8td hatch, It has 175/70/R 13 82H tyres on it at the moment, When I look at it from the side, the wheels just look to small, could I have suggestions to a better looking setup Thanks
  3. Hi There

    Hi All Having just retired I can now spend more time at my gaff here in spain, So I have bought my self a mk6 escort 1.8td as a run around and hobby, the last ford I owned was a MK5 cortina about 20 years ago. I have yet to get a workshop manual for it so will be asking you all for help. Looking forward to my new hobby, As my job was stuck in an office. Thanks