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  1. The Number Game...

    volvo 144
  2. If you could have any car

    i have three dream cars, a ford model T converted into a sleek rat/hot rod, made for British roads, would have to be full custom jobbie and id love a GTR nismo a lot of money but you get a lot of car and i would love to own a old ford pick up in top nick, not modded just a nice clean paint job and mechanically sound.
  3. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    yeah haha there better looking ones that was just an example. there was a nice double din on google but that was £600 lol. i like my unit anyway, but was going to shnge the blue unit to another one i saw on another thread.
  4. Exhaust help Fiesta ZS MK7.5

    you would have to get a garage to weld it on i would guess shouldn't cost a bomb.
  5. Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    not mine, but this is a double din unit, get the plastics and unit iff ebay not sure how much heres a good thread back to 2012 prices may be different but everything should be there to do it to yours,
  6. maybe give it a post in the fiesta sub forum, someone should know.
  7. Spot The Poor Vauxhall!

    haha what an idiot, i like this thread im glad its made a reappearance.
  8. well when i was my car my disc's go a coppery colour, i drive and it does go away, i dont get a screeching but i do get a sort of squeak on breaking.
  9. What do you clean your car with?

    if you like ADS we get discount on ADS car care at rolling oval found on facebook, based in and around west mids like me mate, not sure on how much but worth it.
  10. Halfords

    no apparently they have been fixed, they usually have a sheet of all the codes but as im a regular they know which one to scan if its some one new i usually tell em its 15% off.
  11. What do you clean your car with?

    i use my meguires ultimate wax on all the windows, better than rain-x IMO, clean the window with warm soapy water dry and then apply the wax, dont use my wipers for a good few weeks after, cus it just falls away.
  12. Our Very Own Yplac Thread..

    i find it funny yes they are paying double but its inconveniences others if they are in a rush.