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  1. Zetec S Logo

    is this what your after or something like it
  2. ST rear diffuser for mk 7.5 zetec s?

    just to add paintmods do a st style but its gloss black with the white part added looks smarter than the standard plastic one.
  3. childish little bell

    yh thats what i think but bit of extra back story, his mate is my missus Ex boyfirend whos been told by police previously not to contact us both (due to problems before this lad came bout), so we do think hes getting this lad to do this stuff.
  4. childish little bell

    i am lol thats the thing, id rather just talk to him and figure out whats wrong with him, obviously not on my own id rather have a burly police man to grab him if he starts i just want to know why he has a dislike to me, considering iv done jack all. considering its a rougher area than where i live, its one of them places where everyone knows each other but so happens my missus family arnt all goodie too shoes and will back me up if need be.
  5. childish little bell

    i would have gotten out and gave him a seeing too but he had his friend and up the road where three of his other friends, 5 v 1 not a good outcome for me and yes it was his fist, they were meant to go see him today but as of yet iv not heard anything, next time he will be sorry, next time i wont be as soft, i may have my torque wrench in the rear seats "as my wheel bolts have been coming loose recently so have to keep cracking them to torque" and nath i do have balls but im not a violent bloke, always have been, next time i wont be driving off maybe dive down the road give me chance to get out haha.
  6. Ford badge gel domed for fiesta 09 plate

    i had mine from a guy on a ford face book group called oval owners, great quality meet up with me to discuss what i wanted but he also posts due to members being all over the place, for a full set, front back, wheel centers, steering wheel badge, i paid £30 if i remember, but they are brilliant quality cover the badge and say on well, i also bought a airbag overlay with ZS on
  7. part worn can be alright if you know what to look for, i had to get a part worn due too funds and the tyre becoming low, went to the local worn tyre place, £20 for a part worn conti sport 5, and free fitting, id only do it if i absolutely needed too had a look at tyre shopper last night, found my avons zv7's at £59.12 each and free fitting at a local garage, i did pay £55 at the independent tyre shop but i had to get them fitted for £15 each, also iv got 5% off tyre shopper so its gone from £118.24 to £112.32 all in compared to paying £140 for tyres and fitting
  8. childish little bell

    yes i do have a dash cam but it wasn't in the car due to a incident where in was witness to a crash so i was looking to see if i had footage and forgot to put it back, its back in now. i know i will be seeing them again, next time it wont be the police they have to worry about. i do think it will just pop out as its not creased.
  9. childish little bell

    hi all on friday this happend the story is, this little chav (17yr) thinks i tried to run him and two friends over, why i dont know and if you know my car its not exactly a discreet car (if not check the build thread below) so why would i commit a crime such as this,, he first came up to the window and knocked i listend and he wanted a fight, i said no and drove off to the police station to report it, nothing came of it and i carried on with my life, well friday, the little scrounger came up and knocked on the window again, not wanting to even listen to this little , i drove off as i drove off i heard an almighty bang not wanting too release the rage on his face i just drove off, and stopped up the road to see the damage. i went straight to the police and explained this whole story and i have a feeling they will do bugger all as always round my area. they said they will go round to his house (hes known to them, no surprise there) and have chat with him and explain they he will have to pay me £200 for the damage. he wont i know this. and yesterday he and two friends one who can drive, followed me, attempting to find where i live as this all happens around my missus house. he didn't last as he was in a banger of a corsa, so i managed to loose him talking back roads and housing estates. thanks for reading iv got release my anger somewhere.
  10. That's a thing i will never do is skimp on rubber, i spent a week looking at reviews on the companies website and on independent tyre review i was torn between conties sport 5's and the zv7's i went with the avons due to them being a bit cheaper and having really good reviews. dont do what i did and buy and fit at two different places, the place i bought them from didnt fit and due to my tyres being illigal at the time, i had to get them fitted at £15 a tyre due to all other places being shut at 4:30
  11. its an all too common choice, im the same went with the best of my budget, didnt want some cheap rubbish, my dad seems to think that better tyres dont mean better stopping distance or grip, tyres can probably be put down to one of the factors some people crash
  12. i have avon zv7's very good tyre, i has contis on befor and they needed changing i too did research and avons came out on top from my research and my budget, cant fault them good grip wet and dry and all round cant fault them getting some on the rear soon as they are now near the limit.
  13. Strange problem..Dash camera in rear window..Lines

    strange that, i would change the cameras around as said above and see if the problem happens again, if not faulty camera if it does then you know its interference, its not bad enough to stop collecting decent footage, but is rather annoying, if its ernds up being interferance, i would tr and relocate the wire maybe moving an couple inches away fromotherwires.
  14. My Frozen White Zetec S MK7.5 build thread

    just looked too its £0 easy too do @LJAM just looked on a total car check, and both disks are worn, they are ok as it was an advisory but me being me i would of changed them, just a bit extra safety. nice looking motor, if you want some ideas have a gander at my build thread in my bio below \/
  15. Strange problem..Dash camera in rear window..Lines

    just a thought try running your lights in the day as thats the only think i can think is on at night and off in day, maybe some interference from the live wires when they are turned on.