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  1. 2009 Plate Bumpers

    Ive got a 2009 plate focus zetec but wonts to change the grill can i just swap them over or do i have to get a complete new bumper?
  2. Focus St Wheels

    just want to know where is the best place to get the st black alloys and roughly how much
  3. Ex Mobility Car

    i got a mobility car due to my nan is diseabled there proberly was no mods on the car you have got.
  4. Wiring up

    im considering to get some footwell lights but aint got a clue were to wire it upto any ideas or whats the best footwell lights to get.
  5. hid conversion kit for the mark 7

    ok mate will let you not but before that will these fit my car?
  6. hid conversion kit for the mark 7

    ok cheers mate this has kind off put me off buying hid now proberly will just consider buying beter bulbs.
  7. i want to get hid conversion kit fitted into my car but i dont no whats the best one and what is compatible for my car.
  8. Door Unlocking

    how do i get my light to come when unlocking the door i wont my front and back lights to come on
  9. Focus Zetec 1.6 59plate

    I am new to this site just need help with a few things, i got a focus 1.6 but doesnt seem to be giving the full power it seem limited just wondering what that could be and would like to improve the performance but as again aint got a scooby were to start. also i wana put footwell lights in but were is the best place to go. cheers
  10. Footwell Lights

    i wana do this to my focus but dont know were to start.