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  1. My auto lights are very slow to turn on. I mean it needs to be virtually dark before they come on. Is anybody aware if there is a lux level setting that can be adjusted within the sensor?
  2. Stuck overhead storage compartment push buttons

    Take it apart, a few screws need to be removed if I remember correctly. Theres like a rubber sleeve around the plunger/button which acts as the spring, this rubber sleeve can get misplaced and malformed which cause it not to function properly. With mine I just rotated the sleeve into a different position and it all worked well again.
  3. Fair doos this system is pretty crap. Swapping the discs under the drivers seat is just a pain! Only original dvd's seem to work. Does anyone know how to burn films onto disc that will actually be readable by this unit? Can the unit be swapped to a usb drive that you can load a library of films onto? Also, any sort of game controllers available that can be plugged into the screens?