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  1. 125PS on German Autobahn

    What speed is he doing here?
  2. How Low can you go

    Looks crap....
  3. Dab reception

    Puzzled as to why your reception is bad especially in London- if there's nothing causing interference as I've said above then get it back to the dealer
  4. Dab reception

    Just a thought - I found that my dash cam interfered with DAB reception, also using a cheap charging lead for my phone. Either of these a possibility in your case? Is the difference because the Fiesta has an aerial in the glass and the S max has an external aerial? - external aerials supply and fit
  5. Ford mk3 stereo upgrade

    Possibly hasn't got DAB
  6. Bye Focus r.i.p thinking of a car change

    Do the overheating problems affect Fiestas as well as Focus models? Take a test drive - my neighbour complains his Fiesta 1.25 is so slow!
  7. Fiesta colour code

    Start by putting the reg number into
  8. Led headlight bulbs

    Have you tried upgrade halogen bulbs? You can get some good results
  9. Opinions on this car please?

    Can you get the reg. number to check on fordetis? if it's a 59 plate then Parkers used car price guide says about £4500 from a franchised dealer. The 2 litre is a good engine, I read that a cambelt change is needed after 8 years or 100 thousand miles
  10. New Ford Focus 2017 - Few questions

    Hi Risco, 1. My 2012 Focus has 2 banks of DAB presets and no, there is no way of switching banks on the steering wheel 2, 3 and 4 The Honest John real mpg gives the 1.0 125 Ecoboost Powershift at 38.5 average mpg 5. It's a 55 litre tank so 12.1 gallons at 38.5 mpg = 465 miles 6. 55 litres 7. Probably 8. Not sure about that one - try and see!
  11. HID, Halogen, LED...what's best?

    Osram Cool blue boost are noted on as "not road legal" Agree 100%
  12. Private plate on lease car?

    I recently made enquiries about getting a car on personal contract hire - different to pcp because at the end there's no option to buy the car - you just give it back and walk away. I asked them about private plates. No problem, they said. It would have to be done through them and you would have to pay the £80 DVLA fee of course.

    Wow! Glad I left it a bit later Number plate of the day
  14. Everything related to your car should be on Ford Etis