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  1. iPod /Sony

    Is the volume on the iPod Nano at max?
  2. Paperless 'Tax Disc' Not Working?

    Of course it isn’t working, stupid idea..
  3. Fiesta zetec s privacy glass

    AP Tints in Yeovil did a good job with tinting on my Focus
  4. I never knew...

    That is cheaper, wish I had seen that. Opinions seem to vary on which makes are best
  5. I never knew...

    That the battery for a stop-start model was special and costs £250-£300 mine has just failed after 5 years 58000 miles 62 Reg Focus 1.6Tdci Titanium
  6. Headlights

    Check powerbulbs.com from my experience I would say Osram nightbreaker bulbs or Philips +130%
  7. SD/Flash Drive Adapter For Radio

    I had the Ford music box in a previous car, not sure if it is still available. Ford part 1746768
  8. Which car to buy

    Big problem with leaking roofs on Focus cc. Have a read on the net
  9. H11 bulbs

    Yes the Osrams. I have Cool blue intense in my car and they are good. Note Halfords LED for off road use only
  10. Etis problem,had e-mail back.

    Worked for me when I registered
  11. 125PS on German Autobahn

    What speed is he doing here?
  12. How Low can you go

    Looks crap....
  13. Dab reception

    Puzzled as to why your reception is bad especially in London- if there's nothing causing interference as I've said above then get it back to the dealer
  14. Dab reception

    Just a thought - I found that my dash cam interfered with DAB reception, also using a cheap charging lead for my phone. Either of these a possibility in your case? Is the difference because the Fiesta has an aerial in the glass and the S max has an external aerial? dabonwheels.co.uk - external aerials supply and fit