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  1. It for the 1995 - 2001 model 1.6 Zetec S if Any1 is interested let me know! Brand New These are £700! Cheers Gav
  2. Bought it for my mates car ages ago and never got round to fitting it! it cost £270 brand new! Am just after half of that back if anyone is interested Gav
  3. Also do you use paypal?
  4. yeah they ae for a 5 door! if you want them i can post them! they look great on the car by the way! cheers gav
  5. imhave for sale 5 chromes of the new fiesta! the chromes i have are as follows Front Bumper Grill Chrome O/S/F Outer window chrome O/S/R Outer window chrome N/S/F Outer window chrome N/S/R Outer window chrome Let me know if anyone is interested Cheers Gav