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  1. It for the 1995 - 2001 model 1.6 Zetec S if Any1 is interested let me know! Brand New These are £700! Cheers Gav
  2. Bought it for my mates car ages ago and never got round to fitting it! it cost £270 brand new! Am just after half of that back if anyone is interested Gav
  3. Chromes for the new shape fiesta

    Also do you use paypal?
  4. Chromes for the new shape fiesta

    yeah they ae for a 5 door! if you want them i can post them! they look great on the car by the way! cheers gav
  5. imhave for sale 5 chromes of the new fiesta! the chromes i have are as follows Front Bumper Grill Chrome O/S/F Outer window chrome O/S/R Outer window chrome N/S/F Outer window chrome N/S/R Outer window chrome Let me know if anyone is interested Cheers Gav