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  1. You might want to post that in the Mondeo forum... The 1.5 and 1.0 ecoboost engines are very different, with the former not available on the Fiesta.
  2. Throttle body?
  3. Very easy to fit. Plug into the lighter, position the camera, run the lead round the rubber trim. Job done. You can obviously play with the settings too if you like. Hard wiring is trickier, but not hard. I recommend Transcend products. Very good reputation. The older DrivePro 200 is a superior product to their newer cameras because you can leave it in the car in all weathers. It just lacks GPS which to my mind is a gimmick anyway - particularly if most of your driving is in town.
  4. You would hope so, but how many dodgy products come out of China for every good one? If something needs a fan, or even just a heat sink, it must produce a hell of a lot of heat. How does this translate into faulty LEDs going wrong, or even just reaching the end of their life? I would obviously hope it's without event :)
  5. Yes they would. But accounts are done on a quarterly basis, so towards the end of a quarter, you are more likely to find something.
  6. Try to time it with financial quarters. Buying at the end of a quarter usually makes salesmen a little more desperate, should they be a car or two below their target. Also, buying with cash doesn't always help as they can get commission on selling financial products as well. So if you are planning to buy for cash, see what deal they will offer you for a financial product. There is nothing stopping them from selling it to you and you paying it off within the cooling off period :)
  7. I wouldn't bet on that! They didn't earn the style "Halfrauds" for nothing. And I'd certainly avoid their autocentres like the plague.
  8. Yet another update. Monday - not able to identify an issue regarding the dimming lights, even though they said in December that they found an issue and were going to investigate. Didn't bother looking at the suspected clutch issue. Tuesday - Still couldn't find the dimming light issue and yet again they deny there are clutch problems. I explained how to get the fault once again, even though it was demonstrated in December. Today - Still not able to find anything. Got a call early afternoon telling me they wanted more information. I got a bit 'assertive' stating they wanted the car back themselves - they know what the problem is. Re-explained what I have explained many times before, both verbally and in writing. The guy even said he remembered me getting booked back in. Also said they have to investigate from scratch because the engineer who looked previously is off sick (which is unfortunate for the engineer, but doesn't give me any faith about their internal procedures). Was promised a call and a voicemail (as I was in a meeting at work) in the afternoon. No call and no message. So still no resolution to the clutch or dimming lights, or the plethora of other issues I raised but have lost the will to pursue at the moment. I mean, does the car physically have to be on fire for them to accept something is wrong? Or would that get written off as "typical for the 1.0 ecoboost" or "normal for the 5 speed gearbox" or "within normal expectations"? It's utter bull *****. I don't say this lightly but I hate Ford and am starting to hate my car too. It must take more effort to be so crap than it would to just offer an acceptable service. I have even had a root canal without an anaesthetic. I'd much prefer to have that again than keep having to deal with a bunch of willfully incompetent and obstructive morons. At least with the root canal, its done in 20 minutes. This Ford drama has been going on months, since before I even bought the poxy car. If this isn't sorted soon, I will be leaving the car on their doorstep and invoking my rights under the Comsumer Rights Act. One good thing - at least for as long as they have my car, I have their courtesy car. Sorry for the rant. I am just getting to the end of my tether.
  9. I could be being stupid here, but are the higher power LEDs with the fans a fire risk? The fans are there to prevent burnout so what happens if one of them fails? Does the unit catch fire? Does it smoke? Does it blow like a normal incandescent bulb?
  10. I'm getting what sounds like a similar noise on mine. Car's currently in for a third attempt at getting them to recognise the problem and I've only had the damned thing since August. It struggles and is now giving a burning smell whenever I reverse over anything but a perfectly flat surface. And the groan is happening even on a flat surface. Started doing it in first gear too when I want to, for example, bump up onto a kerb to park. Initially, the symptoms were hesitation and slight vibration when pulling away, particularly if you want to quickly. And struggling with hill starts. Now it's so bad, I couldn't reverse off my parents' gravel driveway without a push from my dad. The first time, the garage said it's a 3 cylinder engine and it needs more revs. This advice I'm certain has accelerated any problems. 2nd time I demonstrated the problem, burning smell and all, and they said it was my fault because I was trying to reverse over a speed bump (any car should manage this without breaking sweat). Third time is anyone's guess until the garage phones me.
  11. If it's a case of getting just a small amount of fuel in, so you can get to the garage, will a funnel and a jerry can do the trick?
  12. Thanks for posting. The beam pattern is the same, which is good! Though they look similar... if 2. the new bulb?
  13. They had the car for 2 days, basically said they couldn't find any rattles, that the clutch was OK and the car was fine. They did however concede that the lights were dimming too much. So it's going back in tomorrow morning for 2 days for them to investigate the electrical problems. The clutch is worse since I took it there a few weeks ago - I couldn't reverse off my parents' gravel driveway at Christmas without it getting a burning smell. I had to kick my mum and dad out of the car just so I could move the thing and my dad pushed. Nor can I bump up onto a kerb without the burning smell happening. I managed to get the burning smell to happen when I was at the garage by trying to reverse over a speed bump but he said it was my fault! A car should be able to reverse over a bump without cooking the clutch. I will report back.
  14. This is the biggest problem in London I would say. Many of them drive Uber taxis now...
  15. It's not you. The quality of driving is terrible. I often feel like I could have several accidents on my 6.5 mile commute. I'm finding that the most common occurences are lane hopping/cutting up on roundabouts where people are too stupid/arrogant to know how to use them. Lane discipline generally. People pulling out on me. And people not indicating and then braking sharply to make a turn. It's even more annoying when they then start indicating mid manoeuvre!