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  1. But Ford can be held responsible for not fulfilling their own commitment around the delivery time, particularly when it's tune of several months, several lies and several tens of thousands of £££.
  2. Crappy service by Ford?! I refuse to believe it. You should point out to them that the car tax increase is approaching and that as you have been misled on numerous occasions, you will be expecting a reduction in the price commensurate to say 3/4/5 years car tax...
  3. Concur regarding the key. I found it a pain actually, as I tend to like to start my car whilst I am stood outside because it's great for spotting whether anything is wrong with your car. But I was never able to do this with keyless entry. You need to have the key inside and to depress the clutch.
  4. It certainly is odd. Still awaiting my letter too. I wonder whether my very public criticism has riled them. However, it's such an unbelievable display of incompetence on their part, I had very little option but to do it
  5. On another note, I left a remark on their Facebook page again on Monday saying "one week and still nothing". Their customer services replied and they reckon it's in hand and their solicitor will be writing to me. It's absolutely insane that this drama - which is entirely of their own making - is going this way. They still haven't acknowledged that there is more wrong with the car and even the stuff they eventually did find took them nearly 2 months to fix. There is no way an alternator and batter should have taken this long to sort out. I have this weird combination or disgust, disbelief and hatred going on.
  6. It is still in my possession but I have stopped using it and got a hire car. I wasn't sure whether I am still insured to drive it now they have formally requested it back, so I moved it to a secure location because I only have one allocated parking space.
  7. Oh god, the whole steak and rumpy pumpy (see what I did there?!) has just reminded me of this:
  8. Who would have known that steak was the food of romance!
  9. Sorry to say this, but that's well on the way to being well done! Looks tasty nonetheless though :)
  10. Try living in a London postcode then. My eyes water every time I have to renew my policy.
  11. Still nothing a week after my communication was acknowledged on Facebook. Complete joke of a company.
  12. There are a couple of Fiestas in there too.
  13. It won't be perfect but then no paint repair will ever be 100% perfect. So unless you want to fork out for a respray, a touch up pen is about your only option. That said, a trained eye can even tell when a professional job has been done anyway.
  15. Unfortunately not. There are lots of examples of failures after having the pipe changed. Without warning, the engine fills with water at around 40,000 miles. Being kept under wraps at the moment because it will cost Ford a fortune. They argue it's not subject to a safety recall, yet it happens when the engine is under load i.e. hauling the vehicle. Pretty dangerous - especially at speed.