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  1. It peaked in the south east during the day though. A wind strong enough to uproot trees is a strong wind in anyone's book! And if it's doing that at rush hour, it's potentially pretty dangerous.
  2. If your car has a DPF and EGR valve (I'm pretty sure it'll have both). I certainly would use premium fuel. Burns cleaner and means it's less likely to result in blockages of either component. However, it's something you'd need to do permanently to get any advantage from. If you want to blitz clean the engine and anywhere else, I'd use a liberal amount of a reputable fuel additive like Millers -
  3. Indeed. But this experience is beginning to teach me that making simple things extremely painful and highly frustrating is the only thing Ford are actually good at! So it may actually be a problem with a junk filter for all I know. Just smacks of a company that is taking its customers for granted by taking advantage of them.
  4. Oh and apparently my parents' fence blew over.
  5. I worked from home today (as I do occasionally, not because of the storm), however I do feel slightly lucky. A massive tree came down on my route to work and I would have been there at the time it came down. So give or take a couple of minutes, my courtesy car could have been flattened with me in it!
  6. Osram night breakers are commonly stated but they have short lifespans. There is no easy/cheap legal way to get a proper, HID type light on your car. There's a debate over how likely you are to be caught, but that doesn't change the fact it's still technically illegal to have HIDs without self leveling, washers and projector lenses. It's also illegal to have a bulb with no safety marking. This rules out LEDs.
  7. Yet another update. Got a call from the case manager at the CRC. She said emails go into a junk folder and she got all of them in one go. Sounds like a stupid system which just serves to irritate already irate customers to me. Is there anything this company does that is fit for purpose?! She said, as she did before, that I have to liaise with the dealer. I reminded her that it's a vehicle branded as "Ford Direct" so they are the dealer. It was noted that my emails are sent to others, including Trust Ford, so she wanted to note on the file that I'm dealing with the dealer. I said I would be if I ever got any responses to my emails and I don't care about the semantics of who at Ford I need to deal with for the rejection of a vehicle. It's all Ford to me. As I said earlier in this thread, I can be a pain and now my patience and goodwill towards them have run out, I'm being just that. A pain 🙂
  8. I yesterday tracked down an operations director and sent them an email too. Email I received today. I like the motto. It captures my experience perfectly. Except Ford is driving in reverse: Good Afternoon Mr Xxxx I have tried to call several times but unfortunately not got an answer and no voicemail service. Your vehicle is ready for collection. Please call me to discuss work carried out and a collection time convenient to you. Kind regards, Xxxxx Assistant Aftersales Manager TrustFord – We drive the standard in customer care My response: Dear Mr Xxxx, Unfortunately I contacted Ford on Monday, formally rejecting the vehicle. It is unsurprising that the CRC has not been in touch with you, and not replied to me. I also forwarded correspondence to Ford's approved used address. In addition, correspondence was sent to Trust Ford's operations director. I have not received replies from these either. Once I have had written confirmation over the rejection process, and formal assurances over when I will obtain a full refund, I will be happy to discuss a mutually convenient return date for your courtesy car, when I will also remove any remaining personal belongings from the car currently at the dealership. I am grateful for the fact that I have had use of the courtesy car for this rather extended period, however I was clear with you and Ford that I was intending to reject the vehicle if a satisfactory resolution was not reached. I am sorry that it has come to this. I provided multiple opportunities to Ford to agree measures to mitigate my concerns about the quality of the car and compensate me for the fact that I have personally devoted significant amounts of time to resolving the issues. This as well as the fact that that I have not had use of my car for nearly a quarter of the time I have owned it. Unfortunately the 6 month purchase anniversary wouldn't wait for matters to be resolved at Ford's pace. Kind regards, Xxxx
  9. Not sure that article is well informed: "Fuel economy will also drop from the 148g/km CO2 of its predecessor." A drop in fuel economy, as measured by CO2 readings... It also mentioned a 1.5 three cylinder? Is there such a thing?
  10. I've also heard it's going to be a 1.0 three-pot. At least it'll sound nice! Not sure how long it'll last though.
  11. Works out at £308 a month with 24 payments and the deposit factored in. £308 for a bottom of the range Fiesta. The world is mad.
  12. I am going to chuck a huge dose of cynicism on the thought fire. A new/nearly new Ford certainly doesn't mean you will have trouble free motoring. It doesn't mean you will have relatively trouble free motoring either. Believe me - I now know this! The advantage of a nearly new car is that you get warranty. If you can coerce Ford into honouring it, you should be fine. Coercion takes a long and painful time though. If you go older, with a chunk left over, you have a war chest for any faults. Practically every used car has faults. It's a fact that people won't get rid of something they are happy with. As long as you budget for this, a used car may well be a better way forward. PCP is a con - price up the 3 year cost and then weep when you think about the fact you have naff all to show at the end of the contract.
  13. Today and a response from the managing director's office which was a polite sod off as it's nothing to do with them. I got a couple of names of senior people in the CRC but I haven't bothered raising it with them. No response from the case manager at the CRC. I have also sent it to the dealer e-mail address at Trust Ford today as apparently Ford have a web of companies. I also found Trust Ford's operations director's details and sent details of the drama to him. Tomorrow's another day.
  14. I would definitely consider taking the car back. It's a good combination in most areas except build quality and customer service it seems. This is why I've been so accommodating up to this point. But my concerns about build quality are what is driving me to suggest a warranty extension. If they are that satisfied with their vehicles, a warranty extension could potentially be at no cost to them. It'd also give me some confidence. But now I think it's beyond that and they owe me more. Mitigation and compensation. Is that unreasonable given the last 6 months of dealing with these jokers? I don't think so. But for them to instantly dismiss my initial offer, staying they don't do extended warranties, is bull. They do as they flog them at the end of the manufacturer warranty period. They also sell them on new cars. But now I'm of the opinion that if they really care, they can actually offer me decent reasons to stay. They owe me that much, given I haven't had my car since early/mid January and because of the abysmal time I have had whilst in their hands. I may have acted hastily when I got home in a mood this afternoon, but I won't regret it. Thanks for the support and sympathetic ear. Hopefully my threads have been more informative than annoying to most 🙂
  15. I'm not against the Civic. Looked at them a few years ago. Will have a look online tomorrow evening and see what my options are. Never know though. Ford may well try and make things better now, instead of continuing to mess me around. Dare I say that I will be expecting a greater gesture than I would have been a couple of days ago, when I was still trying to secure an amicable solution!