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  1. Thanks for confirming which way round the products are. It was the semi-permanent coating that I had applied. In any case, I hope my experience proves useful to someone. I never ordered the G1 - the detailer applied it as a freebie when I got the paintwork done. It did repel the water pretty well - almost as well as Rainx, so I was happy with this element of the product. But 140 miles of motorway driving, having to apply Rainx just so the judder would stop and I could see every 50 miles was tiresome!
  2. I had no end of problems with G5. Tried 3 different wipers, and I even wiped them with the formula (at the manufacturer's recommendation) and the juddering eventually became unbearable. Gtechniq's support is pretty good - contact them and they should send you the bottle of formula and some pads to apply it with, so you can treat the blades. Unfortunately, if this doesn't cure the problem, you will need to strip the coating with some cerium oxide compound and a very rigorous polishing. Once removed, you can try applying Gtechniq's other glass compound which is a bit softer and works more like Rainx. Lasts a little longer though. So I am not looking like a serial moaner - the paintwork coating (crystal serum) is excellent, especially with the EXO coating. I have to park my car under a sycamore tree and even though it had black paint, it took ages to get properly dirty. And what's even better - no more pigeon mess burning holes in my lacquer layer!! Missing it on my new car and will probably get it when I have the cash.
  3. I have known quite a lot of JWs. The one thing they have learned is not to crap on their own doorstep. Unless it's a major watchtower convention, in which case, it's game on.
  4. I tend to get stalked by young male mormons when I am down at my parents' place in Somerset. They are easy to identify as they wear black trousers and a white shirt. One time I was on my mum and dad's driveway with my arms up to my elbows in the engine bay of a previous car and they came up to me and asked whether I had a few minutes. I was quite rude because my impromptu repair wasn't going well, having mentioned something about being a bit stupid and blind. They then wanted to leave a card (which identified them as mormons) and went on their way. They came back to the house 3 more times over a couple of days trying to talk to me! And this happened again the next year too. I must have put the house on their radar. The only advantage to living in a flat beyond the excessive service charges, noisy neighbours, slovenly neighbours, etc is the fact that I can see who's at the door via the entryphone! The only people I like to answer to are the local political canvassers because our local politicians are all corrupt expletives. Particularly the labour ones I have found.
  5. My comment was a joke, as there is no way a ST150 is that quick. Even a chavved up example of one with a pillock behind the wheel. Look at the lean in the Fiesta at the very beginning of the video. The driver is absolutely hammering it round that bend. My bet is it's because he's overtaking a car with a bonnet scoop (Subaru Impreza perhaps?) and wants to tell his mates with bum fluff on their faces that he took a Subaru. Or he is showing off because he's incredibly juvenile or has a small *****. Or he was trying to get in front of the camera car before the road appears to be merging into a single lane. In any case, he lost it through his own incompetence and stupidity.
  6. Theres an ever bigger crime in the article... "can reach 60mph in just seven seconds." Yeah right.
  7. Quite the opposite actually. The air-con compressor is a self lubricating part and must be running to be lubricated. Just like a turbo. If there's no gas and you are running the system, it will seize. Probably with a lot of heat too.
  8. The rear on the 'new' Fiesta really isn't pleasant!
  9. And let's not forget that they're keeping the government happy with lowering emissions! Spare wheels are heavy. It's completely coincidental that not including a spare wheel is also cheaper... Honest 😝
  10. A couple more Fiestas have appeared in recent days. Also, see comment about the Fiesta being lighter above. You're entitled to your opinion, as am I. Sorry for my weird looking post. Did it on my phone.
  11. There are stories of cooling system problems on the Fiesta too. As the Fiesta got the ecoboom engine later than the Focus, it's logical for its problems to follow later too. Couple the apparent fragile nature of this engine with Ford's woefully disgusting customer service and you aren't in for a fun ride if you're one of the unlucky ones. There's a Facebook group for this problem and you basically get a new story a day, maybe every other day. I know they sell shed loads of these engines, but a person a day is still quite worrying for an identical problem. And frankly, for any engine to need full replacement because of a fault so sudden that the coolant warning light doesn't even have a chance to come on... Very worrying. I've personally learned the hard (and expensive) way about Ford and can only hope that others don't make the same mistake.
  12. There's a separate option in the menu for sat nav volume. Can't remember exactly where to go, but it is easy enough to find when you explore.
  13. The clutch has had some issues. Posting on my phone but I recall a couple of posts when I looked for my own ends. My car needed one when I bought it at 5000 miles... Wasn't engaging properly and I had to rev the nuts off it to get it to reverse up even a minor incline. Or to bump into a kerb. Or to even reverse off of my parents' completely flat gravel driveway.
  14. I've tested many a wiper blade. The one brand that has proven itself to be crap on any car I've put it on is Halfords own. Beyond this I've found the Bosch ones to be the best. But they are pricey. Heard good things about Valeo who many manufacturers also use.
  15. There's a Facebook group which has been tracking failures. Think there are a couple of Fiestas reported on it -