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  1. *** Fiesta 3 years warranty query

    The mandatory warranty that a manufacturer has to provide is, I believe, just 6 months. After that, you're technically into things like the car being not 'fit for purpose'. However, warranties are an area that most, if not all, car makers are competing on. So the likes of Kia are offering 7 years, their sister company Hyundai are offering 5 years, and so on. Essentially a warranty stretching into years is a legal agreement. Part of the agreement is that if you want the warranty repairs to continue, you agree to meet certain conditions. The only time in recent years (that I can think of at least) that manufacturers have come unstuck, is when they were saying they'd only honour the warranty of a vehicle that was serviced by them. But this wasn't because of regulation in the 'warranty industry', it was because a court said this was an unfair clause in contract law. It's the case that the servicing requirements could reasonably be fulfilled by any garage. Unfortunately, many less reputable/pirate companies (Ford included as I found out) will still regularly try to wriggle out of warranty agreements and legal obligations as a matter of standard practice. So unless the OP can prove that having to pay to service his cars during the warranty period is an unfair practice, he'll just have to lump it. One observation though. If the servicing costs of brand new vehicles annoys him, why not negotiate a servicing package as part of his purchase deals?
  2. I don't know if they still do it but the Shell garage next to the Maranello dealership in Egham was selling 102 RON petrol! Nothing but the best for the discerning owner of a Ferrari or two... I don't notice much difference with premium fuel and it may just be a placebo effect. That said, supermarket premium fuel isn't 12p a litre more like Shell V-Power Vs the normal stuff round here. More like 4 or 5p, so I just bung or in. My dad however is convinced his two 3.0 cars do. The ST220 in particular. The BMW seems to be happy with whatever it's fed.
  3. Depending on how aggressive a map is, you may not see black smoke. Black smoke in a diesel is usually soot which is a byproduct of combustion - diesels just produce more than petrol. As a third party remap will be all about increasing power, and because the only real way to get that power is to get more bang in the cylinder, more soot is to be expected. Car makers are always trying to find a balance between all sorts of demands - performance, cleanliness, fuel economy, etc etc. The third party remap will just be more performance oriented than the manufacturer's. They may also raise the maximum for the rev limiter, or even remove the limiter altogether if they're a cowboy. This will create more soot in itself.
  4. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Useful source of information but the person who operates that group is extremely precious and has a pop at people who are trying to help. So beware.
  5. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Hauling loads? Complicated hybrid system? Ford's legendary customer service, quality goods and world class design? What could possibly go wrong.
  6. Fiesta Price Hike

    I wasn't aware of the across the range price increase. The practice I described is not uncommon though.
  7. Fiesta Price Hike

    New cars that are selling well usually get a price hike shortly after launch. Ford will have wanted to get a few on the road (hence the introductory price) so people started seeing them and wanting them (I'm definitely not one - it's butt ugly and Ford are a joke). Also, the 2.5% price rise isn't dissimilar to the rate of inflation either. FIAT and the 500X is another example. When it launched, the prices actually decreased as it wasn't selling because of the shambolic (and near silent) launch that FIAT gave it. However, nearly two years on, once FIAT put effort into it and started targeting rental companies with dirt cheap deals, it started selling. You see quite a few on the road now and suddenly the price went up because it was desirable. The equipment levels also became less favourable too because they could still shift them. It's just the economics of business.
  8. System Engine Failure

    The fault won't clear itself after a certain amount of time. The ECU doesn't actually detect the vast majority of faults - it just picks up on the symptoms it detects with one or more readings not being within normal parameters/tolerances. A loose electrical connection for example may throw up a fault code - but if this settles down and the voltage goes back to normal, the warning light will probably go away. But it doesn't mean the fault is gone - the loose connection will still be there. The code will be stored. You should get it looked at as drive on damage is always a possibility until you know exactly what's wrong.
  9. Getting a dyno reading done yourself is the only certain way. Or drive the same model/engine car as yours, which hasn't been remapped, and see how you feel. The only telltale sign I had when my Grande Punto Sporting was remapped was it belched black smoke on hard acceleration. More so than normal for a diesel. Mind you, this was remapped from just over 130bhp to nudging 190. The 1.9JTD 8 valve engine is immensely tuneable.
  10. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    A large number of cars and vans are being remapped nowadays too. Practically everyone I know with a turbo engined vehicle has done this. I find it in my Swift Sport which is also a 1.6 - albeit a pretty tuned one in a very light car. They initially beat me off the line but my car revs longer and harder, so as long as I get the RPM up high enough, the don't tend to stay in front for long.
  11. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    It's absolutely extraordinary that parts of Ford's poster boy engine is rusting like this in such new vehicles. The 1.0 EcoBoost really isn't going to last the test of time. Been saying it a long time now. The cooling system is rubbish.
  12. How Many of You?

    Unfortunately the world is full of selfish and arrogant people. Nothing we can do about it. On the off chance that I find a dent I am reasonably confident was caused by a vehicle that's still next to my car, I will make sure I get revenge 10x over. Is this right? Probably not, but it makes me feel a lot better. A few scratches and a nail near the sidewall of the tyre and they're in trouble. You can always spend a bomb on a ceramic paint protection coating. Whilst it won't eliminate everything, it'll certainly be pretty hard wearing. Something like Crystal Serum will even resist a moderate key scratch... But on a Fiesta of more than about 6 months old, you're looking at around 7-800 quid as it takes a lot of prep work, including probably a day or just over with a machine polisher. I had this done on my Fiesta and wish I hadn't given the experiences I had with it and Ford, but I am pretty sure someone's driving around happily never having to wash their car and not knowing why. Assuming it hasn't broken down on them and Ford again proven incompetent in fixing it!
  13. PCP Finance

    Assuming you don't want to take out a loan and buy the current car? Surely that is very dependent on your circumstances. If you can afford to be without a car whilst you get the one you want, walk away. Presumably if the car is worth more than was budgeted for in the original agreement, you will get something back to put down on the next motor? And if you can't afford to walk away without a car, try and see whether the dealer can source it and lease the current vehicle whilst they do their thing? Most dealers will be able to find the car you want.
  14. Now the new Fiesta is on the road...

    And out of sight of the question at hand, I have to say that I thought it was ugly in photographic form. But having seen it in the metal, I think it's downright hideous! The photos don't quite demonstrate how foul looking the daytime running lights are, which I have found that Elton John used to wear in the 70s: And the back looks like a giant has sat on it. Or like a blobfish:
  15. I was wondering now that we've pretty much all had a chance to see one (except any with leather, that most rarefied of materials that competent Ford has been unable to find), what do we think of its looks? I have added a poll as well :)