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  1. I got a quote for the switch to be fitted in Malta and they told it'll cost me €150! I think that's very expensive, considering that most cars are having it fitted as standard! I think Ford has let me down here! :(
  2. Thanks mate I'll have a look at Pipercross. Does it change the sound of the engine?
  3. I see. Same thing for my 1.3 Ka?
  4. Hi guys. Had a quick search and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I was browsing on ebay and found K&N panel filters to fit my Fiesta 1.25. Would you guys recommend it or is it too little to make any difference on the car's performance? Would it affect fuel consumption and car warranty? Thanks.
  5. I have something like a paint run on my rear passenger side wheel arch. After a lot of haggling I have obtained some compensation from Ford. Not enough but at least better than nothing. Shame such a good car has these silly defects.
  6. I get 39.5-39.9mpg with my 1.25 Fiesta. Basically I only do urban driving as in Malta we have no motorways or particularly long roads. The mpg reading improved after a few hundred miles and I reckon it could improve even further as I have only still done around 750 miles.
  7. I think it would have cost Ford very little to add these features but they would have made the car better for sure. Isn't there a way to add these features aftermarket?
  8. The Trend in Malta has no electric windows at the back, no alloy wheels and only 1.25 engine. Also no side airbags, which is ridiculous! That's how much we're valued by Ford!
  9. Hi guys. There might be a similar topic around but I could not find it. I am finding it very annoying that the windows do not close if the key is not set to the ignition position. Is there something I could do to make sure the windows motor works even without a key in the ignition? Or maybe better, the windows close by themselves when I lock the car? Thanks.
  10. Trust me guys, you can't complain about potholes before driving around Malta. I think our roads are the worst in Europe!
  11. Not sure about the rear lights but the front lights look good. At least you'll remove that ugly 'bump' on the Ford headlight. Welcome to forum Gabriel. Another Maltese at last!
  12. My Valencia built Ka still runs smoothly after 10 years and 98000 miles of terrible roads and stop start driving in Malta. My Fiesta is built in Valencia too and I'm not concerned about the quality, even though it had a paint defect! The standards should be the same throughout Ford production lines.
  13. Interesting stuff pikestones! cheers.
  14. Mine is called FIESTA! :)
  15. Talk about strange... A couple of years ago my mechanic inserted my Ka key into my wife's Escort Mk4's ignition. It did not start the engine but we couldn't get it out of the ignition! It just locked itself in there and wouldn't budge. After inserting pieces of wire, blades, spraying lucrication oil, etc etc, we finally managed to pull it out. On another note, a few years back I owned an Escort Mk1 and its doors could be opened with a small coin and the ignition could be started with a flat blade screwdriver! :o