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  1. Front Passenger Side Wheel Problem

    Sounds like it could be yeah. Also worth checking the balljoint where the lower arm meets the hub assembly as these are prone to going and begin to creak/knock on bumpy surfaces when they do.
  2. Ford focus

    This is normal on the later focus' as far as I'm aware, however its irritating if you don't want the aircon to come on. There is a method of stopping it doing this by disconnecting something, but I'm unaware how to do this. A quick solution would be to select the footwell and window instead of only window, as that'll stop this happening.
  3. ST170 thermostat and housing

    Recently upgraded from a 1.6 zetec focus to an ST170, and already the ST170 is giving me problems. It appears to have a slight water leak from the thermostat housing, and also going from the oil and water temp gauges, the thermostat seems to be stuck open. How easy is it to change the thermostat on these? There's no haynes manual but is it the same proceedure as on a standard 2.0 engine (as covered in the haynes). I'm aware theres a common fault where an o-ring goes on the 'stat housing causing the small water leak... anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance, Tim.