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  1. Yes I took the cluster into an autoelectricians place which specialises in these types of issues and it was indeed the soldering. Hasn't missed a beat since! (Apologies for no updates and cheers!)
  2. Removing A Focus Instrument Cluster

    Apologies for reviving an old post but do the needles just pry off on a focus?
  3. I wasn't entirely sure if the dust was related but it seemed suspect or some sort of contaminant, the real issue im having is getting to the face of the printed circuit board. I know it may be a long shot but do you have any experience in this (removing the needles and other parts preventing me from opening it up) or know of a tutorial video for a mk2 model?
  4. tried to make as short and to the point as possible bare with please 😜 I have been having a few problems with my 06 plate 1.6 focus zetec, the much talked about engine system fault error, usually followed by 'reduced acceleration'. The car was booked in to be diagnosed however i decided to take out the cluster and have a bit of a fiddle which seemed to miraculously cure the problem for about a month! However the fault has returned and seems to be slowly getting worse over the last couple of days until today it showed the error and failed to start full stop for an hour and a half (started after that and drove it home). I'm attempting to take the cluster apart and clean the circuit board with a contact cleaner however I can't seem to access the front of the circuit board as compared to the ones I've seen from researching it is back to front in the casing?? I've read to prize the needles off with a spoon and access it that way however it feels to me like it's going to hurt the internals of it. I've attached a few pictures below, all feed is welcome as I am well and truly stumped 😊 Also the very back part of the plastic casing was caked with a dusty black substance, could this be a cause or something to do with it?