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  1. Problems with 'SYNC media'

    Just tried that out and now it's working, many thanks!
  2. Problems with 'SYNC media'

    Hi all, I'm currently having issues using the SYNC media function in my fiesta ecoboost. My android phone connects to SYNC via Bluetooth as usual but when I go to listen to music the message 'play music from device' appears. It does not say connect a bt device so I'm unable to play any music through my phone. This did happen to me a few months back where I ended up using the AUX instead and then it magically started working again. If anyone know what this is please advise as it's getting a bit annoying now. Kind regards, TheScoobyCollector.
  3. Help - Fiesta keyless battery low

    Was it a cr2032 battery?
  4. Help - Fiesta keyless battery low

    Hi all, The battery in my keyless fob for a 2013 fiesta ecoboost titanium X is low and needs replacing. Which type of battery do I need? I went to Halfords and they advised it would need reprogramming from the dealer, is this true? This is the only key I have aswell so don't want it to die. Kind regards, The Scooby Collector.
  5. Help needed tuning a fiesta ecoboost to Stage 2/3

    Thank you for the great advice and tbf 160 - 170hp with that torque figure would probably be more than enough for me. As you said it's who and how it gets mapped that makes the difference. Where did you get the side skirts and intercooler from? Kind regards, TheScoobyCollector.
  6. Help needed tuning a fiesta ecoboost to Stage 2/3

    Wasn't that to do because the map put on it was dodgy? If they blow up at anything more than standard why do Pumaspeed promote their tuning packages for the 1.0 ecoboost?
  7. Hi all, I was hoping to increase the power from 123hp to the max the turbo can take which is around 170-180, I would like to go to the 200 mark however I believe the engine and gearbox won't cope? Would anything else be needed other than an exhaust, intercooler and remap? I've heard the 1.0 ecoboost engines can get quite hot and do require a significant amount of cooling. Is an induction kit needed or would a panel filter suffice? Also is there anywhere to find parts cheaper as it seems to get an extra 50hp it's going to cost over 2k fitted and thats before spending money on brakes, clutch, exterior bits, etc. Kind Regards, TheScoobyCollector
  8. Few issues with my ecoboost...

    Hi all, Have just got a few issues with my 5 door mk 7.5 fiesta titanium x that I was wondering if anyone could provide a solution to. 1. Start Stop doesn't seem to work anymore 2. One touch only works for the passanger window 3. Aircon doesn't work - probably just needs regassing? 4. The button for the windscreen washer doesn't work. The previous owner use to disconnect the battery quite a bit for security reasons so I think that may have caused some of the issues. Regards, TheScoobyCollector.
  9. How to turn traction control off?

    Hi all, I own a 2013 fiesta ecoboost titanium x and was wondering how to turn the traction off? I looked in the manual which says to go through the settings but I couldn't find an option to turn it on or off. If anyone has any ideas please share. Regards, TheScoobyCollector
  10. Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can buy a dress up kit for a 5dr ford fiesta ecoboost without being stung by the dealer or trying to finding one salvage? As it seems so far that it's pretty difficult to find the sideskirts for the 5dr model :-( I don't mind having to get an ST front/rear bumper and spoiler if I have to. Kindest Regards.
  11. Fiesta Ecoboost Titanium-X

    Hi where did you get the gear knob from and how much? Regards, - TheScoobyCollector.
  12. Ford number 3 - 2014 Fiesta Ecorattle 125ps

    Nice! Are you still looking to tune it to 180hp? Will be interesting to see how different it feels from standard. Regards, -TheScoobyCollector.
  13. Tuning a ecoboost to 200hp? Anyone done this?

    Is this engine forged to run 200hp? Regards, -TheScoobyCollector
  14. My Mk7.5 Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost Project

    Wow car looks amazing the bodykit does really transform the car. Did you get the front and rear bumpers from pumaspeed bud? Also I'm looking to do something similar with a 5dr Fiesta Ecoboost and try and hope for 200ish hp using the turbo from the ST180 but reliability may be an issue. Keep it up :-) -TheScoobyCollector.
  15. Hi guys, I was interested in doing this to a fiesta ecoboost with 125hp as standard. I've seen the package Pumaspeed sell which tunes the ecoboost to 205hp which is apparently the max they can be tuned to reliably. However I wanted to use a turbo from a Fiesta ST instead as it will easily reach this power level and keep costs relatively down. On Pumaspeed I noticed that over 60 of these kits have sold and wondered whether anyone on here runs a fiesta ecoboost at 200ish hp? If so can you please share your experiences. Regards, -TheScoobyCollector.