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  1. Boot Inside Plastic Cover Removal

    Did you manage to do this? I'm having the same problem now 😣
  2. Hi, I just wondered how to remove the front and rear ford badge on my mk7 Fiesta. It looks like they are just stuck on but I read somewhere they could be bolted? If that's the case could someone please tell me how to access this? Or if I just need to heat it and use dental floss or something... Thanks!
  3. Eyebrows on Ford Fiesta MK7

    Yeah I actually found someone since who will pre paint them.... have you got any pics of your car as it looks really cool... 😁
  4. Hi, I want to fit eyebrows onto my race red ford fiesta mk7 and I know there are already lots of threads but I can't seem to find any coloured? Do people just buy and paint themselves or get a professional and how easy are they to fit? If im gluing things I really don't want to mess it up... Many thanks Tom.
  5. Tom what are those black splitters for the front and side skirts and I assume the rear? Where did you get them and are they hard to install? 😁
  6. Hi, I want to lower my car but I don't know weather to buy Eibach or H&R lowering springs? I only want to lower the car by about 30-35mm and I can buy either and have them fitted for almost the same cost. Anyone got either of these on their 1.0 Fiesta and can share their experiences or thoughts? Many thanks, Tom :)
  7. I definatley prefer the sound of the non-resonated... seemed almost impossible to hear the other unless it was stationary and reving.... Still prefer the Milltek sound but have made up my mind :)
  8. Hi I bought a side vent to fit onto the sides of my Fiesta (purely asthetic) and was recommended to use silicon to stick the vent onto the outer bodywork/ paint of the car. Question 1 will this be strong enough? The plastic attachment is very light. And 2 will this damage the paintwork? Thanks Tom...
  9. Yeah I want the non resonated... not sure what my family would think though haha...
  10. Could you send me the link for the resonated 1.0 eco-boost video ? I can only find non resonated 😞😞
  11. Hi

    Is it resonated or non resonated ?
  12. Hi as you can tell from the title I have a 1.0 eco-boost and just wondered on what people's thought were. I've looked on YouTube and I'm sort of favouring non resonated but is it louder than the videos seem to suggest... Will be interesting to see if people have had this mod done! Thanks in advance for any advice!
  13. Hi, I was thinking of getting some H & R 35mm lowering springs installed onto my 1.0 mk7 Fiesta. Does anything need to be re- aligned? Also looking at the milltek cat back non resonated system. Will this affect my mot, emissions or tax? Thanks in advance for any help 😁
  14. Ok thanks guys... I know what I have to do now :(