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  1. Alloy Wheel Nut / Cover Loose

    Ok thanks. The ones SeanW posted are £20 so i may get them to save some cash :)
  2. Alloy Wheel Nut / Cover Loose

    How much did they cost off ebay?
  3. Alloy Wheel Nut / Cover Loose

    I need some of these, half have mine have either fell off or not been put back on when it's been in for repair and the others that are left are very loose you when you touch them. I'm just gonna get some plastic ones like above. @yunii are they 17MM or the 19MM ones? 17MM 19MM I've got a 2010 Fiesta Titinium btw, thanks
  4. Spray Paint

    I think I will tbh. I'm going to borrow a polisher and go over it with some rubbing compound after I've done it again. I got this to blend and remove the orange peel but after I've used that do I need to polish it with a fine finishing compound or just wax it to get the glossy shine back? Watching youtube about which way to do it has just scrambled my brain lol
  5. Spray Paint

    Heres some pictures. It's in a hard place to get a good picture tbh because of the light reflections. The one I circled looks like there is a scratch on it still but there isn't and if you zoom up you can see where I've done with it being a little hazy and some orange peel. This was my first ever attempt at this and I think I did an alright job. The scratches took all the paint off so it's a massive difference. I still need to finish it off though with some rubbing compound, wax and buff it. When I get round to doing it I'll post some more pics of it fully done and hopefully shiny lol.
  6. Spray Paint

    I completely forgot to take before pictures but ill take some tomorrow of the end results.
  7. Spray Paint

    So I've done my car and the spray was bang on and I will definitely be getting my paint from that seller again in the future. Thanks @eddie eastwood on pointing them out to me
  8. Spray Paint

    You've convinced me to order some I'll post an update when I've tested it out.
  9. Spray Paint

    The only reason im wary about mine is that there are little silver speckles in the black and every can of panther black I've looked at looks just pure black. I tried contacting the seller on eBay to see if it was the same colour code as Ford (jaycwwa) but I keep getting the message and Halfords say their spray is an exact match for the codes: 17V, D, G, G, 2851CM & JAYC, which has half of my code, so I don't know what to do. The fact of how small the official Ford cans does my nut in for the price as well, every other one is at least twice the size and cheaper lol
  10. Spray Paint

    Nice thanks. They certainly sound the part, have you used this brand before? How was it?
  11. Spray Paint

    Cheers mate, I'll steer clear of Halfords then lol I just had a look at the same seller on Amazon and it's £18.28 for Panther Black and £5 delivery so it's near enough what Ford are selling it for. I have got the touch-up paint in a bottle but it isn't working very well so I thought it would be a lot easier getting a few nice thin even coats on top of each other spraying it rather than thick strokes with the brush haha. I'll probably just bite the bullet and go to my local Ford dealer soon and get some proper stuff. Does it go out of date? I don't mind as much if I can use in the future if I get some donut scrapes the back or bangs their door on mine in the carpark again.
  12. Hi guys, Someone has scraped the back of my car when I was parked up so need some spray paint and lacquer to cover the scratches. Where is the cheapest place to get spray paint from? I went to Halfords yesterday and they didn't have the metallic paint in I needed but I could order it in with the lacquer for £15 whereas Buying it from Ford will cost £24.50 Am I just best getting the proper stuff from Ford instead of cheaper stuff and is there anywhere that sells the original or unofficial paint (if it's any good) cheaper? Thanks
  13. Low MPG and smell of petrol

    Ive been testing out where the smell is and it's only at start up from the exhaust. I guess my mileage is due to my driving haha I guess the weathers a factor as well isnt it.
  14. Hi guys, in the past few weeks i have noticed a smell of petrol when i start my car and the MPG has dropped to 28. I'm not sure if its my driving style that's caused the MPG lol but the smell of petrol makes me think that could be the cause of something more serious. Typically it ran out of warranty 3 weeks ago so its either try and fix it myself or take it in to a garage. Any ideas what i could do? Thanks edit: Its a 2010 1.6 Titanium petrol
  15. Another armrest thread

    Yeah it makes sense. I'm not fussed about the holes i don't see them from the front haha and when i sell the car ill just put some silicone in or something to hide them.