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  1. Ive been testing out where the smell is and it's only at start up from the exhaust. I guess my mileage is due to my driving haha I guess the weathers a factor as well isnt it.
  2. Hi guys, in the past few weeks i have noticed a smell of petrol when i start my car and the MPG has dropped to 28. I'm not sure if its my driving style that's caused the MPG lol but the smell of petrol makes me think that could be the cause of something more serious. Typically it ran out of warranty 3 weeks ago so its either try and fix it myself or take it in to a garage. Any ideas what i could do? Thanks edit: Its a 2010 1.6 Titanium petrol
  3. Yeah it makes sense. I'm not fussed about the holes i don't see them from the front haha and when i sell the car ill just put some silicone in or something to hide them.
  4. I did mate yeah. The drivers side was a bit of a pain because the seat doesn't go far enough forward but i got in in alright in the end.
  5. Yeah its spot on mate i'm well pleased with it. Got lucky with the colour match as well so it looks like its factory fitted.
  6. I bought the Armster 2 Taylor22 was selling a couple of weeks ago now and I completely forgot to upload the pictures. Thanks again Chris it fits perfectly and looks the part. The height and length are spot on, I'm finding that I'm even resting on it to change gear now so my left arm never comes off it haha I'd thoroughly recommend these to anyone who's after an armrest
  7. Thanks for the reply. I found out the its only the drivers side that is one touch and as for the slow windows spraying the rubber channels with silicone spray has helped them tremendously. They all now go up at the same speed, so i'd do that if your still having a problem
  8. Here's the video. You can hear how loud it is when i switch it the air con off. Also i've checked the fuses and some for the fan one seems to be missing or they may not be used i'm not sure. R7 is missing but there isn't any contacts in there. F2 is missing which is the high speed fan and there is contacts in that. Could that be the issue?
  9. I need a little help again and wondered if someone could check their car for me. When I put the air con on i hear a loud click from inside the engine bay then the fan comes on and sounds like it goes full speed and its loud, then it goes off and on in cycles but always ramps up to full speed every time it comes on. Is it normal for the fan to be running at full speed off and on and is it loud? I'll post a video of the noise later. I'm getting majorly !Removed! off with this car now I've only had it a month and it's been back to them 3 times.
  10. I got my car back today it was the fan causing all the problems I had. They put a new one in and it's fixed all 3 issues. I checked before I left as well and it spins when I turn on the air con Thanks for the help guys
  11. Thanks for the help guys and don't apologise Gary, i'm thankful for you taking your time out to explain it all. I've got the car booked in for Tuesday so i'll mention all these things and let you know what they have done to it when it's fixed. :)
  12. Another update I have been out just then left the car 10 minutes after at idle then turned on the AC to see if the fan comes on and it doesn't. The engines red hot and touching the coolant reservoir is as well, even the strut to hold up the bonnet was red hot so i think you are right about what the AC problem is. Could this be why the coolant is going down, would it evaporate at really high temperatures?
  13. Just got back and it does the same. I have noticed the fan on the radiator isn't spinning. The engines hot now and i put the AC on full and it still doesn't move. Is there any way to test it easily?
  14. I just checked and the air con is working fine with a cold engine and i hear a click when it starts up. I've had a look at the radiator and it looks OK front the front but i can't see the other other smaller radiator that's behind it properly because the fan is in the way when the bonnets open. I think i'm loosing coolant though, I topped it up yesterday before i went on a drive and it looks like it's dropped again. I'll go for a drive to heat it up and then see what happens.
  15. I'm not sure I've only had the car a few weeks. I've found a few more niggles with it like the auto wipers going off when it's not raining and the buttons on the steering wheel not always working so I will get it book in and looked at. Does yours blow constant cold air at idle? Can others have a test for me as well see what happens