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  1. The newer 1.6 TDCi 's

    Early days at the moment, just looking around at prices. Would consider buying from anywhere so long as it's a reputable garage. There were some on ebay for 10k + vat at independents and then i spotted one at a Ford main dealer for 8k. Any recommendations?
  2. The newer 1.6 TDCi 's

    Hi guys. I know the 2008 ish era 1.6 tdci's have had turbo issues and dpf problems but is it still happening on the newer engines? I'm considering a transit connect for work and they all seem to be 1.6 tdci's. Looking at 2015 models onwards so any advice would be great. Are they still problem engines?
  3. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    MJ - is the trackace fairly easy to use for a novice? I'm no mathematician or Car expert ..........
  4. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    Cheers Andy. It's about that i think for front wheel alignment but have heard that 4 wheel alignment is the best and costs around £50. I have had just the front's done in the past, at Halfrauds for £30. Thanks isetta for all that info. Gotta say it does sound on the complex side so might just opt to get the tyre place to do it. Have heard of people doing it with string too lol . It is just on the one wheel as you mention it, and only mildly worn on the edge but more noticeable than the other side. I don't hang about but I'm not your boy racer type on roundabouts! Maybe I'll just monitor it on the new tyres as it was the very outer edge and not in the 3/4 breadth of the tyre so still legal.
  5. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    Got to have two new tyres and the outer edge is a bit worn so wondering if the alignment is out. Wouldn't mind saving myself £50 if it's not too complex and possible to DIY. Does anybody on here do this and how easy is it to do? Any advice welcome....
  6. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Me neither. On 150k, still the original turbo and never touched the injectors
  7. What years for newer cDPF?

    I'm curious about the 1.6tdci and the DPF. I've got a mk 2.5 2008 1.6 tdci. When I came to change the oil & filter I rang 3 ford dealers to find out whether or not mine had a DPF fitted. The answer they came back with was No. I even spoke directly to a ford mechanic and he said he checked thoroughly including the service sched for my vehicle and he could find nothing regards to dpf. Seen as there's two versions of the 1.6tdci - 110 and 90bhp and mine is the latter, I'm wondering whether the 90bhp escaped them as i surely can't be the random odd one out?
  8. brakes

    That's the caliper spring not the retaining clips i was referring to. If your car already has the brake pad retaining clips (not the caliper spring) i doubt it's that causing the issue.
  9. brakes

    This is the type of clip i mean but it's for a discovery. Give your motor factors a ring or ECP to be sure....they may be universal, I don't know.
  10. brakes

    It depends on the type. If they look short you'd need 8 in total but most of the ones I've seen span both sets so you just need one on top & one on bottom on each wheel so 4 in total. if you want to post the link to them I'll have a look.
  11. brakes

    No problem. Good question as I've not sourced them myself but your local parts store like a motor factor or eurocarparts if you give them a ring. Ebay even........ I think they're called brake pad retainer clips....
  12. brakes

    I don't see why you'd need new pads so I think that would be fine. You would need wheel off to remove pads and to pop the clips in & then re install pads.
  13. brakes

    Hi Anthony. I've just done three Cars brakes (my in law's, my dad's & my own). Two were discs and pads. I noticed on my own and my in law's they squeak since work has been done but not on my Dad's. All were copper greased and carrier grooves were cleaned. The ONLY difference I've noted is that my Dad's car has the anti rattle metal clip things (they sit in the carrier grooves and hold the pads in tight) installed & the other two I did don't. Could this be the problem? In fact, on my in law's car I couldn't get them back in so left them off & prior to me doing the pads they didn't squeak but after they did.
  14. Sophie_Evie

    lol well spotted, i missed that bit!
  15. Sophie_Evie

    Hi Steph. Check the pipes from the turbo to the intercooler for cracks. I had a crack in one of those pipes; very small but made the whooshing noise like when the aircon comes on. Cost £130 at garage to fix. I think the part was about £70 from ford.