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  1. Alternator woes?

    All I'd add is my alternator packed up around the same mileage as yours (120k ish), although it was pretty sudden, one whine whilst driving then wouldn't restart. Hope you get it sorted mate!
  2. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    He said he had a job getting them out and they were creaking....i'm just glad they didn't snap
  3. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    Agreed there, seems like a lot of jobs that should be simple Ford have made diifficult, maybe they're all laughing at us in a distant head office somewhere lol. I asked the mechanic what he thought of the glowplug job on the dv6, to which he replied "you wouldn't like to have heard my language during the 2hrs doing the glowplugs". He did say he managed it without moving the egr cooler. Ah well, cheers chaps, case closed for now on this very long thread........
  4. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    Cheers Dee, good advice. I've owned the car since 77k miles and it has been well serviced since my ownership. Before then it was a lease car and was maintained to the 12k oil changes Ford recommend so in that sense it has a good history. The injector seals were replaced and there were minimum deposits. I've just had the rocker cover off to do the rocker cover gasket (I presume that's what you mean) and there was no sign of any carbon build up that I could see there. But I think on balance, I will just leave it & hope for the best. With the mileage I do, I hope it'll last another 2-3 years and retire it at 200k!
  5. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    Lol, that's reassuring to know
  6. Blue smoke, rough idle - Forscan DTC code

    Update: Glow plugs have been replaced at the garage but she's still pumping out the blue smoke as usual........the mechanic noticed this and said he could hear the engine 'knocking' and suggested the car would benefit from an engine flush followed by stop smoke being put through it. I've done some reading on engine flushes and seems to split opinion. Considering it's at 154,000 miles & been puffing blue smoke for the last 40,000 I'm wondering whether it's a case now of living with it. It it ain't broke, don't fix it. In some older threads people were saying some of the carbon build up might be helping sealing and if you dislodge it all you end up with worse symptoms, for others it worked. Any thoughts guys? I mean would it be worth putting the stop smoke through without the engine flush?
  7. Brake Pads Question

    When it comes to brakes i would avoid budget. I've used Mintex from ebay and found them too be good. I think Pagids, mintex, and brembo all meet OEM standard. Hope that helps.
  8. I think they moved the oil feed pipe away from the Dpf as the oil was getting cooked resulting in carbon build up. I don't know a great deal on it but I think from 2011 in the mk 3 focus when it switched to 8v 115 Ps output. I have a 2008 focus 1.6tdci 90 version which escaped the dpf (this is not the case on all 90 versions as I've seen some advertised with) & doesn't have the same issues with turbo, it was more of a 110 problem I'm led to believe.
  9. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    I've watched a lot of his stuff too particularly when I came to do the discs and pads. It was really helpful.
  10. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    I identify with this @Tdci-Peter, it has been one of the major stresses of working on the car, being self employed and having only the one vehicle. I do hope to get a second vehicle at some point which will make life a bit easier and probably give me the confidence to tackle the bigger jobs; I'll be able to stagger them over a week or two rather than frantically panicking to get my car fixed and back on the road. Enjoyed reading your post. I'd avoid an auction then Tom for your next motor; went to one recently and a lot of them look like sheds on their last legs! Although, i think there are some bargains to be had if you do your research.
  11. This hose broke from the airbox - what is it?

    I have a long journey to do later in the week which is one of the reasons I've booked it in to the garage rather than tackle it myself. Don't want to mess anything up! I've managed 100 miles in limp mode but on a few uphills it verges on embarrassing with cars on your bumper..........not sure i'd fancy 1000 miles of that
  12. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    Sounds a really good way to learn. Do you just buy a cheap one at auction and then strip it to sell the parts? And would the parts value be worth more than the car you've just paid for?
  13. Just wondered how you got into working on cars? And how you developed your skills further? For me, it was a money saver and from then on became a hobby. Have mainly learnt more through this forum but occasionally wish I had an experienced mate to work with me when I come to tackle jobs that are just out of my skill level! Haynes has helped too (sometimes). I've wondered about volunteering at a garage a few hours a month but don't know if this is ever done or anyone would allow this.......... What about you?
  14. This hose broke from the airbox - what is it?

    Great replies guys, thanks! I've used some poxy putty (i think that's what it's called) to put it back on so hopefully that will be sufficient to hold it in place. I'll let you know the outcome on the long saga of the glow plugs....!
  15. This hose broke from the airbox - what is it?

    lol true! Just a quick question in relation to the glowplugs. I know you didn't fully remove the EGR cooler, but if i decided to do so i would need to drain the coolant first and I'd put the car on ramps. I'd then want to take the car off the ramps and put it on the flat to reach the back a bit better. My question is, with the coolant drained, is it ok to start the engine and move the car for a short period just to reposition it off the ramps?