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  1. Dtc Code 9317?

    Thanks for your response
  2. Dtc Code 9317?

    Hello again, this is an update to thread "light on dashboard" I was driving through a village yesterday morning on way to work and all of a sudden the dials went mad, they went to max (temp,fuel,speed,revs). Then within 10seconds they went to zero. All happened suddenly without warning, while this was happening I also heard a buzzing noise like a radio not tuned properly. Also I got a beeping noise the same one as if lights been left on. All of this was happening while i was driving along, the dials would go back to normal, but not for long. If car stationery and running you can see headlights dull slightly for a second, and then keep doing it. It felt fine to drive, to be honest apart from noises I couldn tell anything was wrong. I ran the self diagnostics and I got these, DTC 9317 and also E004 and r 20. E004 is throttle position sensor, and I think r 20 is a bulb. I googled them all, I cant find anything for DTC 9317. Does anyone know what this means? As always any help and or guidance all gratefully appreciated. Regards TicTac
  3. Battery Light On Dashboard??

    Thankyou all so much. Let you know results
  4. Hi everyone, any chance you can give me some help and or guidance on my latest situation. Driving along earlier today in my 1999 T reg Focus 1.6 zetec and all of a sudden the battery light lit up on the dashboard, and has been on since. I have been out 3 or 4 times since and light still on, car runs fine when light on cant notice any difference. It lights up red. Any ideas?? Thankyou everyone in advance. Regards TicTac
  5. Pulled dipstick out, wiped then inserted pulled out again to check.
  6. Thats exactly what im saying I correctly checked the dipstick before adding oil. I checked the oil on level ground, didnt move the car then refilled. I checked oil, added a bit, check level, added bit more, check level etc etc until bottle was gone still no sign on dipstick. What should i do now?
  7. Thats exactly waht im saying, very odd. I did correctly check dipstick. I checked the oil on level ground, did not move to refil. When I refilled oil I added bit by bit, checked level, added more, check level etc etc until bottle was gone. What should i do now? it
  8. Hi all, Following my last post asking "what oil" to put in my 1999 T Reg Focus, I was recommended to use 5w30, which I have done. I have bought Ford 5W30 Oil on both occasions. Since the post I have bought 1 litre of oil and put it in. About a week later I bought some more just so I had some when I needed it, I checked the oil earlier today and more was necessary, however after putting in another litre of oil there is no oil on dipstck but there was before I put some in. I know absolutely nothing about cars and Im worried about driving the car, I have to leave for work at 5:20am in morning to a remote location so public transport is not an option. Am I worrying about nothing? Is it because the engine is cold? As always any help/guidance and or suggestions all gratefully received. Thankyou all very much
  9. What Oil?

    Thanks for your suggestions. Sorry took so long to say thankyou Ive had problems with my broadband provider. Thanks once again. Regards Martin
  10. What Oil?

    Thanks for your help. I forgot to mention that its done nearly 125000 miles, still the same oil?
  11. Radio Code

    Hi, try 0814
  12. What Oil?

    What Oil?
  13. What Oil?

    Hi, I was wondering what sort of oil I should put in my '99 T reg focus? Any help or suggestions all gratefully received.
  14. Xenon Headlights Mk1 Focus?

    Thanks ARTSCOT79, ill giv em a go.
  15. Hi everyone Im just wondering whether Xenon Headlight bulbs will go straight in to a factory fitted headlight lens?. My Focus is 1999 T Reg. If not what do I need to get? As ever all help, advice, comments & suggestions all gratefully received. Thanks