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  1. 1997 MK4 z-tec S 1.25 colour chart?

    right, i lifyted the bonnet and on the vin number plate (where it says the wiights etc..) the second one from the bottom in a little box to the left have the letters BV in them? does this mean crystal white because it has B in it? why is the V there? cheers
  2. 1997 MK4 z-tec S 1.25 colour chart?

    ok thanks for your help. ill go and look a bit later on when ive finished here. any idea what paint supplyers sell it? i presume the brand holts do it at car spares? thanks
  3. 1997 MK4 z-tec S 1.25 colour chart?

    hi all, new here. i have a 97 ford fiesta in white....but i have no idea what colour she is, as ive sprayed her in some parts in gloss white but its clearly the wrong shade. it is white/ivory in apperance...any idea what white code/name it is for this year? as she needs a couple of touch up bits for the rust that was ground off and restored. cheers all