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  1. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Thanks to everyone that helped. Had garage check it out on pressure test and it was o rings water was running down the pipe into centre console. Poped up fords two o'rings and 2 clips was 18 pound. Went back to garage he did them for 50 quid booked in hours labour.
  2. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Thanks to all. I just drove less then 2 miles and bottles empty. Left hand side of clutch pedal in centre console pouring out of water. This o ring or heater matrix.
  3. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Had look today this seems to be what's happening Ford focus mk2 wet drivers side footwell is pink coolant. With Heater setting direction to pointing down to feet and face with temperature set to hot, fan speed on four running for 5 mins no water With Heater setting direction to pointing down to feet and face with temperature set to cold, fan speed on four running for 5 mins, no water on footwell With Heater setting direction to pointing up to windscreen with temperature set to cold, and also hot, fan speed on four running for 5 mins, water on footwell after 5 mins running The water looks to be coming from above the 2 silver pipes so what's up there above clutch and from the left side of drivers footwell on side of centre console
  4. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    One of the silver pipes has a tiny black clip around it found it leaking from there. It was wet around plastic and stinks of anti freeze. This a easy job?
  5. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Thank you I put a towel under the carpet much as I can with my hand drivers side and it came back pink. Managed get my head near there 2 silver pipes coming in one was weeping. Are they big job and how long. Does look like a o ring on metal pipe Are the possible to do yourself
  6. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Update please anyone Just found my driver's footwell soaking wet under carpet. Was bit damp on top. Anyone please
  7. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Been out my focus had running for ages. Looking in front of focus the left hand pipe bout 3 inches in diameter from rad is cold, looking in front of the car again the right hand side from rad pipe bout 3 inches in diameter is hot. Is this normal?.
  8. Ford focus mk2 coolant leak

    Can airlock cause this?. What's the common faults on focus mk2 losing water?. I found my sump/gearbox wet and the radiator cap had small bit white like limescale
  9. Hello I have a ford focus mk2 1.6 ti vct couple days ago I decided to change my oil upon that I noticed my coolant level was low below minimum level roughly halfway from empty to minimum so i grabbed a kettle filled it up to maximum Mark. Today the levels now back to halfway way between empty and that minimum mark. I drove it back just 4 miles and that water was gone. I just had put 2 pints water in my focus tonight at half 11. I can't see no puddles on my driveway which is weird, where is water going to tho. The sump area where meet gearbox looks wet. The car only done 72 thousand I've had timing belt done but garage said water pump didn't need doing Please please any ideas why losing this water?. Thank you to everyone
  10. Oil changes

    Afternoon to all I have a ti vct focus mk2 and whats the guidelines on oil changes. Think these cars like clean oil regurly because of the ti vct unit. How many miles or how often?. Do they need a engine oil cleaner and how often?. Thank you
  11. Buying a mk2 1.6. Thoughts?

    How often do these vct system fail? Are they that common in going. Mines only has 72,000 on clock. Do I think about getting rid car before it happens. But on that common threads fault I've already had most. Thanks
  12. Buying a mk2 1.6. Thoughts?

    I have 1.6 vct are they that bad
  13. Low mpg

    It's 1.6 ti vct focus manual. When I had Mondeo 1.8 I was getting 27 round town that's bigger car n bigger engine. Know the dash is not always accurate that's why did fill up to brim. The ford focus book says 32 urban not a chance in hell getting that.
  14. Low mpg

    I have mk2 focus and noticed mpg dropping on dash says 22.7. Anyway I filled the car to the brim few days ago drove the car did 95 miles round town and refueled. I put in 19.06 litres back to brim. To my working out this works out 22.5 mpg. Mpg seems low. Its had plugs, oil, oil cleaner, air filter last year. Redex. What could be going on Thank you
  15. Air con leak

    I had leak in air con focus if it's mk2 fords put a pipe just behind the front grill from compressor to condenser The pipe bends quite a bit and they leak not cheap bout 150 quid I think from fords plus fitting and re gas or get pattern part