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  1. Buying a mk2 1.6. Thoughts?

    How often do these vct system fail? Are they that common in going. Mines only has 72,000 on clock. Do I think about getting rid car before it happens. But on that common threads fault I've already had most. Thanks
  2. Buying a mk2 1.6. Thoughts?

    I have 1.6 vct are they that bad
  3. Low mpg

    It's 1.6 ti vct focus manual. When I had Mondeo 1.8 I was getting 27 round town that's bigger car n bigger engine. Know the dash is not always accurate that's why did fill up to brim. The ford focus book says 32 urban not a chance in hell getting that.
  4. Low mpg

    I have mk2 focus and noticed mpg dropping on dash says 22.7. Anyway I filled the car to the brim few days ago drove the car did 95 miles round town and refueled. I put in 19.06 litres back to brim. To my working out this works out 22.5 mpg. Mpg seems low. Its had plugs, oil, oil cleaner, air filter last year. Redex. What could be going on Thank you
  5. Air con leak

    I had leak in air con focus if it's mk2 fords put a pipe just behind the front grill from compressor to condenser The pipe bends quite a bit and they leak not cheap bout 150 quid I think from fords plus fitting and re gas or get pattern part
  6. Power steering switch leak

    Thank you to all replied. Car all done now new pressure switch 50 and fluid 10.
  7. Power steering switch leak

    Got switch out today lost all fluid which was pink. The breakdown service gave me litre bottle of automatic transmission and power steering applications but my car is manual. Will it be ok to use
  8. Power steering switch leak

    Thank you to all. The breakdown service refill the reservoir up again who diagnosed the fault. Is it Ok to change the pressure switch with a filled up reservoir.
  9. Power steering switch leak

    I have mk2 focus. The breakdown service said was power steering pressure switch and said pump was ok as I only drove couple miles back. Does it make pump really noisy.
  10. Power steering switch leak

    Sorry for the double post I tried to edit my first post and it posted twice more
  11. Power steering switch leak

    Is it only a ford dealer part or elsewhere
  12. On my way home I got couple miles from home when I noise appeared from engine. I managed get car back slowly. When I got back see trail of drips and a puddle. I looked at car today and see it's power steering fluid. It can't be pipes has had them changed to modified version along with union nut. I thought it was the pump gone. So i decided call out the breakdown service. After inspection they said it's a power steering switch leak on the pump. Has anyone else had this problem and would this switch cause it to lose fluid nearly a container full. Thank you
  13. MOT fail! Is this bad?

    All your readings was dropping on second test. Try adding something like​ redex or Wynn's. I have tried both before. Did u just start car up and take it straight to MOT. Get car warm first then drive it in coz the second test was dropping on all figures and u was only 0.6 out of passing.