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  1. Number plate wires

    You have to take all the plastic surround out then undo the 4 nuts out from the ford sign remove it then you can get at the fitting it's stupid
  2. Footwell and map lights

    I have put blue in mine and blue to interior lights
  3. Handling not great

    I had a Focus 1.6 diesel and was brilliant at cornering it had continental tyres on
  4. How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    My C max is being shipped at the end of October and arrive for Germany 5 Nov 2016 at dealers hope this helps but dealer should know exactly they told me this week
  5. Gear gator

    Does anyone know how to separate gear knob from the housing with out damaging it
  6. D.I.Y or Dealer service

    I use private garage better price last year Evans Halsham rang me wadi interest in there service this year told them I my own garage they said they would match the price so how much are dealers making
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    Ford Fiesta 2015 1.5 diesel
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    fiesta 1.5 diesel 2015
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    Fiesta 1.5 diesel