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  1. How Long Have You Owned A Ford?

    My first car was a H reg fiesta - then i went onto an X reg - and now on an 06 - think i have an addiction to the Fiestas lol :P
  2. Morning! Doncaster Newbie

    Hello! I joined today - i am not far from you lol

    Welcome - i joined today too! but the one i have now is the third ford i have owned! x ;)
  4. new to the site fiesta owner

    when I first start driving and the car is cold the gears are fine - once i have been driving a while and the car reaches temperature the gears get VERY heavy - has anyone had this before? another question - does anyone know where the oil level and filler plugs are on the gear box please??? that is the first thing I will check is the oil level! x
  5. new to the site fiesta owner

    hello all - thank you for the warm welcome! I have a 1.6 TDCI ford fiesta ghia - o6 reg in metalic amethyst it has today started giving me major problems with the gear box - and it is going to the garage tomorrow - think will need the gear box out and fixing - I am not looking forward to the bill! x :( :( :(
  6. new to the site fiesta owner

    Hello ladies and gents! just wanted to say hi and that i have joined the fiesta forum! x