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  1. Ford Keys

    OK, so I ordered 2 of the new keys and they have now arrived. Swapping the circuit board over did not work with either of the boards from the new keys. I can't believe all three are faulty keys. So I then tried to code the new keys using the two original keys I had. I managed to code both new keys to the immobiliser yesterday but I couldn't code either to the central locking. I had another go today, and found that both of the new keys that I'd coded to the immobiliser yesterday were no longer able to start the car, despite the fact that I started the car with both of them yesterday. Still no joy with the central locking. Whatever the problem is, it's definitely at the car end of the equation rather than the key end. I'm thinking it may well be connected to the brand new dashboard issue I seem to have today. The LCD section of the dash is scrolling through all the various displays (mileage,fuel consumption,etc) at a rate of knots and I can't find any way to stop it. I know from my Mk1 that a dash issue can give problems in all sorts of seemingly unrelated areas. Before I start taking the dash out and taking a long look at it, has anyone seen this before, or does anyone have any other ideas?
  2. Ford Keys

    Thanks Ted, but I've already tried with electrical contact cleaner and no joy. I'm almost certain one or more components is/are dead. New key ordered and should be job done.
  3. Ford Keys

    Thank you Clive. I've already had the board out and it doesn't look right to me, which is why I suspect the board has failed. I just didn't want to get a replacement key and find it didn't work because it had the wrong chip type, which is why I wanted to check here first. I knew I'd get a sensible answer, I just hadn't expected it to be quite so comprehensive. Thanks again
  4. Ford Keys

    Hello all, Hope I'm in the right place, first time posting. I have an issue with my key fob/remote for my '07 Focus Zetec Climate. Nothing on the remote works any more, and a new battery doesn't resolve the problem. I have a feeling the circuit board has failed or broken somewhere. What I would like to do is buy a complete replacement with blank blade, and simply take the board out of the new one and put it in my old fob, thus no programming to do. I'm slightly confused by the different replacements though. I've found several that look the same but state the chip type as Q4Q0 or 4d60 or A7D1 etc. How do I find out which chip type the current board in my remote is using? Does it even matter, or will any chip type be compatible? I can't even find anything resembling a part number on/in the fob that might help in identifying a proper replacement. Any and all help welcome and thank you in advance