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  1. Engine misfire

    My apologies to everyone for not posting that I had fixed the problem. I found a broken wire going to the coil pack (The far right of the 3 as you look from the front) it had been repaired before (Soldered by previous owner) I resoldered it for now until I get the chance to fit a new block to it. Problem solved ! Thanks for the reply.
  2. Engine misfire

    Hi everyone. I've got a 1999 Mondeo 2.0 GLX I was coming home tonight and it started to loose power, felt like it was misfiring. I checked the plugs and all is well (No wet plugs) checked the air filter and that is ok. Any ideas please, it starts no problem and will idle for a while, then the engine starts to stall, I could smell rotten eggs when I revved it (Cat). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Phil.