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  1. Going for an air intake!

    I blame the cone filter, for messing up my car. Too much air, better to have less air and less dirt. Though it was cool to do once I also had a heat shield around the cone filter. Any way r.i.p focus, maybe getting a fiesta now.
  2. Bye Focus r.i.p thinking of a car change

    I will have a look, but how much smaller would it be than the Ford focus mk1 1.8? As with the new baby I will have 2 babies.
  3. Took my car to garage it just keeps over reving, also damaging side of car when a skip hit me. Garage says to get a new car, I am a little sad. But is this a good car to get is it reliable and safe as I have a new born. Not really interested in the ecoboost engine with over heating problems, anyway this is the new car I am thinking about: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201709028891265?sort=sponsored&transmission=Manual&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&radius=10&fuel-type=Petrol&postcode=b440pl&price-from=3000&quantity-of-doors=5&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1 I have checked Ford etis and there seems to be no recalls for this car: Outstanding Field Service Actions No Campaign Message(s) found
  4. Ford fiesta

    Are you purposely asking focus people about a fiesta?
  5. Buying secondhand Mk3 2.0tdci auto

    If you do the gear oil change make sure you use what Ford uses, as there are a greater number of specifications than engine oil.
  6. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    For such an old car it may be worth checking if the throttle body is dirty. You can use an air intake cleaner spray to clean it, not wd40 as it leaves a residue.
  7. Throttle Body Cleaning + Maintenance????

    Should INITIALIZATION be done every time you reset ecu?
  8. Ford Focus Warm Starting Issues

    Any dtc errors? Have you changed the spark plug leads.
  9. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor. When you have a bad oxygen sensor, your vehicle will run less efficiently, it can sometimes have a poor idle,erratic jerking at steady throttle, hard starting problems, cause the check engine light to come on, and will cause high fuel consumption.
  10. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    You can try to disconnect it see if it runs better. Just disconnect from connector.
  11. Ford focus 02 auto intermittently stalling

    Which lamba sensor did you use?
  12. 06 1.8TDCi Engine system fault after service

    I have been driving a few days with the MAF disconnected and you need to push the gas a little bit more. Also rolling down hills....sometimes the revs go to zero and you have to start the engine again when it is rolling. Also check o2 sensor, not sure if diesel cars have them.
  13. Surprising diagnostic results! Cheap is best!

    I just ordered one, thanks.
  14. Strong engine vibration when idle

    Haas maf not working. Car does not start when it is connected, disconnect it and everything is fine. Have to return it and order a more expensive one from carparts4less.
  15. Strong engine vibration when idle

    I also agree with him, though a bad maf seems to have same symptoms as a bad o2 sensor. Though I have ordered a special socket for o2 sensors from China 22mm is that correct?