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  1. Hi all, Been wondering if anyone can answer my question as Ford aren’t able to. I have a Focus with the 1.6eb 182 which according to PumaSpeed is the same engine found in the Fiesta ST180. However, the gearboxes are different. Mine is quick but doesn’t pull too hard compared to the Fiesta ST. Both being 6-Speeds, would it be possible to put the ST gearbox onto my ZS? It would imagine it would open up the torque and make it quicker? The box on mine is from the 1.6 diesel but is at the maximum end of the torque limits which makes them harder to tune reliably. any thoughts?
  2. Update: Springs fitted! Such a difference in ride quality! Not crashy like the factory set and absorbs the bumps and potholes (try to avoid where possible!) really well. The drop height is perfect so don’t have to worry about curbs and speed humps but at the same time low enough to look lowered! Definitely recommend if you’re thinking of getting some! Pics of before and after - car is dirty so apologies for that!
  3. MY51 Fiesta

    Very tidy looking car! Welcome to the forum!
  4. Update: These little beauties arrived today. Eibach Pro-Kit. Boys over at PumaSpeed sorted me out as springs for the wagon needed to be sourced from Germany! Big thanks to them! Just need to get them fitted as soon as! Can't wait! - Would have gladly had them fitted by PumaSpeed, but unfortunately, all my leave is taken up so cant get to them during the week! approx. 25mm drop both front and rear.
  5. Hi guys, snooping around the footwells of my wagon and have found these two slightly differing connectors in the passenger footwell - I was looking for the footwell lighting connectors; I have found one for the drivers side which is different again but unsure what these are for - I have parking sensors rear but not up front... so that might be one? But what's the other for? Anybody know? EDIT: found 2 extra USB female ports and this black & red connector. - the second red connector is for passenger airbag switch (know that from my Volvo)
  6. Fan staying on...

    Hi bud - same engine/power in mine and mine does the same thing. I find it does it quite a lot when the weather is muggy & warm making my fan stay on longer than normal. See if it continues into the cooler weather of autumn and if so consider checking it in as it might be a faulty sensor.
  7. Standard ZS spoiler bud - might be the same for the ST as well - the MK2.5 ZS & ST had the same spoiler so might be the same for this generation as well.
  8. Very nice car mate! Came from the Vauxhall world myself - lovely Vec you had there; they do finish off nicely with the XP kit and Snowflakes! the top box looks brill in the same colour - Mrs wants me to start looking into top boxes so may end up doing similar! Top work!
  9. Thank you! Appreciate the kind comments! Everything on this car is factory fitted buddy, the wheels were an option on the Zetec S prefacelift and you didn't see many with them - plenty prefacelifts on auto trader with them, though. But they seem to be a standard item on the facelift model which doesn't make them so unique anymore, sadly.
  10. Thank you very much :) In regard to the handles, I haven't swapped them buddy - what you see is how it came from the factory :)
  11. New ST-3 running hot

    as above, Ecoboosts run hotter than NA engines. - my 1.6 Ecoboost will run as normal, operating at ideal running temp on the gauge but yet will put the fans on after short drive; my friends is the same. Ford say this is normal. Don't forget, turbo charged engines (known for producing large amounts of heat anyway) be it 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.3 are crammed into these smaller engine bays with little venting or places for the heat to dissipate, and are covered with quite a thick bonnet lining. All are to encourage quicker warm up times from cold start but do very little to help relieve the engine bay of heat. Many owners install RS vents (nice mod) or bonnet lifters (illegal) to help and for piece of mind. If youre still concerned after a couple weeks, keep an eye on the gauges and if it starts to develop a problem, get it back to Ford as soon as possible. Hope this helps.
  12. MK2 FL Gear knob change.

    The previous gearknob was a good one to be fair! Miss my Mk2.
  13. Whats this for?

    Pictures would help matey
  14. Do you have pics of the illuminated gear knob? Sounds interesting...
  15. From what I've read the Merc was resisting due to not wanting to go through the traffic cameras on a red light...