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  1. induction

    In my ST I upgraded the box to the ST200 one, which is identical to Mountune's but without the K&N filter and the base is not aluminum. https://www.sico-developments.co.uk/products/fiesta-st200-airbox?variant=24875163848 https://www.mountunestore.com/products/fiesta-b299fox-induction-kit?variant=831268737 There was a noticeable difference in engine response, especially at low RPM. Fuel economy also went slightly up. A few months later I put a K&N panel filter in, and again there was a slight increase in engine response and fuel economy but the ford paper filter does offer better filtration, something I am willing to compromise.
  2. Few pics of my ST

    Nice touch to the front.
  3. k&n Panel air filter

    Recently put one in my ST, better low RPM response and slightly better MPG. Engine does sound a little different. One thing I noticed after removing the filter from the packaging was metal debris, its made from a wire mesh. So do inspect it first before putting it in.
  4. New Fiesta ST owner - question

    My ST just turned 1 years old, 13K on the clock and the amount of stone chips is disappointing. Can't fault the car but the paint quality makes me think twice about buying Ford again.
  5. Oil or metal

    Magnatec has between no less than 50% to no more than 75% hydrotreated oil content. My view of fully synthetic would be something made from a PAO base oil, this isn't but for arguments sake lets agree it is fully synthetic. Legally they can sell you a bottle that might only have 50% fully synthetic content. Not sure I would be willing to call that fully synthetic...
  6. Oil or metal

    Ok :) If you said Castrol Magnatec for example, this isn't a fully synthetic oil unless you live in the world of marketing.It is very refined crude oil, so refined that they are legally entitled to market it as synthetic. As a result these oils have less impurities compared to many many years ago, more stable at higher temps, additives to keep the engine cleaner etc benefiting your engine. So whilst I agree with you point, just want to emphasize that we need to be careful when using the term "fully synthetic" because it can be misleading.
  7. Oil or metal

    What fully synthetic oil are you using in your fiesta?
  8. Fiesta ST3 - some advice please!

    The ST doesn't have a true Ecoboost engine. It's the same old 1.6 unit used in many vehicles going back to 2010. Back then it was always listed at 5W-30 but simply for fuel economy figures Ford decided to now recommend 5W-20. Personally in this engine I do not use 5W-20, you are compromising protection for a very marginal improvement in fuel economy.
  9. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    I very much agree with you.
  10. What Fiesta do I go for?

    Try looking for 65 plate and onwards, they should have the LED daytime running lights, DAB radio unit and nicer 17 inch alloys. For commuting the 125PS is the better option, will be quieter, lower RPM and better MPG whilst cruising at any speed. From what I can remember (use to own one) the 140PS does around < 3000RPM at 70MPH in 5th gear and I felt it was crying out for a 6th gear. I currently drive an ST (late 16) and one of the first things I noticed was how much more pleasant cruising at 70MPH is, less engine noise. In terms of MPG and on the same 54 mile round trip journey to work, when eco driving I am averaging 42/44MPG in the ST. In the 140PS I was averaging 46/48MPG. Not recommending the ST though, the steering setup / suspension can make it a very tiring car to drive for some people, especially on those long bumpy roads as you will find yourself constantly adjusting the steering. And the suspension is harsh.
  11. Cookey's new car!


    Probably the Heat Control Valve has seized, very common on the mk4/mk5. If you remove the partition where those 2 pipes go, you will see the heater control valve. Its that black thing the 2 pipes go in. By a new one on ebay, about £10. Just showing you this as an example, you need to make sure you buy the right one. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEATER-CONTROL-VALVE-7N2118495AC-FOR-FORD-FIESTA-KA-PUMA-TRANSIT-/122005724696?hash=item1c681b9e18:g:onIAAOSwOVpXUpVC
  13. It's normal in the ST, I believe its due to the dual mass fly wheel. I also have a clunking noise going from 1st to 2nd at slow speeds.
  14. It made the throttle noticeably more responsive at low RPM and changed the induction sound under hard acceleration, I can only describe it as going from a f a r t like noise to a smoother bass-like noise (which I prefer). I am running with the symposer btw. My main issue was putting the OE airduct back, required some force to re-align it to the front grill, was a tight fit.