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  1. Everyone wants to do what they want to do in different ways and it's never a good idea to comment without actually reading exactly what was said 🤣 Hydrodip this, wrap this etc not everyone has hundred and thousands of pounds to throw st a car which is a safe of money as you'll be spending way more than the car will ever be worth and you'd clearly be surprised just how many people do a lot of stuff themselves because it's your average male and female car enthusiast that has an average job that makes up the most numbers in the car community not people with silly money to throw at any car they own! We were talking about alternatives, options and things to consider! It was actually nice to see a thread that had people talking about something and replying seeing as hundreds of threads are just ignored by people who could actually help where they tend to look out for online friends posts to talk on their threads opposed to helping people or sharing to help etc I see loads of threads just ignored! No one helping or giving advice! So when you do find a thread with people talking and exchanging ideas, read what has been said and add something positive opposed to being rude and ignorant and throwing stupid comments in!
  2. The MK3 Ford Focus I personally think is the best one they've done! Better than the RS too when you think about the overall completion on what you'd expect! The MK2 facelift was nice, added the the post facelifts look but beefed it up! The issue is for me, the Focus for a long time looks too big, bulky, square and confused! It's as if Ford made the Fiesta ST and then forgot what they'd made when they come to do the Focus ST! The Fiesta ST looks how the Focus ST and Focus RS should look! Stylish, modern, aggressive, sporty and in proportion! Are you getting the MK3 Ford Focus ST that has the twin centred exhausts? That's the model I think looks the best! In regards to the RS comment, I do like the RS but there is soooooooo much more to a car than a name and a BHP reading! If I had an RS, I would want it to look sicker than a Fiesta ST and Focus ST seeing as the Focus RS is supposed to be the top dog! But apart from small changes, it looks like a Focus ST with a different body kit and minor changes! It doesn't look like you're driving a Rally Sport Focus! Which is deflating! The RS badge is painted on and isn't a badge like the Fiesta ST or Focus ST which it should be etc just yeah bland and confused looking as if they started to make the Focus ST and RS look sick but as they got 30% in on it had memory loss from the Fiesta ST and created the Focus ST and RS looking crap but with high engine specs to make up for it?! The MK3 Ford Focus ST with the centred twin exhaust has an American feel to it as well as the other ST and RS as if it's been made in America on what they think the European car market wants 🤣 I've seen plenty of videos of them in American and they blend in way tooooo much!!!
  3. Appreciate it @Ian Lanc 👌🏽
  4. The door handles have a screw/bolt inside the door next to the lock when you open it, then once it's loose you can take the handle off and the smaller part before the door handle that pulls out is a clip and that pops off. Not sure about the jetters but I'd like to know too! The door mouldings from front to back? Scuff panels in the middle of the door or the outter panelling around the window? Next to the side mirror? Between the roof and door? You sometimes see the vertical bit on the door missing?
  5. James! Your car is looking spot on mate! As if it was brand new! I know what you mean about some posts getting a lot of comments and help/suggestions and others just not! Seems to be the way but I've found this site to have some helpful bits on it so still worth posting and using it mate! I've had much better luck on Insta with other Ford Owners, mainly MK6-MK7.5 Fiesta Owners than I have on here with advice, tips, website links and some people have even taken pictures/videos of mods just to show me like HIDs and Exhausts etc out of the kindness of just being a car guy/girl helping another car guy out! Maybe make an account if you don't have one already, I know a lot of people would love to see your progress pictures mate! 😊 I'm on the path to modding mine, it'll look sweet when it's done, slow though so I'll collect pictures I think and then post when I have a fair few haha Benjee
  6. Hey! I've had a look on the thread and some of the links are out of date and I was just wondering does anyone have an up to date link on where to get these? I am looking at taking part of my dash off and replacing the bulbs with LEDs a different colour on the speedometer, stereo, climate control and window controls as I've seen a guy on Instagram who does this but want to do it myself to save money and they respray the climate control panel and add these controls. I also want to respray my centre part of the dashboard where the middle A/C vents are and stereo as well as the climate control panel but the only issue I can see if where to get these C-Max style knobs from and how to either respray around the sprayed on A/C directions for vents and the cold to hot diagram lol any ideas would be great thank you! I've added some pictures to show what I want to do, colours aren't the same as I want to do though...
  7. I have a friend who has debadged the MK6 Ford Fiesta 👌🏽 Take a look, I like it! I'm thinking of taking off the Fiesta badge and the Zetec badge on my MK6 Ford Fiesta Zetec S and only leaving the S badge and then getting a Nurbouring track vinyl and sticking that either around the S badge or having it so the S badge is in the middle of the track to the right so the main body of the vinyl is to the left and has the S badge to the right of it..
  8. I just found these that have a manual switch..
  9. Hi, Can I just ask, not sure if it was mentioned but the way that you have wired these LED strips up, is this totally safe? No electric risk of shorting out, starting a fire etc? Can I also just ask, will these only work when the reading light is on? So when I unlock my car and the sidelights, indictors, license place light and reading light all come on and then when I get in my car and then reading light goes off either as a time restriction or if I start my car? Will these lights also go on when my door is open and the ignition is on or off as the reading light goes on and if I want to put them on permanently I would use the reading light switch that turns the reading light on permanently then these LED strips light up too? In order to have them on permanently without the reading light (I want to reading like a crystal white) I would need to wire them up as suggested above to the ignition and have a control button in that loom in order to do this and there is no other way? Thank you in advance 😊
  10. Hello mate! I know how to do this but it's kind of long to write all the directions down! It would be better to show you in person (or help you do it in person) I live in the Gatwick Airport area if you're local to this.. I also the YouTube searched to see if I could find someone who has filmed this but I couldn't find anything for a MK6 Ford Fiesta ZS but I have found one for the MK7 Ford Fiesta and the directions are practically the same! See the link make and I hope this helps! 😊
  11. Be careful with buying things like LED's from eBay or anything you might need on your car for legal or safety reasons! A lot of people are quick to recommend or buy from eBay because they will literally tell you they have exactly what you're looking for for next to nothing! Its usually cheap rubbish from China, doesn't work properly, breaks quickly or is a safety hazard! I know many people who fell for this trap and though oh wow all the LED's I need for the interior for £5! Bargain! You want to like any other part, source it from an actual company website and that is branded and not unbranded, cheap, eBay and comes in a plastic food bag! 😂 Im currently on the search for interior and exterior lights except headlight to all be swapped out for LED's and I've found a few websites but it's just clarifying what it is I want and if what I'm looking to get is right etc as I'm not 100% on the different fittings, if the bulbs are different on each light area etc it's quite alien to me but we shall see!
  12. I have Philips XTremeVision +130% headlight bulbs from and I'm pretty happy with them in all fairness! For anything less than HID's on all the new cars the best you can hope for is closer to white kelvin colour as possible and a good radius and reach on beam! The ones on the car before weren't great, I noticed a massive improvement before but now I've gotten used to it and seeing HID's on new cars makes me want to either get a HID conversion (waste of money and fitment is a bit long) or wait to get a newer car that has HID's as stock 😊
  13. Hey! I'm not too sure about bulbs but I am currently looking at swapping every bulbs out (except headlights) on my MK6 Fiesta ZS to LED's! They use less power, light up 2-3 times faster and are a solid brighter colour opposed to a slow reacting bulb light up and light off! They aren't cheap cheap unless you don't mind buying unbranded eBay LED's but I would rather not 😂 I know that you can pretty much (from looking) get an LED for all bulbs and in clear white, red and orange and you can even get ones (what I'm looking at) getting them with a glass/plastic type bulb looking housing so when you look through the clear glass/plastic on your front or rear lights you won't see a stork with loads of LED squares just sat there looking strange! Definitly something worth looking into, I literally just searched for LED Car Bulbs and there is a site called (got my Philips bulbs from here) or (very wide range and easier to navigate) both have options available and are proper firms and not an eBay seller saying they're a firm and you end up finding out it's a normal guy at home buying Chinese LED's for 10p and just buying them to ship to you!
  14. Welcome! 😊 I'm fairly new myself and so far everyone seems very helpful lol just watch out for the million threads and confusion when trying to start a thread or look for existing answers lol