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  1. So after some hard choices i bit the bullet and changed my head unit to the Auto Pumpkin Unit and it looks and works great I have then gone on to purchase http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Ambarella-A7LA70-K1S-Dash-Cam-Camera-Car-Video-DVR-Dual-HD-1080p-Lesns-w-GPS-/172425906499?hash=item2825628943:g:kUIAAOSwqrtWo86O And install like Lenny has with his Screen in the glove box. These are great.
  2. Thanks Lenny I have your manuals saved as i can see them coming in extremely helpful. You should consider opening a MOD shop of your own plenty of people would come to you.
  3. Hi I'm a new Ford owner with a 2.0 Focus Titanium TDCI MK2.5 Firstly this thread and Mr_Spocks detailed thread on audio upgrade are fantastic thanks guys im truly inspired and will be adding many of these upgrade to my own vehicle. Lenny i noticed you have added an additional USB socket to your dash is there a guide or anything to show how this was done as ive been all through this topic and not found one also wheres good to purchase the USB unit from? Secondly I'm looking at purchasing the below head unit have any of you guys dealt with this company as it seems overly easy to install and looks too good for the value ect. http://www.autopumpkin.co.uk/ford-car-dvd-player/pumpkin-7-inch-touchscreen-2-din-quad-core-android-5-1-for-ford-focus-mondeo-car-gps-dvd-player-supporting-dab-obd2-grey.html I appreciate all in put and thanks in advance. Once i have installed i will upload pics and a short video to show it working.