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  1. Removing wax from black trim

    I can confirm a pencil eraser (rubber) does indeed work, leaves a bit of rubber residue but that wipes off with a damp cloth. Thanks for the other suggestions though, maybe they work as well.
  2. 125PS on German Autobahn

    The 140 bhp version does have shorter gearing but that has no bearing on it's top speed capability. Just because your rev counter has a red line at 6500 rpm does not mean it will be able to reach that in top gear. As you can see in the above video at about 200 kph he's doing just over 4500 rpm, based on that if he were able to reach 6500 rpm in 5th gear he would be doing nearly 290kph, over 170mph. Also all speedos in cars are set to over read the true speed by around 5% or so so at an indicated 100 you are probably doing 95 at most. If I was able to reach ford's claimed 124.9 mph it would be showing more like 132 on the clock, off the scale in my case as it only goes up to 130.
  3. Awful MPG zetec 1.0 Ecoboost (100)

    Have you reset the avg mpg display to zero? It may be that you have a long term average displayed, this may not reflect your current usage. Tap the trip computer button until you see avg mpg displayed then hold the button in, you should see the current figures change into - - - - dashes. Now drive the car as you would on a normal trip. At first the avg value will change quite a bit as you accelerate and brake and change gear etc... but after a few days it should settle down into an avg mpg that reflects your current usage. I have the ST-Line 140 bhp (138) version and I currently get about 50-55mpg on my 30 mile round trip commute. A few weeks ago I did do a number of short 4 mile trips ferrying stuff up to the local dump with a few hours between each trip. I was getting about 40-42 mpg doing that. Incidently I have checked the displayed avg mpg figure against the real calculated value and it's actually fairly close, display is about 3% optimistic in my tests.
  4. Removing wax from black trim

    Ok thanks for replies, I put a fair bit of elbow grease in with a microfibre and the soft toothbrush already, will have a go at some of the other suggestions.
  5. Took my car for it's first service a few days ago. I specificially asked them not to clean the car as I prefer to do it myself (had a bad experience at at a Toyota dealership many years ago, left the pristine paintwork full of swirly scratches which they denied). Unfortunately they cleaned my Fiesta anyway, the paintwork looks fine but they have left wax all over my black trim. Anyone know of the best way of removing this. I have tried Autoglym fastglass as suggested on their website but it hasn't made any noticeable difference. It looks like it's working when you put it on and it's still wet but when it dries off there's little difference. I've tried washing it a few times with car shampoo and using an old toothbrush but no change. I know I could probably complain and ask them to sort it out but I haven't really got the time to faff around taking car back etc....
  6. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I wasn't suggesting you were wrong, just pointing out that in general it is easy to get the wrong impression by reading about things on the Internet.
  7. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Pic from my Fiesta St-Line 140. Covered about 8000 miles so far. I noticed the rust appearing when I opened up the bonnet a few days after I took delivery, called Ford just to check and they said it's normal. However, the pipes rusting like that is not normal.
  8. 125 Or 140Ps Ecoboost

    Nice. Report back when you've spent a bit of time with it, if you can. That's what I'm looking to replace my current St-Line 140 with in a few years time. Very happy with the current one so far, no problems and more than enough go for my needs.
  9. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I know a couple of driving instructors who have used Fiesta Ecoboost cars since they first appeared on the roads. These cars take a hammering from new drivers stalling them, short stop start journeys, lots of abuse of clutch, gearbox and brakes etc... None of them have had any Issues in over 50,000 miles been 100% reliable. I think the problem with reading stuff on Internet forums/search engines is that you just get the people who have had problems posting about them, The people who have had no problems whatsoever (who are probably the vast majority), they probably don't post anything. I think you get a very biased view only seeing the problems. All manufactures will have a certain % of faulty vehicles, it's just the bad luck of the draw if you get one of the dodgy ones. With a car as popular as the fiesta a 1% failure rate would give a much larger number of faulty cars than say a 1% failure rate in a Porsche. I've had many cars over the years (I'm an old git), 4 Ford Cortinas, 3 Sierras, a Fiesta 1.4, a VW golf Gti,, Toyota MR2 and a couple of Citroens. The VW was the most reliable of them all with no faults in the 8 years I owned it, the fords were also pretty good no mechanical problems apart from an alternator and the usual body rust on the cortinas.
  10. 2017 Fiesta deal advice

    It's a bit difficult for anyone to give details of better offers as you have not provided any details of the offer you have been given.
  11. Dab Question

    I agree, not worth the hassle. I gave up on the dab radio in my 2016 ST-Line Fiesta. Constantly losing the channels and I had to re tune them. and reception was very flaky at best. FM is better quality anyway, the only advantage dab gives is more stations (more stations of low audio quality rubbish).
  12. OBD Scanners

    Thanks, I'll take a look
  13. OBD Scanners

    Can anyone recommend a good OBD scanner, preferably under £30 if that is feasible? I've seen a lot of them available on amazon/ebay etc but most seem to either say compatible with all USA cars and no mention of UK cars, or no mention of compatability at all.
  14. Thumping noise from tyres

    Or maybe just a wheel balance problem, can you feel anything through the steering i.e does it shake in time with the noise?
  15. Insurance for Mountuned ST

    Way back in the Mid 1980's I had a MK 1 Golf GTi 1800, had it modified by BR Motorsports (a specialist in VW tuning and Mods) Had uprated Sachs suspension, Brake upgrades (the standard Golf ones were dire), a different cam shaft, upped power by about 25 bhp and bigger wheels/tyres. Before the Mods I was paying about £300 (was a lot of money in those days). After the mods, nobody would touch it (bear in mind there was no Internet in those days, you just had to shop around by phone) I had one quote from a standard insurer who said they'd do it for £4000. By chance I spotted an ad in a magazine for Adrian Flux, gave them a call and got it insured for £270, cheaper than the non modded insurance I was paying before. They were also very good to deal with when I wanted to do some more major mods by having BR Motorsports convert it to their BRM180 (180bhp) spec which involved taking the engine out to 1900CC, disks on rear instead of drums and a few other bits and pieces. Was a very quick motor back then, bear in mind it only weighed about 860Kg a good 300 or so less than a current ST. (210 Bhp/Tonne v.s. 167Bhp/Tonne for ST). Flux insured it for about £320 if I remember correctly, wasn't much more than for standard car anyway :) . If they have maintained that sort of service I'd recommend them