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  1. Stage 1 Revo for Zetec S ecoboost

    No, your gearbox, clutch or any other part of the engine will be "absolutely safe" with any remap, hence why Ford don't have more power out of the ecoboost from the factory.
  2. Upgrades

    I thought every car had to have a minimum of 8 cylinders in America? Like @Dave-2912 said, I doubt a remap will get you 35hp on a NA engine. Also a lot of these "performance chips" you get for under £50 on ebay are utter crap. All they do is flash different colours, been proved many times not to make any difference at all in power. So make sure what you've got is legit, as most chips aren't.
  3. coolant leaking, smoke coming from under the bonnet???

    Head gaskets are prone to more failures after they've gone for the first time. As said above could be anything. Is your res empty (or losing coolant)? More likely you had a coolant leak and it's overheated the engine and the coolant has boiled. I'd clean it up and try and find the leak (although that's kinda obvious thinking about it lol). Coolant hoses might've gone brittle with age and developed a crack.
  4. 2015 fiesta st - sync Bluetooth and Google maps

    Can you not just hook up to bluetooth, press aux still sync comes up and press play? That's all I do, never failed.
  5. How much is it worth?!

    Worth bugger all pal is my guess. Once they get above 100k the price just drops off. As others have said depends on the spec of the car (people don't care about mods when it comes to an average car, which is why you should never expect to make any money back from doing mods). I wouldn't expect more than a grand for it though.
  6. Rattling Windows

    Not really, they'll just charge you stupid amounts in labour costs. You can take it back from the place you bought it from if you wanted, not sure if it counts under the consumer rights act though. Worth a try if you can get it done for free.
  7. Upgrades

    Yes, get an ecoboost engine. My 1.2 feels painfully slow, god help you pal. There's not much you can do to a 1.0L NA without blowing it up. Remaps will offer little performance gains, along with an air filter and all the other small mods everyone seems to do. You're starting to get serious after that. Looking at injectiors, cams, exhaust, adding a turbo etc. It's then ends up being cheaper and easier to just buy a faster car.
  8. Illuminated Sill Protector Wiring

    Looks good. Where did you get those sest covers from? I've been after some for a while but I don't want it to look like I've put a bin bag over my seat.
  9. Rattling Windows

    Ford build quality for you :) no idea of a fix however.
  10. Awful MPG zetec 1.0 Ecoboost (100)

    Omg I don't want to buy your car, is 5th gear still brand new? Suppose you'll never get any overheating issues 😎. We have transit vans on site (a good dozen or so) that do less than 3 miles per journey. I've yet to see one get more than 8,000 miles before having to go back to Ford due to a problem. 5 years old before the cambelt snapped on one. Gearbox issues on another, relay faults and battery charging problems on a different van. Not to mention the constant DPF problems. All of our vans have a record of 30mpg tops (and that's diesel though). I wouldn't be surprised if you now have a problem with the car, try going on a decent motorway trip after resetting the mpg calculator and see what you get.
  11. Go black or silver calipers, don't do red, it will look daft without the rears being the same. £80 is double what I paid each corner for getting them powder coated black.
  12. Bluetooth Audio

    I only own a facelift model, but it's a separate module for me called 'SYNC' and it's located behind the glove box. I doubt a new stereo (Fiesta one) will work. You'd need to look aftermarket I think, but they look horrible. Have a search around the forum and see if anybody else has got it working.
  13. Bluetooth Audio

    You can't stream music over bluetooth on the mk7. It was only introduced either with sync on the facelift, or a USB update on the mk7.
  14. 2017 Fiesta deal advice

    £15.5k for a Fiesta. Ouch. I can get you 7k or so off, buy one that's 2 years old.
  15. Might be a daft suggestion, but I take it you're not on coils here, and one side is set higher than the other.