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  1. Fiesta Titanium X Owner's Report

    I have a 65 plate titanium 1.0 125 bhp. It has no rattles but is a dog to drive long distance, it needs to be flogged to get any sort of response from it and the seats are awful on a long drive. I can't wait to get rid of the piece of *****. I regularly drive from home in North East England across to mainland Europe then to southern Germany and by the end of my journey my back feels like it's spent a day being hammered on a blacksmiths anvil. Not sure where you get comfortable ride from, the fiesta is horrible on a run of more than 50 miles. Driver feedback is non existant, and seriously accurate steering? Are you sure you're driving a fiesta? And a sporty rasp? Are you drunk? That's just a 3 pot struggle.
  2. Folding Mirrors - annoyance

    Just make sure the left/right selector switch is in the centre otherwise you'll just adjust the mirror.
  3. Folding Mirrors - annoyance

    If you look on the wing mirror adjustment switch the downwards selector will fold the mirrors in whilst you're in the car.
  4. Driving in Europe 2015 Titanum

    Thanks for that. How do I tell if I have projector or reflector headlights and which setting should I set the dashboard switch to?
  5. DAB issues

    I have a problem with DAB in that when I pass certain sets of traffic lights the DAB goes off and displays station unavailable, 2 or 3 seconds later the station comes back on.
  6. Driving in Europe 2015 Titanum

    Looks like those stick on things are the way forward then.
  7. Hello. I drive a 65 fiesta titanium 1.0 ecoboost 125ps, love the car. Had a few fords in the past from 1.1L fiesta through to XR3i, RS Turbo and Focus ST. Will possibly tinker with it for more power, maybe induction kit, mountune 135 map and intercooler. Taking the car to Germany soon so will decide after that trip if I think I need more power.
  8. Driving in Europe 2015 Titanum

    I'll be driving from the Netherlands into Germany and back again. Wouldn't just lowering the headlights using the switch on the dashboard be enough to stop dazzling on coming traffic?
  9. I've had a browse around the Internet and various forums but I still can't find a definitive answer so here goes. Will I need eurolites or equivalent to drive my 2015 fiesta titanium in Europe? I've read that projector headlights can be adjusted but reflector headlights can't. I'm unsure which type of headlight I have, when I asked at my local Ford dealer they said that no fiesta headlights can be adjusted and that eurolites are my only option. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.