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  1. MK3 Phone Interference?

    if I turn the volume up high in quiet periods of songs & when using Bluetooth via phone then I also get a white that increases with RPM
  2. MK3 Focus - What not to do with FoCCCus...

    isn't that what custom remaps are ?
  3. Mk3.5 Instrument Cluster on a Mk3 ?

    Just an update to this , seller doesn't know the millage , managed to grab it for £50 Does anyone know the process if the millage is higher than my car to get it lower ?
  4. Mk3.5 Instrument Cluster on a Mk3 ?

    @JW1982 based on what you wrote above my car currently has the Level 1+ cluster I too want to retrofit the Level 3 cluster not interested in the ST stuff as mine isn't an ST equipped vehicle I have also seen some new USA clusters from the same people that do the reverse camera module (Russians I think) , even buying from them would work out pretty good
  5. Mk3.5 Instrument Cluster on a Mk3 ?

    I think I may have found one for approx. £65 , does that sound about right (just clarifying the millage with the seller )
  6. Mk3.5 Instrument Cluster on a Mk3 ?

    mainly for the bigger screen in the middle just to clarify this is a 3.5 cluster right ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182546142407
  7. anyone know if it is possible to retrofit the Mk3.5 Instrument Cluster to an MK3 ?
  8. Hill Start Assist Retrofit - Fail

    managed to turn it back off with foccus and all is good , thanks everyone @Ryan_Tango @iantt@Typhoonf2@JW1982
  9. Hill Start Assist Retrofit - Fail

    will download this and report back in morning
  10. was looking around Forscan and enabled HIll Start Assist , unfortinuatly it seams my car doesn't support it as , The lights for ABS & Traction control are light up Tried to get back into the PCM programing from forscan but it doesn't even appear in the list anymore & when trying to clear the DTC it says "cant read DTC" I'm assumeing this is a take it to ford solution , anyone have any idea how much its going to cost to get them to disable to hill start assist that I turned on ? regards Dan
  11. Retrofitting A New Radio/display System Mk3

    thanks @iantt
  12. Ford Focus 2012 Radio Change

    I also am looking to fit the full color screen , watching this thread with interest
  13. Retrofitting A New Radio/display System Mk3

    anyone know if the 5" screen would work in a 2012 focus ?
  14. 1.6TDCI Mk3 - 1st gear slow?

    just to chip in , I also found 1st gear to be lacking in power & have been told its by design