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  1. GPS for Android Head Unit

    Fitted the new head unit and I thought I would give some feedback. Will post some photo's of the install soon. I'm very impressed with the unit. Thought the UI would lag but its ultra responsive, clear screen with great contrast and most importantly has excellent sound quality. However, I do have some questions; 1. When I put the car car in reverse the screen goes blank. This obviously happens because it is looking for a reverse camera input but I have never had rear park sensors or a rear camera and I have not changed any options in Forscan so how does it know that the car is in reverse? 2. The agent who sold me the unit did indicate that it is fully capable of displaying everything that was shown on the original screen and I have verified this. From traction control to my Forscan enabled ambient lighting - it's all there. He also mentioned that since the unit has a CAN interface it is capable of all displaying all OEM functions as he has seen in other Fiesta/ST's, including navigation but this is dependent on how the car is programmed. This brings me to my question of if I change the "Touchscreen", "Navigation System" and/or "In Car Entertainment" options (see pic below) in Forscan could I possibly get any additional functions on my new head unit or will it only work with genuine Ford/Sony hardware?
  2. GPS for Android Head Unit

    Thanks everyone for all the input - much appreciated. I was very surprised - and happy - to hear that I could hide the included GPS receiver behind some trim - always thought that it needed an unobstructed view of the sky in order to function. As I have no written instructions, what happens to the existing Bluetooth module (located in the passenger foot well) when I connect the new head unit? I have watched many videos of various install's and no one has ever made mention of removing or unplugging it. I will be installing my unit tomorrow - if anyone expresses interest I will be happy to post pics of most of the install process as it could possibly help someone in the future as I could not find any guides or a single video in English detailing the install process.
  3. Hi All, So after much research and saving I finally purchased an android head unit for my Fiesta. I will have it by the end of the week and plan to install it during the weekend. The pic below below is what I have currently. I understand all the connections but my question relates to the GPS. The unit comes with a GPS module but I was wondering that since the Fiesta has GPS for emergency assist can I simply use that instead of affixing a new module to the windscreen? As I have never examined behind the current head unit I am unsure if the GPS is wired into that? Forscan does find the GPS module and is able to display coordinates. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Illuminated Sill Protector Wiring

    Thanks guys, @yunii your question had me puzzled for a while! I do not have any led's by the inner door handles, what you are seeing is the reflection of the footwell lights. @Luke4efc - In my country I got them from a store called "The Racers Edge", they sell loads of aftermarket stuff and this was the best quality seat cover they had (universal fit) @MusicalChris - As "yunii" stated above they connect from the footwell lights.
  5. Hi All, Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to add auto lamps/auto headlights to my fiesta even thought it did not come as a standard feature? I have read that this maybe possible by changing the switch to one that has the auto option and enabling the "automatic lights" option in Forscan. My 2015 Fiesta appears to have the required light sensor in the middle of the dash, close to the windscreen. I have enabled the option in Forscan with no errors but since I cannot put the system in "Auto" mode without the switch, I have no way of knowing if it will actually work. Can anybody shed some light on this?
  6. Illuminated Sill Protector Wiring

    Thanks "yunii" for the info and photos's, much appreciated. Got mine done this past weekend and they look great. They actually look better in reality than in the photo's below.
  7. Hi All, I have not been on the forum for a while due to my wife having undergone a cornea graft. I had purchased illuminated sill protectors/plates for my Fiesta a few months ago from Autobeam. Now I have the time to fit them. Althought Autobeam states that they must be connected to the footwell lights I was wondering if there is any dedicated wiring for the illuminated sill plates as Ford does sell them and recommends "Dealer Installation". I'm assuming Ford simply would not splice into the footwell lighting but have some dedicated plug/wiring to which it would connect to. It is my understanding that the illuminated sill plates should only turn on when the door/s are opened but connecting them to the footwell lights would mean that they would turn on immediately when the car is unlocked via the key fob. Would anyone with knowledge on this please provide some feedback/advice. Thanks in advance!
  8. K&N Filter for 1.0 EcoBoost

    Thanks for all the info guys. About 2 days after I posted this I bought the filter and installed it. I must say that my car really does NOT like this filter. I drove it for 4 days to and from work (160 km) with the filter. The car seems to rev more freely but at the same time seems to lack pulling power Took it out on the 5th day and put the original back & the car going perfectly again. I regularly monitor my car with Forscan and interestingly, Forscan shows no difference in the amount of air passing the MAF at any rev as compared to the stock filter I've read elsewhere that a remap is needed to benefit from these filters, not sure if that is the case.
  9. Hi all & happy new year! My apologies if this has been previously discussed. I wanted to get a K&N filter for my 1.0L Ecoboost & have been doing lots of research & it seems there is a lot of conflicting views. Some people love it & some people hate it. The general consensus seems to be that it improves throttle response and lowers mpg at the expense of allowing more dirt into the engine hence causing premature wear. Some people also say that it causes MAF issues due to it being an oiled filter. However there does not appear to be any recent info on this & that’s the reason for me bringing up this topic. Has anyone used it extensively on an Ecoboost and have you had ANY adverse effects OR any noticeable gains and would you recommend it? Thanks!
  10. Fiesta MK7 Power Issue

    Ok, I have many friends with Fiesta's & over the years I have learned alot from their car issues. Firstly as "Tdci-Peter" stated always start by running a diagnostic as there could be stored/history DTC's. A friend once had the exact symptoms as your car & after ALOT of frustration and changing of parts we came across a very knowledgeable Ford tech who ultimately fixed the problem by re-flashing the PCM with the latest calibration & clearing the KAM (Keep Alive Memory) & to this day that car has run perfectly. Unfortunately to do this you will need to either visit a Ford dealer or find someone who has Ford's IDS software & the VCM to connect to the vehicle & since Ford does license it to anyone some independent repair shops may have it but they are going to charge you to do this. It's usually done in under an hour as the PCM calibration is downloaded on demand upon submission of the vehicle's VIN number & current PCM software version. There is a way to reset the KAM without IDS, If you want to try it - let me know & I will post the procedure. It's worth trying as it may give you direction but from experience it is generally only a short term fix and the problem will re-surface indicating that PCM flash is required.
  11. Hids for Ecoboost Zetec

    The kit..... About 3 years ago I bought a Polo & hated the lighting, so I purchased the HID kit and also purchased the rubber boots as you need to cut a hole in them in order to fit the HID's & I didn't want to cut the original boots that came with the car. They worked perfectly but when I traded in the vehicle I removed the HID's & now that's what I fitted back into the Fiesta. It fitted perfectly including the old rubber boots which were the same size as what the Fiesta has so I didn't have to buy new ones. The only crap part of the install was that you have to remove each headlight & the fact that the Fiesta has a different H7 bulb fitting which required me to get this holder to hold the HID bulbs in place. Definitely a very good upgrade as the lighting is now amazing because the Fiesta has good reflectors and focuses the light correctly onto the road & not directly into the rear of the vehicle in front of you! Will try to upload some pics later.
  12. Hids for Ecoboost Zetec

    Go for the HID's, you wont regret it. While the Osram bulbs are better than the standard bulbs, they simply don't compare to the HID's. It was the first thing I changed in my Fiesta because the standard bulbs were like driving with a candle
  13. Hi all, I decided to give my Fiesta a thorough vacuum cleaning today, which included me removing the trim on either side in front of the gear lever. Upon removal on the passenger side I noticed this connector, it has 3 pins. Didn't have my multi meter so I couldn't test it. Any idea what it's for?
  14. Fiesta MFD Options

    Hi all While browsing the options available in Forscan for my 2015 Ecoboost, I noticed that there was a "Starburst" option for the MFD. Obviously I can't select any of the color options. Does anyone know what this does & if I can select it without any issues? I recall seeing some titaniums at the dealership with a "animation" on the screen & the sales person did say it was a starburst effect but I'm not sure. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Hi all, First post and my apologies for it being lengthy & if this has been discussed before but I simply cannot find the relevant information for late model Fiesta's. A little background...... My 2015 Ecoboost did not come with ambient lighting as standard however I did manage to activate it with Forscan. The only wiring I could find for it was above/behind the glovebox plugged into a blank slot but there was no voltage initially. Upon activation there was voltage on that cable, so I used it to wire 3 30cm LED strips - 1 to each front foot well & the other above the glovebox. Looks like this; Works perfectly, fades in & out and works continuously when the park & headlights are on but......if I try to connect any more LED strips - for the rear foot wells - then all the strips stop working until I remove the extra strip/s. I'm assuming this is because I'm drawing to much voltage. So my question is where is the factory ambient lighting wiring for the front foot wells & drink holder? I have read older posts about plugs found wrapped in tape but I have searched & can't find any plugs or did Ford stop fitting the required wiring as standard in favor of the kit shown in the link below? My dealer did tell me that they can fit the ambient lighting kit but it would cost about $500 and its simply plug and play. This is the kit; https://accessories.ford.com/kit-additional-lamp-electr-parts.html If this is true then where is it wired from in the car? I would like to get my rear foot wells, drink holder & possibly door bins to work like the factory ambient lighting (with my own led strips), so if anyone can assist I would be very grateful. Thanks.