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  1. Yeah i get the same thing. Mine is a couple of months old and since the first few weeks the clutch squeeles when I pull off when the car is cold. After a minute of driving or so and its gone. My driveway is tight so it squeeles like crazy when im pulling out of a morning. Thought it'd go by itself but obviously not, unless it gets any worse i think i'll just leave it till its first service though.
  2. Yeah i bought those ones off ebay about a month ago. They have held up pretty well but is a huge dent where i always rest my heel when im accelerating/braking. Look like they'll fall apart quite quick to be honest.
  3. Mine still rattles. I'm fairly certain its coming from behind the driver air vent but i cant poke my finger in far enought to reach anything to see if it stops it. Driving me nuts. I'll see if I can wait till it needs a service to bring it up with ford though.
  4. No. It sounds like it's directly behind the vent.
  5. I've only refuled once. Mine cut out a few times too and I had to jiggle it about a bit.
  6. Hi guys Did a quick search but didn't find anything similar. My fiesta is nearly a week old and yesterday it started rattling behind the drivers side air vent (the one next to the door rather than the center console). It's not constant, only on bumpier surfaces but speed doesnt really seem to affect it. Same rattle at 30 mph and 70mph. Anybody had anything similar and if so how did you get rid of it? Any help/ideas would be great.
  7. Ok thanks. I think i'll get some LED's and give them a bash then.
  8. irononreverse, that looks wicked. Was well dissapointed with the white lights, thought i had a faulty one. Would you guys recomend red bulbs or red leds. Not sure if the leds might be a bit bright. These were what i was looking at. or Sorry for no clicky links, im terrible with HTML
  9. My fiesta is a week old. Just noticed this and mine is a 2 liner. Feel kinda gutted now lol