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  1. Sync3 and Climate screen

    I have Sync 2 with the leather lux pack option. When my seats are on sync 2 displays what heat setting, with small red blocks and when seat cooling is on sync 2 displays small blue blocks to show cooling setting. Dave
  2. security

    There were no codes for either fault or activation of alarm. Which is the bit that I found strange as you would have expected one or the other (or both). Dave
  3. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    I had to cancel the road rattle test as on the day all the rattles had vanished whilst driving to and from work. Will wait to see if/when they come back and reboot.
  4. Auto Main / Dipped Beam

    I have not had this problem with my Edge (though I have had quite a few other problems). Just a thought, could the little window where the front facing camera is be fogged up causing the sensor to malfunction. As noticed one day on my car that was fogged up causing lane assist problem (different from when lane assist totally stopped working in my car). Dave
  5. security

    Thats just it though. It has been to dealers who plugged it in and could not find any fault codes, hence added to my list in the faults diary. Dave
  6. security

    Ooops just realised posted this in wrong section. On subject of security though, my alarm has gone off twice now for no apparent reason. This has been added to my faults diary that is on going. Dave
  7. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Hi All It seems to me that a couple of my posts have not appeared for some reason. Car went in to have oil leak sorted and other problems, rattle from tailgate, N/S/F door rattle. N/S/R door rubber seal replace, Pdi wax. Oil seal replaced, door seal replaced, wax done, no action on rattles as could not detect anything. Going back next Tuesday for a road rattle test. Faults diary already being filled up, seat belt warning (when I was wearing it), Sensors in car park, etc. Once I get what I think is enough, then back to the dealers for the next round of repairs. I am still really enjoying my car though, despite all these problems. Dave
  8. servicing

    It seems to me that a couple of my recent posts for some reason or other did not get posted on these forums. My dealers gave my car the interim service (as I think of it) after just having it for a year. During this service, they found an oil leak from basically the rear diff, telling me that an oil seal had gone (have not been excessive with my car, just normal road use). Got this work done on warrenty. As to the cost of the interim service, it was for free both parts and labour, due to the problems I have had with my car. Other faults now being committed to a "Faults diary" as requested by my dealers. Am going to take the three year warrenty to its limits (if necessary). Dave
  9. security

    Hi Had my car take the 1 year interim "Service/Check Over" my dealer came back saying had found start of leak from transfer box (on further questioning dealer, found out was actuallyrear diff badically). This being sorted next week on warrenty. Service/Check Over did not cost me anything. Dave
  10. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Hi At least your wife was able to get out of the car to open the gate, though I would not have expected the sat nav to put yourselves in that predicament in the first place, on some of the roads that we travelled down the foilage on either side was so tall that you could not see over the top of it to get warning of oncoming traffic, let alone get out of the car as it was so close (brushing against the doors). Latest update with my car :- Have got it back from dealers having had the tailgate motor repaired under warrenty. Have tried tailgate several times so far, each time it was behaving itself. But they did not look at any of the other issues (apart from the ones that I am doing a faults diary for). There was even a block of wood stuck to the bottom of my car where it had been up on the ramps for its "First Inpsection Service" as my dealers call it. I pointed out these other items that had not been addressed to the dealers, who told me that they would be looked at as my car has to be booked back in for a fault found during the service. This fault being that they discovered "an oil leak from transfer box that requires investigation". When I asked front or rear transfer box as 4 wheel drive? I was told the rear box. I asked if my car was safe to drive, given that there was an oil leak basically from the rear diff. They told me that it was perfectly safe, even if I were to go on a 200 mile short break trip, as I was/am planning on going somewhere away from it all (as the expression goes). I am now currently waiting for a date to get car booked back in for oil leak, under warrenty of course. When I get the oil leak sorted, I will update again with more news. Dave
  11. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Well, my car currently in having the tailgate motor warranty repair done. And supposedly dealing with other items on list. When I dropped car off they told me would be ready later on today. I remain sceptical on that time scale, given my faults list. Also not to mention the free service they are providing me with, as well as the free of charge courtesy car, a B Max this time. Will let you know outcome when I eventually get my car back. Dave
  12. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Hi All A few questions to my last post, so here goes with some answers (as best as I can) Kelvin1950 - We went for a short break to a quaint seaside town in Norfolk called Mundesley, on way home decided to stop off at Bressingham Steam & Gardens, using the sat nav to get there. My wife, children and myself were truly amazed at some of the two way single track roads that my sat nav managed to take me down, that were so narrow the foliage on either side of my car was brushing the dirt off (luckily enough no cars coming the other way). One of these single track roads seemed more to be a farmers track than an actual road. This was after I set my sat nav to quickest route, as you may have guessed I set it back to its default setting after this. Jim610 - Tailgate issues were in car from day I picked it up. Dealer was demonstrating various controls and tailgate done its thing. Dealer got service manager to come have a look, both could not figure out cause of fault. I took car on understanding that fault would be looked at following week when car booked in. Still no fault to be found. Tailgate would totally randomly fail to shut and bounce back open again, necessitating the need to manually shut it (this did not always work first time either) this was anywhere, anytime, any weather conditions. Then when tailgate nearly caused me to miss business flight from Heathrow, This was when it was booked back in for earlier this week. Bluepeter - Sorry to hear that about your headlining. I have read a few posts on here about water leaks from various places, mainly the sunroof. Hope you made a point about rear parcel shelf, as in want it replaced as they lost it. Aussipom - The rattle from my NSF door is totally intermittent (comes and goes). I have a feeling that it is the internal window channel loose (a fault that I had on my Galaxy back in 2002). This used to be an occasional fault when I was a PDI technician myself (20 odd years ago), though I have not told dealers this info, it just gives me a little bit of inside knowledge you could say. Dave
  13. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    Hi Paul EAG Rayleigh/Southend are my dealers. Dave
  14. Any Positive Curtain Airbag Recall stories?

    Mine went very well lat Tuesday (8 August) Apart from dealers technicians managing to break my dash cam, they told me headlining has to be dropped to do this, but replaced dash cam immediately when damage pointed out to them. Door sill lights etc all still working as they were before airbag rework done. Dave
  15. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    As I said I would here is the update after my visit to my dealers concerning all my listed faults. Since my original posting some more faults came to light, these being Seat belt warning alarm telling me to put seat belt on - I was already wearing it. Rubber Trim around N/S/R door incorrectly fitted/coming away Sat Nav struck again (in Kent this time) After collecting my car from dealers, I had the following results Pdi Wax doors dirty - Obviously had not been looked at - Will be done when tailgate gets done Tailgate problems - Have been told I have a faulty tailgate motor - New one ordered from Germany and car booked in for fitting Rattle N/S/R door - No faults found - Have been asked to keep fault diary detailing road conditions, day/night, time, date, etc, etc Sat Nav - No faults found - Have been asked to keep fault diary detailing road conditions, day/night, time, date, etc, etc Paintwork tailgate aperture - Repainted N/S/R door difficult to close - No faults found - Have been asked to keep fault diary detailing road conditions, day/night, time, date, etc, etc Lane Assist - Now Assisting again Car trying to go into self park mode - No faults found - Have been asked to keep fault diary detailing road conditions, day/night, time, date, etc, etc In middle of nearly empty car park all sensors went off - No faults found - Have been asked to keep fault diary detailing road conditions, day/night, time, date, etc, etc Seat belt warning telling me to put seat belt on It was already on - No faults found - Have been asked to keep fault diary detailing road conditions, day/night, time, date, etc, etc Rubber Trim around N/S/R door incorrectly fitted/coming away - Again was not looked at - Will be done when tailgate gets done Airbag recall - Work carried out to do this, my Blue "Edge" door trim lights all still working, as everything else seems to be (apart from the above intermittent problems) Apparently the headlining has to be dropped for this recall work, at least that is what I was told when asking how dealers technicians had managed to break my dash cam. As soon as this damage was pointed out dash cam was replaced immediately, with no quibbles. Car going back in about week and a half for tailgate work, etc. Dave