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  1. Over The Pond

    Hi NeilRS I too have seen a few ad's for upgrade kits, one that I have been looking at is from this website ( https://www.4dtech.com/products/ford/edge/2015/myford-touch-8/ ). The cost side of this does not bother me. But, where I have been reading the american forum's (have logged onto another one called "Ford Sync Forum"), I have read various posts where there have been varying degrees of succes to failure with these updates, So I am hesitant at the moment to go ahead with upgrading until from what I read, the upgrades are more stable and successful. Also there has been quite a few posts about conversionfrom Halogen to Led lights, as there has been on this forum as well. I am taking note of what all posts basically say before deciding how to do this conversion myslef. Happy New Year. Dave
  2. Over The Pond

    Hi NeilRs I thought I would take a look see what variations had been worked out for Led lights by American, etc owners, etc and conversion to Sync 3 from Sync 2, (amongst other ideas floating around in my head). Hi Marks adventure The link to the forum is http://www.fordedgeforum.com/ Dave
  3. Over The Pond

    Hi I have just completed registering with the Edge forum over the pond (as it is sometimes commonly referred to) to get some info from owners in the States/Canada/etc. I had trouble with my hotmail account when registering so would recommend using gmail if you have it and want to register on it. Have only been on it for 1.5 days, so still browsing for some of my answers that I am looking for. Dave
  4. LED build change over.

    My brother got back to me saying that he has been unable to find out so far, he is still looking into though. I also contacted my dealers to ask the question, they said they would get back to me, am still waiting for them to answer. Will let you know when I find out more. Dave
  5. LED build change over.

    Good point, I had not considered that one. Will also check out (if I can). Whilst looking at another vehicle's forum, I came across an article that was talking about Led lights having different lens's to their halogen counterparts. I have just emailed my brother who works at Fmc to see if he can shed any more light on this. Dave
  6. LED build change over.

    I have read all the comments on this topic as I am looking at converting to Led headlights myself. I thought I would start by following Tanisla2's link to the ebay page suggested. On the lower part of this ebay page, I used the Vehicle compatability chart to check my Edge, and got the result of not compatible. But as some of the contibutors to this subject have already fitted these to their Edge's I wonder if the compatabiltiy means light output rather than physical mounting. As an electronics engineer myself (amongst my trades) I take on board all the comments about current draw over wire size, heat produced through a silicon junction, heat sink size location and functionality (as in mounting to basically a plastic frame in the headlight unit). I don't really want to get the brighter halogen''s as also mentioned so I will keep looking at 3rd party led units to see if I can find any that in my mind are more suitable for light output, etc. If I do find any, I will post my findings on here, for others to make thier own minds up as to how good. Dave
  7. Tyre life

    Hi NeilRs Suprisingly I have done just over 10250 miles in my Edge. Tyre wear good, still look like new, all look to have worn the same amount. Dave
  8. Sync3 and Climate screen

    I have Sync 2 with the leather lux pack option. When my seats are on sync 2 displays what heat setting, with small red blocks and when seat cooling is on sync 2 displays small blue blocks to show cooling setting. Dave
  9. security

    There were no codes for either fault or activation of alarm. Which is the bit that I found strange as you would have expected one or the other (or both). Dave
  10. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    I had to cancel the road rattle test as on the day all the rattles had vanished whilst driving to and from work. Will wait to see if/when they come back and reboot.
  11. Auto Main / Dipped Beam

    I have not had this problem with my Edge (though I have had quite a few other problems). Just a thought, could the little window where the front facing camera is be fogged up causing the sensor to malfunction. As noticed one day on my car that was fogged up causing lane assist problem (different from when lane assist totally stopped working in my car). Dave
  12. security

    Thats just it though. It has been to dealers who plugged it in and could not find any fault codes, hence added to my list in the faults diary. Dave
  13. security

    Ooops just realised posted this in wrong section. On subject of security though, my alarm has gone off twice now for no apparent reason. This has been added to my faults diary that is on going. Dave
  14. 6 Months On And Still Faults

    Hi All It seems to me that a couple of my posts have not appeared for some reason. Car went in to have oil leak sorted and other problems, rattle from tailgate, N/S/F door rattle. N/S/R door rubber seal replace, Pdi wax. Oil seal replaced, door seal replaced, wax done, no action on rattles as could not detect anything. Going back next Tuesday for a road rattle test. Faults diary already being filled up, seat belt warning (when I was wearing it), Sensors in car park, etc. Once I get what I think is enough, then back to the dealers for the next round of repairs. I am still really enjoying my car though, despite all these problems. Dave
  15. servicing

    It seems to me that a couple of my recent posts for some reason or other did not get posted on these forums. My dealers gave my car the interim service (as I think of it) after just having it for a year. During this service, they found an oil leak from basically the rear diff, telling me that an oil seal had gone (have not been excessive with my car, just normal road use). Got this work done on warrenty. As to the cost of the interim service, it was for free both parts and labour, due to the problems I have had with my car. Other faults now being committed to a "Faults diary" as requested by my dealers. Am going to take the three year warrenty to its limits (if necessary). Dave