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  1. Happy Birthday coli!

  2. probably the central locking fuse the lone fuse is located in the middle of the fuse box on the back of it you have to remove the fuse box turn it round and you will see it.the heater resistor and the fuse are not connected.
  3. code is 1171 to remove radio you need a pair of radio removal keys from halfords and insert them into the four holes in the front of the radio,colin
  4. the reason is one of your latches is faulty try to find out which one by watching the interior handles when they lock/unlock if you buy a s/h one make sure you get a latch that uses a remote as there are 2 types it takes a 6 pin wiring plug on the front doors,colin
  5. as far as i know all mondeos had central locking for that year
  6. it may be you need a new key if you can,t turn the lock to the left if you can turn to the left and nothing happens its the plastic link rod which connects the barrel to the latch split. if you still need to open the bonnet drill a series of holes behind the badge finishing off with a hacksaw blade and yoy will see 2 shearbolts you need to undo these to remove barrel [not easy] once barrel is removed pull out broken link with pliers and open bonnet with flat bladed screwdriver. if you need a new barrel kit there are two types get the right one hope this helps,colin
  7. you need to remove the radio the serial number is on the will need a pair of ford radio keys to remove cost about £2
  8. you have to take out fuse box removing two small screws unclip and turn round with the back facing you in the middle behind the wiring is the fuse yellow 20a ,colin
  9. the reason you can,t open the door is proably a broken spring on the latch quite common. the spring tensions the door handle rod what you need to do is to cut a large hole in the black 'metal 'security cover which covers the rods push up the handle rod manually and that should release the latch. not easy.the security cover is held on by 2 pop rivets which go in on the side of the door thats why you need to cut a hole you will probably find the broken spring in the bottom of the door,colin
  10. i agree with sparky because there are such a lot of electronics on new cars you find if a car has had a crunch it can affect the electrics. water end cars at potton nr sandy has a streetcar for sale genuine bloke also has a website,colin
  11. if they have the same equipment i have(advanced diagnostics) as far as i know the software is,nt ready yet as for the flip key i think its only for top of the range models from fords although it can be added in your case but i think you may have to go to a dealer at the moment,colin
  12. some focuses have an alarm on the latch!,colin
  13. assuming the doors open and shut with the remote it may be the drivers door latch not picking up the signal from the remote when you reprogrammed and did you make sure all the doors where shut when you reprgrammed ,colin