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  1. Heated Screen Problems

    I assume there was as he tested the connections at the bottom of the screen and I'm sure there as power ... or at least his little test meter beeped which he said if it beeps means its working. I cant find any info about the relay ( if there is one ) at the moment .... i did look on google earlier but I'm afraid vodka has stolen my attention
  2. Heated Screen Problems

    That's good information ... I'm not sure where the relay is if there is one but I'm hoping its going to be an easy fix. It doesn't go in till next Friday ... I'll do a bit of googling to see if i can find out about relays . Thanks
  3. Hi all The windscreen on my 2015 Titanium Hatchback was replaced by Auto Glass in the summer due to a chip right in front of the driver. The heating did seem to work on the new screen when turned on on the odd rainy day as you can see the area at the extreme edges that were not heated still misted up . But now it seems to not be working as it wont clear even slight misting and or any frost even after the preset time it turn itself off. I sat in the car for 20 mins and no difference until it turned itself off. The original Ford screen was very quick to clear but this new one doesn't seem to be doing anything anymore. So i had Auto Glass back out yesterday to test the screen and possibly replace if faulty. They tested the screen with some kind of meter and claim the screen is ok , so we tested the fuses for the screen which according to the manual are 61 and 66 @ 40amp. Fuses were ok .... so we then gently laid the new screen on top and wired it up and it still wouldn't heat up. He used some kind of digital thermometer thing and it didn't register any temperature change. Strangely when everything was disconnected from either screen if i pushed the front heated screen button it still lit up ?? Is that normal ?? So i have phoned Ford and it goes in next week ... they started to get a bit iffy on the phone when i said the screen had been replaced 6 months or so ago. " Oh so its not the original screen blah blah etc etc" The car is less than 3 years old so should be still under warranty shouldn't it ?? Auto Glass have said that if its something they have done that's caused this then they will obviously pay for repairs. I can tell this is going to be a messy affair already though ...... Any suggestions on what else to try before it goes in or any info that i can be pre-armed with for when the both start blaming each other on where i stand ? Thank You
  4. Hi Pm'd back ... sorry but I asked again about the alloys lol . Should have read here first
  5. I have what I think are rubber valves but heres a pic .... Also is there any issue with me running 235/40/19 on 19" Ford alloys https://www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk/shop/view/2013283-ford-mondeo-19-alloy-wheel-black/ I have a 1.5 Ecoboost hatchback 2015 with a retractable towbar .... it says on the alloy wheel page "Combination with tow bar only possible on vehicles from 10/2015" I think mine was first registered in 03/2015. But why would having a retractable genuine Ford towbar mean I cant have 19" Ford alloys ??? I don't see the issue personally ... I don't have a caravan .... its only for a bike carrier with maximum of 3 bikes but normally only 2 road bikes . I have used an alloy wheel convertor page and from what I have currently to the new 19" set up means the speedo is only 0.57% out which is nothing . If my speedo says 30mph I'm actually doing 29.7 . http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=235&aspect=50&diameter=17&wheelwidth=7.5&offset=55&width2=235&aspect2=40&wheel_size=19&wheel_width=8&offset2=55 Sorry for the questions .
  6. You don't have a link to the oem sensors at this price do you ... I cant find any ?
  7. Interesting idea but I think I would want the sensors anyway .
  8. Ah sorry its a 2015 Ecoboost Titanium hatch . The only option in TPMS is to reset it.
  9. I don't think it shows the individual pressures ... or not that I have found on the display. So I would just need the sensors in the new wheels and it finds them itself ? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone I'm considering upgrading from 17" to 19" Ford OEM alloys . I have TPMS so my new wheels will need it as well as i intend to use my original 17" alloys as a spare "winter" wheels. So I'll need 4 TPMS sensors in the new alloys but how are they programmed to the car ?? I am quite happy to use Ford original sensors despite the costs or are aftermarket ones just the same ? Is it a visit to the dealers to get new sensors programmed to the car ? Thanks
  11. Hello If and when I acquire a boot spoiler for my car does anyone know the sort of costs I'd be looking at to have it prepped and sprayed to match my car ( Panther Black) . I don't mind paying but I don't like getting ripped of so would like to be pre-warned for when I start phoning around. I'll fit the spoiler myself but its the painting I cant do. I'm looking at either a genuine Ford Part or a part from aftermarket . The aftermarket part is claimed to be primed and also claimed to be a perfect fit but again I don't mind paying a price as long as it looks good. Any price guides for the painting would be greatly appreciated .... I have no idea what it should cost. Thanks
  12. Hello I have thoroughly searched google etc but struggling to find any of the ST style stripes for the Mondeo. Even ebay doesn't come up with much at all .... plenty for the Mustang though. Not sure if its my cup of tea or not but just thinking about it as I have a couple of marks on my bonnet that I cant polish out so was thinking of ways to cover them somehow.... the car is black so shows up every little mark :-( Any one know where to find them or someone who can custom make some ? Thanks
  13. halogen to dynamic led

    I'm fairly sure this will be all but impossible .... However there are aftermarket companys starting to make led type headlights for the Mondeo Mk5 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/One-Stop-Shopping-Car-Styling-LED-Headlights-for-Ford-Mondeo-Fusion-2015-2017-led-drl-headlamp/32794624669.html?spm=2114.40010308.4.12.0IKdrG or https://www.aliexpress.com/cheap/cheap-ford-mondeo-projector-headlights.html
  14. Windscreen Washers

    I was just waiting to get a warning saying my washer fluid was low but it never came .... I never thought about it till I went to wash wipe and it ran out half way through . Was really surprised and disappointed that it didn't have it .
  15. Windscreen Washers

    My 2015 MKV 1.5 ecoboost ran out of wash fluid so I assume I don't have any low washer fluid warning either ... like you say for the spec of the rest of the car I find it incredible it wont tell you its time to fill the screenwash. Every car I have had going back many many years has had low washer fluid warning .... apparently on our cars / year its hit and miss if they have the warning or not . Some do and some don't .