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  1. Hello I have thoroughly searched google etc but struggling to find any of the ST style stripes for the Mondeo. Even ebay doesn't come up with much at all .... plenty for the Mustang though. Not sure if its my cup of tea or not but just thinking about it as I have a couple of marks on my bonnet that I cant polish out so was thinking of ways to cover them somehow.... the car is black so shows up every little mark :-( Any one know where to find them or someone who can custom make some ? Thanks
  2. halogen to dynamic led

    I'm fairly sure this will be all but impossible .... However there are aftermarket companys starting to make led type headlights for the Mondeo Mk5 or
  3. Windscreen Washers

    I was just waiting to get a warning saying my washer fluid was low but it never came .... I never thought about it till I went to wash wipe and it ran out half way through . Was really surprised and disappointed that it didn't have it .
  4. Windscreen Washers

    My 2015 MKV 1.5 ecoboost ran out of wash fluid so I assume I don't have any low washer fluid warning either ... like you say for the spec of the rest of the car I find it incredible it wont tell you its time to fill the screenwash. Every car I have had going back many many years has had low washer fluid warning .... apparently on our cars / year its hit and miss if they have the warning or not . Some do and some don't .
  5. Screenwash Warning

    I ran out of screenwash last night on the way to work and had no warning or received any warning at all so I have to assume I don't have it which I find almost unbelievable to be honest !! The question still stands though as like last night when I ran out on my commute to work what happens if I had had an accident ..... I am sure its an MOT failure to have an empty screenwash bottle which technically means the car is unroadworthy at that time . I thought I had moved up a step from being with Vauxhall for 20 years but now I'm beginning to wonder ???
  6. Hi Now I have had the car for 2 months now I'm beginning to pick up little things which I didn't notice before . I was cleaning the engine bay and spotted this connection which to me looks almost like its been cut ?? Its up at the suspension mounting at the passenger side .... its maybe normal but again I have never seen anything like this where it almost looks like its just been cut . Its only a year old and this concerns me ... whats the white splatter on it as well ? Is this all normal and am I worrying about nothing ? Or what is this connection for ? Is this just a way of "blanking" it off for some reason ? This has been bought from Ford Dealer and I believe it a Ford Direct car. Thanks
  7. Screenwash Warning

    It appears that I have no warning either. No light washers either. Can't believe its go no warning. I thought Vauxhall was cheap with manual windows in the back lol .... As has been mentioned elsewhere isn't it an MOT failure to have an empty screenwash bottle ?? So if I just run out and unluckily get stopped by the police or end up in an accident before I can stop and fill up where do you stand ??
  8. Screenwash Warning

    Yeah I've been googling and found the same thing ... some do some don't. I'll have to try and get a look in daylight to see if there's any wiring etc.
  9. Hi I have had a 2015 1.5 ecoboost titanium for 2 months now and I have just ran out of screenwash..... doesn't the car warn you when it's getting low ? Every other car I have had has done this and I'd be really surprised if this doesn't. So should I have had a warning it was getting low ? Thanks.
  10. 2015 Mondeo Headlights

    I don't want to meddle with the cars wiring ... I may go for hid kit for dipped and led for the main / drl . There are H15 leds apparently but would be worth more investigation. So if I have halogen DRL do I need H7 for dipped beam and H15 for the DRL/ Main beam ??
  11. 2015 Mondeo Headlights

    Ive had a reply but all it said was "Yes they are suitable for full beam".... I may do a bit of research or maybe a phone call to them to ask about the flash etc
  12. 2015 Mondeo Headlights

    Seemed good stuff to me ... they were Philips Luminex so must have been ok . Never had any problems with them till I got rid of the car. I've sent them a message to see if the "Fast Start " hid would be suitable for the main beam. If its an instant full light it just may be fine.... failing that I'll be looking at the led's again.
  13. 2015 Mondeo Headlights

    I've not had any other experience with them other than buying the led kits. I took them out of the VX and sold them separately before trading in the car
  14. 2015 Mondeo Headlights

    Yeah the last picture must be the full beam on ..... I had led in my fogs as well but I'm 99% sure that would have been the full beam. The cap on the Vauxhalls bulb access was quite large and did allow everything to sit inside the unit ... Just though lol
  15. 2015 Mondeo Headlights

    Not the best pics but here are the Philips Luminex ... this was inside a well lit garage with the door down to see beam pattern. Standard Vauxhall Insignia halogen headlights . I should have taken a pic with one led in one side and the halogen in the other to show the difference but never thought about it at the time.