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  1. fan speed

    No, far from normal
  2. The Ins and Outs of my Focus TDCi (2008)

    Well this a Mk II note position of indicators.
  3. Very Poor on Fuel

    Different driving methods?
  4. Speedo

    Todays breed of drivers are taught to drive defensively. Speed does not kill, it's the sudden stop that does it. If you are in that much of a hurry you should have left the day before is my guide line.
  5. Speedo

    How do you know what's round that bend, could be a traffic accident. Best to follow the police driving school method, decelerate around a left hand bend, accelerate round a right hand.
  6. Speedo

    On my frequent trips from East Anglia to Mid Wales which I have undertaken for 15 years always using exactly the same route, Outward journey 279 miles. Return journey 281 miles. Explain that. The same reading using four different makes of cars.
  7. mk2 fuel filter

    Well that's solved my problem also.
  8. Which is the best petrol

    Then you must remember Esso "Put a tiger in your tank" I still use the shots to this present day.
  9. MOT advisory/car squeak

    Axle grease on new brakes doesn't sound right to me.
  10. First Focus...

    Looking ahead, diesels will shortly be a thing of the past.
  11. Had the same problem a few weeks back, car misted up so much we had to have the windows open. My neighbours Titanium has the same problem.
  12. Oil change frequency

    My annual mileage is 2,000 a year, oil gets changed every 6 months regardless, I only use Petronus Syntium FR3000
  13. Help required - Ford focus MK1 LPG

    A friend of mine had a Range Rover on LPG, It self ignited in Derryford hospital car park, luckily she wasn't in the car at the time. It destroyed two adjacent parked cars.
  14. Which is the best petrol

    What happened to the old fuel suppliers, the likes of National Benzole, Cleveland, Fina. Nothing could touch National Benzole.
  15. fixed bonnet lock

    You will still need to use the plastic cross piece.